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Congrats on Oing FairyMe and Sila!


Congrats on the wedding Nan! And the pics are beautiful!


AFM: I was out of town for a family vacation in the mountains of Kentucky so I had no internet or phone for a week. It was tons of fun and my little man is now one! I'm still waiting to O.

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Thanks Sila! "Fire boobs" sounds promising ;-). AFM bleeding is almost done, I'm barely spotting now. I'm still not sure if I feel ready to try again this cycle. I kind of feel like I'm still recovering emotionally and physically. My husband knew that we needed to have some time to reconnect so he planned an amazing day for us today. We went out for waffles for breakfast with my mom and her husband, then we went for a long drive in our vintage convertible, went for a walk and a swim, then lunch at our favorite Indian place. It's been wonderful and he's been so thoughtful.
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Sorry Im still here just not as much as I used to be. I went to the dr yesterday just to check on everything and she said everything looks good and according to their urine test I will be Oing in the next 2-5 days :) Im so excited especially because we BD last night with Pre-Seed. I so wasnt expecting to O this month at all :) The dr said its better for us to wait atleast another month to ttc but I know people who were in the same situation and conceived the next month and everything was fine. I dont think I can wait another month haha. On another note, I got a new job! Im so excited! I was a SAHM since DS was born in 2007 but Im so ready to get out of the house and make some money! Haha.


SILA- You really crack me up with the "Fire Boobs"lol.gif LOL Im hoping its a good sign for you! Good Luck!

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Yay D&J! I'm so glad everything looks good! I think every Dr. has a different opinion about ttc after miscarriage. Some say wait, some say don't. I think as long as you didn't have complications and are healthy and feel up to, it's fine to try again thumb.gif Congrats on the job too! I'm a SAHM to my DS (it's been 1 yr now since I quit my job) and can't wait until he is a little older and we have another car so I can start working toward my dream job! You reminded me I should get some more PreSeed...I wish you could just get the applicators. 


Maryk - Yay for understanding and loving husbands stillheart.gif It's sounds like you are having a relaxing and healing weekend. 


AFM - The spotting is seems gone today. Every few bathroom trips I think I see something but barely. DH is itching to BD tonight I can tell. We call this having "First Day's". He has just gotten off 4 12hr shifts and can't keep his hands off me and I often get completely overwhelmed readjusting to having him off. I'm paranoid that DTD will make the bleeding come back...


Going into the lab in the am for my blood test. I'll keep you updated. I'm not expecting much. I'll POAS Tuesday morning before my procedure too probably.


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Yes there has to be somewhere online where you can just buy the applicators. Im happy to have a job again it makes time go by faster and who can complain about the money haha. We need a second car also. I dont mind working as Im pregnant but I hope I can get a good amount of time off to spend with the baby after its born. I cant wait to hear about your bloodtest results! Fire boobs seem to be a good sign for you! Good Luck!!

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I tested tonight (12DPO) and got a BFP!!!! I wasn't even going to test but I asked DH and he thought I should. I'm still in denial. DH is still in denial. We've never seen any kind of line on a HPT before so we're very new to this happy news stuff lol. http://i1217.photobucket.com/albums/dd387/tlynn20/BFP.jpg

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Monday Check-In
Date: 7/18/2011

<a href="http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/366551">My Ovulation Chart</a>

Where are you in your cycle: Waiting to O

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jumpers.gifCONGRATS AGAIN TANTYLYNN!!!jumpers.gif


Happy and Healthy 9 months!!!

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OMG tantylynn! That's a great BFP! Happy and healthy 9 months! joy.gif

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Said it in the One thread and coming over to spread more love and dancing veggies! Congratulations tantylynn!! carrot.gifbroc1.gif

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Congratulations, tantylynn!!!!

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Monday Check-In

Date: 7/18/11
Chart: not worth looking at

Where are you in your cycle: CD 17

Appointments: None

Symptoms if they apply: none

Testing: Fertility monitor still says low irked.gif

Thoughts: Really just waiting to O yet again. I'm hoping it happens soon because I am really getting annoyed with the long cycles of guessing. Does anyone have any suggestions on how long I should wait before talking to my doctor about delayed/late O and shorter lps? I'm taking B complex, vitex, soy isoflavones, evening primrose, low dose aspirin, calcium, prenatal vitamin. Any suggestions?

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Congrats tantylynn!!!


Monday Check-In
Date: 7/18
Chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/casmer
Where are you in your cycle: CD 27/10 DPO
Appointments: None, woo hoo.
Symptoms if they apply: Tender breasts, which is not a very helpful symptom considering I get those prior to AF.
Testing: FF says to test on Wednesday. I tested today knowing it would likely be negative.
Thoughts: I’ll be super bummed if there’s no BFP this cycle. However, I didn’t start spotting 5-7 DPO thru AF like I did the past two cycles so that is a HUGE relief... I did get some bright red drops on 5 DPO, but it was very little and only happened once.  Weird.  The TWW is killing me though.

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Congrats tantylynn!!
Monday Check-In
Name: Heather aka maevankat
Date: July 18
Where are you in your cycle: CD18
Appointments: N/A
Symptoms if they apply: I've been feeling more "in the mood" the last week, and I've noticed that I feel wet, but I haven't noticed any EW yet. Hopefully soon! 
Testing: N/A until AF is late.
Thoughts: Missed temps on 2 days due to cottaging, so we're not 100% sure about charting this month. Oh well.
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Monday Check-In
Date: 7/18
Chart: Not charting
Where are you in your cycle: CD 15
Appointments: none
Symptoms if they apply: none
Testing: none
Thoughts: Im really excited that the dr said I will be Oing in the next few days or so! I think Im ready to give it another try :) Im hoping for myself and others that we can get our BFPs that stick this time around! Good Luck!

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Yay Tantylynn!!!!! Have an amazing and healthy 9 months!
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Congrats TANTYLYNN!! That is such a nice clear BFP!


Monday Check-In
Date: 7/18
Chart: I have my chart but I am only tracking things loosely.
Where are you in your cycle: CD 7
Appointments: nope
Symptoms if they apply: sex drive is through the ceiling! haha. TMI I know. It seems a little weird since it is so warm here right now but whatever.
Testing: trying to decide whether or not to use OPKs this month.
Wondering on whether to use OPKs or not and whether or not to do some herbal stuff this month.... thoughts? I suppose it can't hurt... also thinking of making an app. with a chiro.

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Tantylynn- I knew when I saw your chart that something was up, your temp soared immediately after O, SOOO many congrats love, H & H pregnancy girly!


AFM- Im so bummed, im just not Oing yet and I have been taking OPKs for a lotta days now, lol. Im getting a little discouraged. Not that im worried too much becuase its only our second cycle, im just surprised I havent gotten a + OPK. My cervix was def HSO yesterday, but its back to LFC today. My CM is back to creamy, no egg white. Hope all is well with all of you..

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Thank you all so much! I'm going to miss it here greensad.gif but I hope some bfps follow me real soon. Baby dust to you all! xo
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It seems a few of us are in this "now what do we do" place. I'm there too. I am trying my best to be patient and let my body try to figure it out but it's hard because at the same time I want answers and want results. I'm not taking anything right now except prenatals and Bcomplex (I stopped everything 2 months ago). I'm doing acupuncture and she may have me start some herbs. I'm not sure what else to do. I think am going to get an OB referral (I don't have one) and maybe get my blood checked again. I'm suspecting something going on with my progesterone level. Low temps, temps close to cover line, spotting. I really want a "plan" for next cycle. It really helps me to have a plan. But I guess I don't really have a plan yet...and I'm doing my best not to let this become a source of anxiety. Sorry I didn't do a check in this week. 



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