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...Still waiting for a positive opk over here...going round and round in my head "do we need to try to BD today? My opks are negative, but what if it is positive tonight and we don't get to BD until tomorrow afternoon (DH is working)? Maybe we should just take today off? I might not ovulate anyways..." Blah. Definitely having the "fullness" feeling too...just waiting...

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Congrats NAN! I would say try to keep cool this weekend but because your Oing you gotta make it hot haha hope I didnt go to far! :)


Sila- Our bodys like to not let us know whats going on so it can keep control and drive us nuts! But rest asure that you will know soon, the waiting game stinks but unfortunatly its the only way to know for sure. So just DTD for the fun of it and hope it works :)


I used my first Dollar Tree OPK and it was dark but not as dark as the control line so Im guessing I either Oed recently or Im going to O soon DTD with DH right after the test to insure that we were covered. Im going to take another one at about 5 and see if it changes. My dr said to count the day I started bleeding from the loss as CD because its technically AF so now Im at CD 20 and I ovulate right around then but because off the loss Im not sure if everything is going to go back to normal so quickly.

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So im wondering if I messed up with my BD timing. If I had blood tinged mucus, what exactly is that from? is it from the egg being released? If so would it have been too late to DTD 15 minutes after observing that? I probably sound EFFING NUTS lol


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Im sorry I just reread my last post and LOL because that was totally a crazy TTC question. I actually just researched how long it takes sperm to get to an egg. Only a woman TTC haha


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NandA- Here is a post I came across a few days ago that kind of answers the blood tinged mucus question http://www.mothering.com/community/forum/thread/1321299/figuring-out-fertility-could-i-be-pregnant#post_16562171

you have a to scroll down a few...but I found it interesting! I'm sure there were already plenty of sperm waiting when your egg was released winky.gif


OMG 2 more hrs of holding my pee until I can do another opk (I have found I actually can do it if I do it in the evening, which according to some thing I have read isn't the most accurate time...). O pain or my bladder exploding? Hard to tell.

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Well, looks like I didn't O again. I'm so upset irked.gif. My temp was up yesterday but took a nose dive today. I guess I'm back to waiting to O. Blah.

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So Im convinced I Oed yesterday because my OPKs were darker (not as dark as the control line but the first was pretty convincing) and today it was light. I think were gonna BD tomorrow just to make sure :)

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Looks like everyone is heading towards or is Oing... exciting stuff, haha, yeah, we all sound a little nuts. I am pretty sure I am getting very close as well which is pretty great since this is a little earlier than normal.

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Monday Check-In

Name: SilaMarila

Date: 7/25

Chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/SilaMarila all you will see are failed attempts to ovulate...
Where are you in your cycle: CD31
Appointments: Gastroenterologist today for follow up on my procedure last wk and maybe results from my biopsy, acupuncture tomorrow, Hematologist on Wed for follow up blood work
Symptoms if they apply: absolutely nothing
Testing: I have some opks I can use when I next start noticing fertile CM
Thoughts: Another O fail. Back to annovulation land I go. We are now in month 8 of TTC. I've only ovulated 3 times and have had 1 loss in that time. DH and I had a talk and the plan is to wait out this post miscarriage cycle and continue with acupuncture. I'm going to make an appointment when it gets closer to the 1 year mark. I'm starting to do some reading on Clomid. Though I was hoping we wouldn't have to go that route...

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Monday Check-In

Name: belacmsage

Date: 7/25

Chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/33d0ce
Where are you in your cycle: cd24, maybe 1dpo
Appointments: none right now. If I get a BFN this cycle then I am going to call my obgyn and hopefully get some help for delayed/late O and short lp.
Symptoms if they apply: none
Thoughts: Really hoping I actually Oed yesterday. My body has gone all wacky since I had DS. Hoping this cycle ends in a BFP so that I won't have to deal with TTC anymore.

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Bela - It is possible that you did O yesterday. Unfortunately we will just have to wait and see, but I really hope you did! Also, according to your chart, your DH is practically a superhero winky.gif I know how you feel though, I just want to get a BFP that sticks so I can be DONE TTC! I'm pretty sure we will be done with biological children after #2. I just don't think I could handle having to TTC again. But I would be open to #3 if it was a "surprise".

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Monday Check-In


Name: casmer
Date: 7/25
Chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/casmer
Where are you in your cycle: CD6
Appointments: None
Symptoms if they apply: Nada
Testing: will start OPKs Thursday
Thoughts: If I noticed the tiniest bit of spotting this any time prior to AF this cycle, I think I’m going to call my ob/gyn and schedule the ultrasound and progesterone testing.  I really think I have a progesterone issue and I don’t want to wait any longer to find out.  This will be cycle #4 and I’m getting frustrated. I’ve been working on my stress levels as much as possible and the sleep issue is very slowly getting better, but I’m not sure how much longer I can go not know what the heck is going on. 

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Monday Check-In

Name: DandJsMommy

Date: 7/25

Where are you in your cycle: CD22
Appointments: None as for now
Symptoms if they apply: Light cramping like AF is on her way its way to early for that so im guessing its either I didnt O when I thought I did and I am now or I just have no idea.
Testing: OPKs were dark 2 days ago, light yesterday and Im gonna give it another try today because the cramps are making me feel like im about to O
Thoughts: Im confused as to if I Oed or not. Im new with the OPKs and the first one I took looked like I either was just about to O or already did. I just checked my CM and its thick and creamy and alot of it I dont know what it means so Im gonna have to look into more. Heres a pic of my 1st OPK that wasnt as dark but dark enough to convince me I

Oed 2 days ago. All the others I have taken since were very light alot lighter than this. Sorry its blurry I used the camera on my phone.Photo-0338.jpg


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Monday Check-In

Name: Fnord

Date: 7/25

Chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/2fa1ea I kind of gave up on temping. And I've missed three BD's somewhere between now and the last one I charted.
Where are you in your cycle: CD71
Appointments: I have a physical scheduled for tomorrow which I think I may cancel since my SO has that day off and I'd really like a chance to go to the beach at some point this summer. And then I have an appointment with an endocrinologist on AUGUST 30, because my blood tests came back with high Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies, even though my TSH levels were all normal.
Symptoms if they apply: I've gotten used to the random weird feelings in my ovary area.
Testing: I've been testing with OPK's and the occasional pregnancy test about once a week.
Thoughts: My mind is a blank space.

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Monday Check-In

Name: Teresa (tandn)

Date: 7/25

Where are you in your cycle: cd13, waiting to O
Appointments: None, have to skip acupuncture this week because of other engagements :(  Will have a blood draw next Tuesday to make sure I did O.
Symptoms if they apply: None, lots of CM, so hoping that my body will actually O this cycle
Testing: Considering doing some OPK's, if they don't make me too crazy.
Thoughts: Spent the weekend with our friends who had their baby six weeks ago, found out today the girl who sits across from me at work had her baby Friday.  Just tired of other people being successful at this while we're struggling.  DH has been great, and is all about BD'ing as much as possible, so that makes me more optimistic...that is, if I actually O :)  I'm hoping that the Femara does it's magic, and if I don't get a BFP, at least I have a "normal" cycle.

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I have been lurking for a while because I rarely knew what was going on last cycle. Hopefully now I have somewhat of a road map. Can I be added to TTC #1? I am 29. Thanks!




Monday Check-In


Name: Jamie

Date: 7/25
Chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/35e790
Where are you in your cycle: CD 1. So a long wait ahead!
Appointments: None so far.
Symptoms if they apply: Just AF!
Testing: Not sure when to start OPKs. Last cycle I geared up to O twice and failed before finally O-ing on CD25.  However that was my first cycle after Mirena IUD (so, years with no period). I don't know if this one will be similar or not. My CM was scant and hard to read last time too so it would be hard to rely on that.
Thoughts: After wacky cycles all through adolescence and hormonal BC through most of my 20s, and after reading what some are going through, I know enough to be thankful I ovulated (eventually) and had a nice LP. I'm sure waiting to O will be confusing again but we'll just have to cover our bases with plenty of BDing! I also heard somewhere on here about grapefruit juice to increase CM, can anyone speak to that?


Lots of hug2.gif and dust.gifto all of us! We deserve it.


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I want to be skipping along with you ladies too! 
Monday Check-In
Name: Heather aka maevankat
Date: July 25
Where are you in your cycle: CD25, DPO 5 according to my chart, but I'm not sure.
Appointments: N/A
Symptoms if they apply: Definitely feeling more "in the mood" these days, and I think I may have had EW last week, but I'm not sure. It's been a bad cycle for charting, as we've been away and my work schedule changed, so I'm suddenly waking up at a different time. Oh well. I'll continue as best I can. I had some O pain around CD20-22. I've tried OPKs, but I don't know if they're working on not. Aren't you supposed to see double lines no matter what, but you haven't O'd unless the second line is darker than the first, right? I've had a couple days of no lines at all. 
Testing: N/A until AF is late.
Thoughts: Missed temps on 2 days due to cottaging, so we're not 100% sure about charting this month. Oh well. No biggie. We've been DTD on a schedule this month (every other day if we could), so I'm still feeling hopeful.
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Name: V

Date: 7/25
Chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/torreandbaby3

Where are you in your cycle: CD 23

Appointments: None
Symptoms if they apply: Had a bunch of O symptoms. Pos OPK Saturday late morning

Testing: See above

Thoughts: Last cycle I oed on around CD 23. I am pretty sure I oed yesterday or OEd today. Upon seeing my temps from last month and checking my other symptoms today, even with my temp rise, I think I am oing today. Im thinking last month, I didnt actually O till CD 24 or so when I had a HUGE temp jump. which happened again today. When I overlayed my charts, I think that might be what is going on. Thoughts from anyone on that?


I changed my chart link so I think it needs to be updated to the link above. THANKS!

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Name: Jasmine

Date: 7/25
Chart: Nope

Where are you in your cycle: CD 14

Appointments: Nope
Symptoms if they apply: Watery CM so I am gearing up....

Testing: Nope

Thoughts: Not really

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Sila: Thanks! DH is one of those guys who wants sex all the time. At least I don't have to worry about BDing during my fertile period, lol! As for TTC, this will be the last planned one for us. Anymore will just have to be surprise babies because I am not going through all this stress again.

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