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Colta, thanks!  I remember you had said you were 'not trying, not preventing'-- anything you did differently this cycle?  I'll say it again, CONGRATS!banana.gifThought I would throw in a dancing veggie this time, I'm so happy for you!

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Congrats Colta! Ive never heard of a BFP at 5dpo though. Could it possibly be that you ovulated early? Or maybe even twins??


Thanks Sila. I think were gonna keep DTD until AF shows or we get our BFP just because my cycle could be really messed up.


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Congrats Colta! H & H 9 months to you! carrot.gif


Yay, Sila and OJazzy! I'm so glad you both might have Oed! I know what a struggle that can be sometimes.


Sorry if I haven't commented on everyone's posts. I've been extremely busy here trying to pack and clean the apartment for our big move in the next couple of weeks. dust.gif and sticky vibes to everyone!

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wave.gifHi Tenzinsmama you're welcome to lurk anytime winky.gif


Bela - Ooh, "big move". Where to? A house? A different area? I'm one of those people that loves moving and just throwing everything away and organizing.


AFM - DS is most definitely sick greensad.gif So I took my temp at 4:50 (way earlier than normal) and of course it was lower. I'm hoping that just means it hadn't had time to go all the way up and would have been higher if I woke at 6:30. What a disappointment. Oh well, can't change these things. 

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Sila: I hope your DS feels better soon and tomorrows temp is up. We are moving into a house that is closer to the Louisville city center than where we are now. We live in a 2 bedroom apartment so this will be a great change for us but there's so much work to do.

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Congrats Colta!! joy.gif


Sila - nice job on the lingerie bit, haha.


I am thinking that I did O as everything has dried up and seems to be moving in the right direction! I went off the Don Quai and am now just on Vitex.... now to wait!

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Well this morning I woke up with metal mouth and even after brushing my teeth its still here. Hmmm.. Im trying not to get my hopes up and Im still not testing till next saturday which is 14dpo.

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Hi all, new to this tread.  I had a miscarriage on 25th June, and I am desperate to fall pregnant again as soon as possible.  I have no idea when I am going, or have already ovulated???  Feels awfull not to know whats cooking inside of me.  My levels have dropped, did a test on the 7th July already and was negative.  We have been having sex every 2-3 days to try not to miss  it, but every test I have done since day 28 was negative.  Had some abdominal cramping and sticky white discharge yesterday, I first thought AF was here, but nothing happened? could that have been O signs?  What is your opinions?

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Sila: Hope DS feels better and your temps continue to climb. Do you ever have slow/fallback rise?


Colta: Congrats, mama! H&H 9 months to you.


Bela: Good luck with the move. DH and I visited Louisville a few years ago and thought it was really fun.


Corgi: So sorry for your loss. It is hard to know where you might be in your cycle. Have you had any egg white cervical mucus, or anything besides sticky and white, to put it in some context?


What does AFM mean? I see people using it a lot on these big threads.

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Reno: AFM means as for me


Corgi: Welcome! So sorry about your recent loss. I hope your stay here is short and you get a sticky BFP soon!

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Hi there, I have had some brown spotting and different mucus all the time, even had a really dry patch about two weeks ago - does this mean anything?

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RKB - Yes, a slow rise is very common/normal for me. I'm not sure about last cycle since I missed a bunch of temps. So I guess I can still be hopeful for this cycle...


D&J - Sounds hopeful?


Corgi - Welcome! Brown spotting means "old blood" so it is most likely old left overs from the miscarriage or you had some hormonal break through bleeding a while back. You don't chart? Check out my post miscarriage chart (this cycle) and see how wacked out it is.


AFM - feeling sad and less hopeful these last 2 days...

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I have no idea how to chart - never needed it before.  Why still old blood from miscarriage after 35 days, and doc said all in order?  Will I even O when I spot old blood?

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Originally Posted by CorgiMommy View Post

I have no idea how to chart - never needed it before.  Why still old blood from miscarriage after 35 days, and doc said all in order?  Will I even O when I spot old blood?

I had spotting start up again after it had stopped for like 10 days even though my blood test came back at normal non pregnant levels. You may still ovulate, though it is very common to have an anovulatory cycle after a loss. It sounds like you are monitoring your CM pretty well. If you started charting now you may catch a temp rise if you haven't O'd yet, or you may not really learn anything until your next cycle (it is best to start on a new cycle). I'm so sorry for your confusion. I'm having it too and I do chart. I wish my body would work right.

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Yes I know I should just be patient but it is so frustrating!  The uncertainty is killing me.

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CorgiMommy: Can you give me a little more information, like your age and if this will be your first child so I can add you to the list?


Colta: CONGRATS!!!jumpers.gif


AFM: Today, CD 78, I got a crosshairs that puts me at 3DPO! FINALLY!! smile.gif I had fun starting the thread, even if I couldn't be as involved as I wanted. Finding your first doula client is hard work! If anyone else wants to start the thread, feel free. If not, I have no problem doing it again. 

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Congrats Colta! joy.gif
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Congrats Colta!! That's awesome! <3 


Not sure if we have a new thread started for August yet or not, but I figured I'd share my check-in now as I have a little bit of free time on my hands. 



Monday Check-In
Name: Heather aka maevankat
Date: Aug 1
Where are you in your cycle: DPO 12, CD32
Appointments: N/A
Symptoms if they apply: Some extreme dizziness last week. I almost fainted in while making dinner one night, though luckily my DH was right there to get me to a chair. Yesterday I had the absolute worst boob pain ever. They have never been so tender before! Today I have some itty bitty barely there cramps, so I'm hoping that AF isn't on her way in. I'm only a couple days late, so she could come at any time.
Testing: According to my chart, I should test on the 3rd. Fingers and toes crossed!
Thoughts: It's been a bad month for charting. Lots of variation in time, a couple of days missed due to travel/stress. That said, this is the first month that we've really "tried". We'd BD every other day when we could, so hopefully all that fun paid off :)
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Hi there sorry, I am 28 and this will be my 3rd, have a girl 8 and a boy 3.  have no idea where I am at the moment, still awaiting a AF after a D&C after my miscarriage on the 25th of June at 14 weeks.

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Ya Fnord! Your temps definitely look a lot less erratic! Looks like your timing was pretty good too. I'm preparing launch into the world of becoming a Doula smile.gif I hope that your client has a wonderful birth! I'm going to be gone a lot in this month otherwise I would take the thread again.


Maevankayt - I'm feeling hopeful for you! I'll be waiting for an update on wed to see if you have tested!


AFM - I'll just do a quick update. I had a ttc breakdown yesterday. Trying to have a better day today. Fertility Foe thinks I'm 4dpo but I'm not convinced yet. Last cycle I didn't temp 1-5dpo and the one before that I did have a slow rise so I guess it is possible. However I'm having a lot of cramping today and my CM seems to be all over the map. I just want to put an end to this cycle and move on.

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