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That could explain it.  I've just heard that the BCP is supposed to be effective the first month you use it, right?

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Well, my doctor told me to use barrier methods for the first month I was on it and then it would be effective the following month.  As long as I stayed on hormonal birth control (switching brands apparently was fine) and used it correctly it would continue to be effective, but if I screwed up or went off it for a month I'd have to do the whole full month thing over again before relying on it again.  Maybe not many know this?  Or maybe it's not true?  Or maybe most women are protected the first month, but for some it will take two so you should wait just to be safe?

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Very interesting.

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JMJ, I use the lady comp because it takes my temperature, lol.  I really am doing symptho thermal and I use the cbm monitor to help me feel more comfortable with what I'm seeing on my chart since I am not that comfortable with my cm readings as this stage.  I also had started using it postpartum to help me through that time.  I have the lady comp because when I started looking into charting, it looked like a good option to make it easy to chart and I thought my dh would like to be able to turn it on and see what the lights are for the day.  It turns out I quite like charting and seeing al the signs coming together.  I do enjoy using my lady comp to temp, it has a nice alarm on it and wakes me every morning and keeps track of everything.  It is nice if I can't get my temperatures into the computer right away as I can look them up when I am ready.  It basically reads your temperature and store them for the last 3 months and will do the charting internally for you based on temperature if you do not want to chart.  They claim they have a database of temperature charts from women that it uses to help to see the shift.   It does not consider cm although there is a similar product in Europe that will let you add in a cm reading (for a cheaper price). So far, with the lady comp, it seems to be slowly giving me a bit more time at the beginning each cycle and when it thinks there is a temp shift, it gives you 3 days of red lights followed by a yellow light, then green lights after that.


Interesting the info on the pill above and young women pregnancy rates.  I found the pill to work well for me when I was young, but I also conceived easily when we were ready and each time after that (usually on the first try).  I was married just before I turned 23 and was on the pill for 4 years. My first pregnancy was miscarried and I always wondered if being on the pill previously had played a part.  I never went back on it after that.  Each of my kids were 4 years apart with my 3rd being born when I was 35 so age did not seem to affect my fertility to this point.  We will see what happens the next few years with charting. 



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Thanks, jodi.  For some reason, I was thinking that the LadyComp was more like the CBFM, marketed more to Europe (testing urine etc).  When I was looking into fertility monitors, it was only in Europe, at least in part because it was marketed to avoid pregnancy, and the US wasn't allowing fertility-based devices to be marketed toward CTA.  I guess I didn't look into it as closely as I should have.  Have things changed so that devices/programs are allowed to be marketed for CTA, or is yours marked with a note that it is for TTC only (even though it may be successfully used to CTA)?

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Perhaps you are thinking of persona. That is made by the same group as CBFM and is marketed in Europe and I believe yes that is due to not being able to market in the US as CTA.  I'm not sure what the rules are for something like lady comp as it seems to be clear from the website that it is for TTA.  I got my lady comp here:




The one that is available in Europe and is less expensive is called Cyclotec.  I've read good things about it.   The website for that is here:




I'm not sure that either of these is really necessary especially due to the cost, but having it now, it sure is convenient and easy to use.  I find my LC to be sturdy too as my 15 month old has been known to have it from time to time with no ill effects.  With my lady comp, I need to charge it about once per month, sometimes a little less.  It is also available in either farenheit or celcius.  I know celcius better since I'm Canadian but thought that Farenheit may be easier to see the shift and most people I see on forums are charting in farenheit so I thought it might be easier to learn. 

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Oh, my temp jumpted up to 97.7 this morning 2 days after my first peak on cbfm so I think I did ovulate.  My cervix is also definitely firming up.  Interestingly, I temp at 6:15am each morning.  I went back to sleep and took my temp again at 7:30 and my temp had dropped to 97.2. I do find my temps get squirrely sometimes if I temp too late so I think I have done the right thing with my alarm set when it is.  It is normally when I get up for work anyways.  

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Another high temp this morning so if all goes well,  I should see a full thermal shift tomorrow.  It is nice to see a stronger shift this month, as it makes me feel more comfortable.  I'm guessing it has been my body adjusting to cycles again. 

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AF arrived today, making this a slightly shorter than average cycle for me. Temperature this morning was still way above the coverline, but I no longer have any faith in my thermometer.  I tried comparing it to my parents' BD fever thermometer a few times throughout the day, and temperatures ranged from 0.2 to 0.73 below what the BD was reading. That seems like way too much random error. I've ordered a new basal thermometer that should arrive tomorrow. It should be ok to start using it on cd 3 since the temps from the first couple of days are unlikely to be important for determining the coverline, right?


I know when I started on Nuvaring at 19, I was told it only took a week to become effective, but I was also a very conscientious condom user as well so I can't really say for sure how well hormonal contraceptives worked for me as a teen.

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physicsgirl, CD3 is fine.  I don't find it all that helpful to temp through AF anyway, since my temps are always wacky then.  Sometimes I do it anyway because I'm neurotic.


FWIW hormonal BC always worked well for me, from age 14-26ish.  Pills, the patch, the once-a-month shot (what happened to that?), and Depo, all fine. I do remember being told to take the pill for one full cycle before relying on it, but I also remember reading that a week or two would be adequate. I got pg (on purpose) 4 mos. after quitting Depo, without charting.  I did have major problems when I started taking the mini-pill 18 mos. PP, which is what led me to charting.  What a blessing that turned out to be!  I can't imagine going back on hormonal BC when charting has become so simple for me. I imagine I'll use LAM and FAM until we're done having children, and then one of us will have something permanent done. 

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Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you know that I'll no longer be CTA.  I found out I was pregnant last week - -This was kind of expected since we had a miscommunication.  DH heard " Not Fertile " When I had said " Very Fertile"  I literally looked at him after and said WHAT DID YOU DO????????

Anyway, to spare you anymore details, baby #3 is official according to SEVERAL tests.

Thanks to all for providing wonderful advice!


Happy charting peace.gif


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Congratulations on the little one, alyadri!  I hope you adjust to the idea of another baby quickly.

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Congrats to you as well JMJ!  It looks like I'll be seeing you on the March Due Date page thumb.gif

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Congratulations pg ladies!


So does anybody know why I would have spotting on CD 10?  My period was well over by CD 6, we haven't had sex since CD 5, and I didn't have a build up of CM to indicate O yet.   It was a very small amount, but I've never had spotting that wasn't associated with a period before...

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Angelorum, do you check your cervix?  Any chance you scratched it a little? 

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I don't check my cervix regularly, only when I'm not sure what's going on.  I hadn't checked in days when I noticed the spotting, I did check right when I noticed it though, to see if there was more at the cervix (there was).

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Angelorum, are you breastfeeding?  That can be a sign of high prolactin/low progesterone.  If you are breastfeeding and not trying to get pregnant, I wouldn't worry too much.

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I am breastfeeding, and tta for a few more months.  DS is nearly 2 and not nursing a ton, but I still have short (for me) luteal phases, which is also a sign of low progesterone, right?  If that's all the spotting means then yay for not having to worry :)

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According to Marilyn Shannon (Fertility Cycles and Nutrition), bleeding after your period is related to a short luteal phase.  It should all fix itself over time as your DS gradually weans.  If it doesn't happen as quickly as you would like, there are some supplements or nutrients that might help.  There are a few threads in the TTC forum about that.  Personally, I just started eating extra bananas and yellowfin tuna.  Those are two of the highest sources of Vitamin B6, which is known to tilt the progesterone-prolactin balance slightly in favor of progesterone.  It's hard to tell if it worked.  My second cycle targeting Vitamin B6 foods was fertile.  Or, it could have been that it was just when my body was ready on its own.  Who knows?

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Good to know.  Oddly though, my last luteal phase was the longest since AF returned.  I won't start worrying about it until the winter when I'm hoping to be ready to start trying.

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