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MommaFlanders-Teresa, Due Date 11/17-Excited, nervous, anxious!

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Ang, I'm sorry you're still feeling so sick!  I'm still having nauseous moments here and there and it's still difficult to get my body moving in the morning without feeling sick, but I'm able to eat just about anything and feel much better overall.  Who else is still feeling sick?


Hi again Teresa!


So I just passed my 2000th post... yikes.  I really do have a bit of an addiction...   Packing, packing, packing for me!  I've had to take lots of breaks b/c I get dizzy, mild contractions, nausea, etc.  I'm trying to stay hydrated in this crazy heat!  On Friday it was 106 degrees and the heat index was 124.  124!!!!

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These braxton-hicks contractions are getting obnoxious in their frequency. Anybody else? I went and bought a bottle of wine just because a couple drinks of wine will easily calm them down in the evenings after the kids are in bed. Even during the ultrasound she had to keep coming back to the placenta to measure/picture for the doctor because I was having so many of them and they made the placenta look a LOT closer to the cervix than it really was. While it is NORMAL for me, I don't remember having this many this early. I'm chalking it up to the fact that I haven't been this pregnant this late in the summer before. 


I'm going to be 23 weeks this week! That's CRAZY! I definitely popped in the last week and now get to sport not only a big belly, but a pregnancy waddle as well. LOL Once they open and it's a little closer to lunch time I'm heading to a consignment store to get myself some maternity shorts/capris/skirts for the summer. I have one pair of gaucho pants that I like for around the house but am not comfortable in out of the house.


Suddenly my to-do list feels so much longer than it had! I've got to get stuff ready to file for DD1's homeschool things. And I haven't had to do that before (just reach compulsory age). That kind of feels overwhelming, as well as putting her curriculum together. I'm in the process of getting my e-reader fixed to download her school books (we're using public domain books, so it's free!), and we're doing some fun workbook type things, too. We're both excited to get started!


Anybody have big plans for the week? DD1 has a toothache, so we have to find a dentist with an opening tomorrow. I'm pretty sure she has a big cavity. Poor girl apparently got her mama's bad teeth. Let the guilt begin!







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Becky- I get super grumpy in the heat, too. So do the kids. Lemme tell ya, the past few days have been FUN! LOL Mostly Netflix and keeping the lights off, curtains drawn trying to stay as cool as possible (ha!). As for DH's pain, he has been using naproxen, flexeril to help him sleep through it at night, and then the doctor just started him on a new patch called BuTrans. It's somewhat like an opioid, but it's slow release over the course of a week, doesn't have the same side effects. I don't know a lot about it, really. He's going to talk to the doctor though since he thinks it's more nerve pain...because the patches leave rashes that are painful when he takes them off.

When I was using the birth control patch, I had really bad irritation rashes from where the patches were. AND it's how I got preggo with this baby. NOT how I'm gonna be doing birth control this time around. lol I'll be thinking about you guys, hoping that your DH can find some sort of relief. Dependency on opioids is a scary thing. I had a really good friend who got in a bad accident and had permanent damage to a disc in his back, and he needed more and more and more of the pills. And pretty soon, he just seemed like a zombie. It was really sad to see.


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So I just passed my 2000th post... yikes.  I really do have a bit of an addiction...   Packing, packing, packing for me!  I've had to take lots of breaks b/c I get dizzy, mild contractions, nausea, etc.  I'm trying to stay hydrated in this crazy heat!  On Friday it was 106 degrees and the heat index was 124.  124!!!!

LOL I KNOW I have an addiction. More of telling people what's going on with me, and seeing the responses. I call myself a forum rat all the time, cuz I'm posting everyday and checking on threads I've posted on. lol



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Okay this is me right now...   mecry.gifbecause I'm overly emotional and this freaking move is making me crazy.  Today was supposed to be our last day of intense packing b/c the movers were supposed to be here tomorrow morning to pick everything up and we figured they would deliver our stuff in a timely fashion.  But we called them today and found out that they planned a route for our stuff where it would be picked up tomorrow and then sit in storage for 6... SIX days!  Then it would be picked up again and delivered to us on the last possible day of the delivery window.  This would mean that we were staying in a freaking hotel for 10 days.  TEN DAYS with my two kids and pregnant me.  Everything was all planned, hotels booked, packing organized so that there were just last minute essentials remaining out, food picked over so hardly anything was left, we've said our goodbyes and now we are changing the whole plan.  Now we are asking for the pick up to be on Monday so that we don't have to stay in (and pay for) hotels for a week and a half.  Now we have to UNpack stuff to stay the weekend, REbook all the hotels and utilities, go buy more food, and say goodbye all over again to our neighbors.  This just sucks.  I'm so freaking done with this move.  gloomy.gif

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Awww, Jaimee, I'm sorry! That is really stressul. With my husband, he had just rented a U-Haul and we took everything with us and it was a one day trip. Would this be cheaper than a motel for a few days, moving trucks and less on you to worry about other people with your stuff? That's just me. I think you said something about not being allowed to lift much, but I was 6 months pregnant with my daughter when I helped unpack an entire u-haul that contained the stuff in our house. I hope things work out the best for you. It's never easy moving when you're pregnant. hug2.gif

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Thanks Becky.  And now the movers changed things again... they can't pick up on Monday- only tomorrow or the day they're picking up from storage (next Thursday!!!) so tomorrow it is!  Time to turbo  pack and then stay in hotels for 10 days.  Awesome.

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Yuck Jaimee :(  That sounds really stressful!  Sorry your having to deal with all of that.

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Well, it'll suck having two kids in one room. It was cramped for me, my boyfriend at the time, and my daughter to be in a 2 bed motel room, let alone TWO kids for 10 days. The cool thing is that you don't have to cook. Takeout chinese or pizza, anyone? lol

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Well, movers will be here momentarily, then the cleaners (yay no cleaning!!) and then off to Philly for the start of our adventure to Illinois.  I'll likely be on here less over the next few days to weeks as we drive, unpack, settle in, etc.  Good bye Maryland!

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Be safe!!! If you can, try to update us so we know you're okay! I hope things go as smoothly as they CAN go in a motel room for 10 days. lol

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Good luck on the move Jaimee, hope everything goes smooth and you guys are settled in as soon as possible. I can't even imagine moving right now, I bow down to you!


I did my diabetes test last week and my numbers came back good, but I am mildly anemic. I guess that explains why I can't seem to get out of bed in the morning! It's not low enough to need a prescription for extra iron, so I'm just trying to up the iron in my food. It's not surprising, the only meat that has been appetizing at all during this pregnancy has been chicken and even that is rare. Meat just has not sounded good in months, but I'm making myself eat more of it now. 


Other than that, everything is going well with this pregnancy. I'll be 26 weeks this weekend and I'm feeling huge. DD has really started to take notice since it's so uncomfortable to sit on my lap now. She has felt the baby move a few times in the last couple weeks and thinks that is pretty cool. She'll randomly run up to my belly and yell "Wake up Baby!!" and try to feel her move. 


I start my new job in a little over a week and have some nervous butterflies about that. The daycare situation for DD is proving to be very difficult. My sister is going to keep her and the baby for me, she's a SAHM and could use the extra money and since I'm only working part-time she offered. However, she's having surgery right after I start working, so I've been trying to find someone to for DD while she recovers from surgery. A close friend was going to do it, but she kind of flaked out on me. My sister will be sending her daughter who is the same age as DD to a baby sitter while she's recovering, so she suggested they could go together. Well, that girl just called yesterday and now she has to have surgery the day before my sister's surgery! So, I'm back at square one. I have care lined up for her the first week I'm working. My mom is off work that week and is going to keep her, so that gives me only 2 weeks to find someone else!

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Well, the move has been quite trying.  We toured Philly, Pittsburgh, Columbus and Dayton as we crossed the country and it was neat to see these places.  BUT, dd was acting very strange- lethargic, sleeping almost the entire time we were in the car, not smiling, and not eating.  We could not figure out what was wrong with her. She just appeared depressed.  She did talk about her room a few times- how she missed it and was sad that her new room would not be pink- but it seemed very out of character for her to be depressed.  Finally on night 3, she spiked a fever.  By the time we got to Illinois she was burning up and a little delirious.  We dosed her and she was suddenly herself again so I guess that explains the strange behavior over the last few days.  Now she's in full sick mode- sneezing, coughing, whining, snotting... just really a great way to start our new life.  It's made this transition very difficult.  And now I can only imagine we'll spend the next week passing this cold around.  WHY?!  Oh and ds got all off his nap schedule and spent massive amounts of the driving time just wailing and signing "all done, car" over and over again.  Then to top it all off, when we got here my legs started to really ache and while trying to get comfortable I noticed that my small spider veins exploded all over the back of my right knee.  It looks like I've been beat up- black and blue.  It's clear it's from sitting in the car with my legs bent over the seat b/c I have a dark blue crease right in the crease of the knee pit.  Is there any chance they will go away now that we're no longer driving for hours every day?  Please?


The only bright spot is that the rental house is awesome.  I love it.  I just wish our stuff was getting here sooner.

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Glad you guys made it Jaimee, and sorry about the hassles/complications.  I hope your daughter is feeling better soon!


We put an offer in on a house and might be moving at the beginning of September.  I'm dreading not being able to lift/move stuff and how exhausting it is going to be.  The house is much bigger, MUCH bigger, and I know its the right choice for before the baby is born.  But at the same time I'm sad to leave the place I got from my parents, the place I have lived for almost 15 years...


Just have to embrace the change, right?

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Was bleeding at 9 PM, soaked through a pad in an hour. Rush to the OB, cuz I didn't like the brightness or amount of blood. Yes, I had intercourse right before, and yes everything is fine now. It was quite scary, though. I'd never had any sort of significant amount of bleeding without having a miscarriage. The doctor said that the bleeding was coming from inside the cervix, and not on the outside, but wasn't from within the uterus and everything is intact. I can still have sex, he said, I just "gotta take it easy next time"(with a pat on the knee). Ah, well! Such is life of a preggo! I get what I need and have to run off to the hospital. lol I'm going to bed now. It's almost 2:30AM and got home about 30 minutes ago. I'm gonna be BLAH in the morning.

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Congrats on the new place Ash!  That's awesome!!  Well, by September you'll have an excuse to really not do much of the packing/lifting at all!  I didn't have such an excuse and it was very easy to over do it.... as my nasty spider veins can attest to.  Ugh.


Becky... yikes!  I'm sorry that happened, how scary!  I'm glad to hear everything is okay.  LOL about the pat on the knee...

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Oh hey... it's August.  I guess it's time to start a new chat thread, huh?  Check out the August thread here:  http://www.mothering.com/community/forum/thread/1324182/the-one-thread-august-chit-chat

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