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We're Changing Colors! - Page 2

Poll Results: Which of these four is your favorite color treatment?

Poll expired: Jul 16, 2011  
  • 34% (264)
    #1 Limey with Purple
  • 19% (151)
    #2 Lemon with Purple
  • 25% (200)
    #3 Browntown with Green
  • 20% (156)
    #4 Dundun With Purple
771 Total Votes  
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I like 4 because it reminds me the most of my favorite MDC tan...
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I had a hard time seeing a difference between any of them.

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Okay, those all look the same to me, and apparently I'm not the only one. What's up with that? Not only do they all look the same, but they look the same as it is now. I don't get it!


Even if there are subtle differences, why not make some more widely varying choices? They all seem like variations on a theme.


Honestly, I don't like any of them. Blech. nono02.gif I didn't vote.

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2 and 4 look exactly the same as what we have now. i didn't vote.
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I like Lemony with purple. I to would love to have the ability to choose between them at any given time. I like to change my background when possible every few weeks according to my mood.
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#2 or #3

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I had to scroll up and down quite a bit before I could perceive any difference.  Are there supposed to be two different colors in each of the 4 examples?  The green Mothering banner is the same color of green in each one.  The 'Welcome to Mothering dot Community' banner is the same blue-grey-purple in each one. 


I see slight differences in shade in the forum title boxes.  They're all fine.  I'd choose #1 if I had to. 


I still like the old MDC tan theme best, and miss it.  It was easy on the eyes.   



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They all look alike to me?

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I vote limey with purple!


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Add me to the list of those who can't tell a difference. They all look basically like what we already have on my screen. I see purple on gray, purple on extremely light pink, green on gray and green on extremely light pink.  lol

ETA: No, wait, 4 is purple too not green; it's just like 2......... and they both look exactly like what we have now.

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I wish you would offer a gray background, since that color has been shown to be easier (and healthier) on the eyes. 


But since there's no gray, I voted for the browntown since that was the closest. 

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I can't see a difference in them and they look similar to what is there now-? maybe it is that when I click on it they don't get very big- maybe it is my computer? I loved the tan that MDC used to have- very easy on the eyes so I vote for that or the closest to that!

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I find it pretty inane that your valued members' opinion is requested on something a trivial as a colour change... yet not on any of the massive changes that have cause so much chaos on the site?

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they all look kinda the same to me.

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they all look the same to me? am I missing something??headscratch.gif

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What's the difference there? I don't see anything different! boo

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i can't see a difference between the options or what we have now.

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Why does it have to change? Aren't there much more important things to be looking at? I don't see how this makes a difference in any meaningful way at all.

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Yeah none of them are much better than what we have now. I vote for the old MDC tan!!!
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i like the first one best. 

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