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Emailing companies for coupons

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Hi, I'm new here, and I was browsing the coupon posts. I was wondering if anybody else here wrote to companies (email, snail mail, whatever) with compliments in the hopes that the company will send coupons? I've got some great ones, especially from Dannon, Blue Bell Ice Cream, Bar-S lunch meat, Windex, Sister Schubert's rolls, Marzetti Texas Toast, Pepperidge Farm, King's Hawaiian Bread, Breyer's YoCrunch, and Aleve. They all sent something totally free. Has anybody else done this?

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Welcome to MDC! I have never wrote or emailed for free products but I know others who have. That's great that you were able to get free food. I love free anything!


These days I try to stick with more fruits and veggies and they seem to be the hardest to find coupons for. We used to eat more processed foods but I am trying to be more healthy and DD has allergies. As far as household cleaners go... a coupon for some vinegar or baking soda or borax would be great. I did pick up some Mrs Meyers dish soap feebies yesterday with $1 off coupons attached.

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I used to all the time.  I really need to start again - the good and the bad.

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Driscolls and Naturripe berries send coupons. Earthbound Farms does too, and Annie's organic, and Amy's Kitchen!

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My stores accept internet coupons and I can generally get the items for 'free' with those coupons and sale prices.

Yoguarts were free this week with attached coupons in-store.  We stocked up!

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I will often call them with feedback, or email with a question and then they will send coupons.  For example, I recently bought a Wishbone salad dressing (after spending ages reading the sodium levels on all the dressings on the shelf).  When we tried it, it was awful.  Like eating cough syrup.  So I called them and they sent me a coupon for a whole new one (I threw that one away) and coupons for other items that their parent company sells.


Quorn have sent me coupons in the past, so have Ecover and Method.


And I emailed Baby Bjorn to ask where I could find a little potty (it's not in stores round here any more) and mentioned that the one I'd had for my daughter had broken, and they emailed me back saying that if I sent them a photo of the product they would send me a brand new one free of charge!!  Luckily I had a photo (we do our own version of EC and I had taken photos of her on the potty as a baby) so got  a brand new potty for free.  It pays to make contact with the companies!

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I have... and I have found that a quick "I really enjoy your product" email gets the best response in regards to coupons :)

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