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Interested in Cloth Diapering?

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After the thread about registries I realized that it's getting to be that time in our pregnancies!  Registering now and baby showers in a couple months...  wow, time is flying!  Anyway, I used to teach cloth diapering 101 seminars at natural parenting stores and by request my friends asked me to upload videos to youtube.  So here is my seven part series about the pros of cloth diapering, the different diapering systems, how to use different types of diapers, diapering accessories, washing, etc. 



I think there are probably several of us in the DDC that cloth diaper so if any of you are interested in trying cloth, please post questions!   cd.gif



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We've done mostly cloth (I'd say we're at 98% average) with all 3 girls and will with FratBaby (nicknamed such because my cravings make me sound like I belong in a frathouse during football season!) as well. We have mostly one size fitteds at this point, and I'll be crocheting lots of wool covers, hopefully. I'm also going to invest in some flats (flour sack towels from the kitchen section at Wal-Mart...less than $1 each!) and cheap one size pockets from ebay for use as pockets or covers.

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I'm debating cloth diapering.  I didn't do it first time around b/c I didn't think I could handle the poo....now after trying to poop train (we have the pee down!) my 3.5 year old, I can handle taking care of the poops:)


I was leaning towards a one-size all in one diaper.  Maybe something I could register for so that if people ask what we need, I can suggest buying us a diaper (or two....or three....)


I should watch the video.

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This is baby #4 for me.  I wanted to cloth diaper from the start, but with my first baby, we had breastfeeding (and general adjustment to being a mother!) issues at the beginning.  I felt overwhelmed trying to learn how to cd, so I took a break from it and started again when she was a few months older. 


I think that part of the problem was that I started with one-size fitteds and covers.  Now I realize that there are SO many different types of cloth diapers, and that just because one method is not for me, it doesn't mean that there isn't something nearly perfect out there that I will love! So my advice to new cd'ers is- don't give up!  If it's not working, try another kind.


With my last baby, I had 2 friends who loved prefolds and Snappis or just covers, so I gave that a shot.  Nope, I didn't like it!  I found other ways to use them though, so not a complete waste.  And they're cheap.


What has worked beautifully for us is pocket diapers.  They're so easy and I absolutely love them.  I even like stuffing them fresh out of the dryer (sometimes i used my newborn prefolds to stuff them).  Fuzzibunz are a great workhorse pocket.  All in ones sounded like they would be even easier- nothing to stuff- but for me they didn't work well.  They were too thick to dry in one cycle in my dryer or in any reasonable time in the sun, plus mine retained odors.


I also found that I prefer snaps over hook & loop fasteners.  The velcro is so stiff and wide that I was always worrying about it digging into my baby's soft belly.  Not to mention how L-O-U-D it is during middle of the night diaper changes!  RIIIIIIIIIIIIIP!


Now I did keep my fitteds, and I use them without covers whenever I don't have the baby in a carrier.  Just for running around the house, because it's easy to notice if they pee and you can change it right away.  We have done Elimination Communication with our last two kids.  

These are the ages they were out of diapers: 


DD with no EC: done with diapers at 3.5

DS1, started EC at 6 months: out of daytime diapers at 2 years (in diapers at night til 3)

DS2, EC from birth: out of diapers daytime, 16 months, and nighttime at 19 months.


I swear by EC.  It is completely awesome.  Especially if you're at all squeamish about washing poopy diapers!  Poops are easy to predict and see coming, if you watch for the signs, and then you can just pop the baby on a potty!  So much better to have him learn that this is the place to do it from the start, than to let him finish in a diaper and then have all the cleanup, right?  I so wish I had known about it with my first child.  With the boys, I washed less than 10 poopy diapers each the whole time they were in diapers. 


Pees were much harder for me to catch, so I washed a lot of those, but we weren't fanatical about it. Many pees were in diapers, many in the toilet.  We just basically did it by timing.  I took them as soon as they woke up, and they would always pee on the potty.  We made a little cue sound (psssssssst) to help them know what to do.  Just the fact that they were using the toilet as infants, and understanding that it was for pee and poop, was the best thing- they never had the huge mental block of transitioning from diapers to toilet that my daughter had!

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Great advice Kristi!  Most of my advice is contained within the videos, but I do second Kristi's endorsement of EC.  It's awesome and way easier than I thought it would be!


MrsShow- I totally get that!  Dh was squeamish about poop, but after a few weeks of being a parent you're pretty much immune to all bodily fluids.  It's a really common comment in diapering classes, especially from the husbands!    So to others that feel this way, just give it some time.  It's really never too late to start cloth diapering b/c you can always sell the diapers afterward and/or use them for your next child! 

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I just checked out the first 3 videos- WOW!  You really did a great job, Jaimee.  Watch them, y'all! thumb.gif

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Thanks Kristi!  love.gif

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We used prefolds and covers with DD from 10 days old. We did very casual EC from 4 months, but were only really successful with it from 8 months - 11 months. Mine was the kind of kid who never eliminated on any kind of schedule, nor showed any signs of pooping! But it has done something good for DD anyway, who has been day-trained for a couple of weeks now (27 mos)  and I'm contemplating putting the diapers away for night now too, since she's only had one wet diaper at night since day training. I'm pretty sure I could have day-trained her sooner, with a bit more fuss and effort, because this whole process has been ridiculously painless and mess-free. We let DD decide when to put the diapers away, and since then have only had one accident.


With Tooey I'll be trying to EC from the beginning. We'll also be doing prefolds and covers again because they are so cheap and easy to wash, and I find them easy and very functional. We use a snappi for the first four or five months, and then we just trifold and stuff. We also have MotherEase One Size bamboo fitteds for nighttime. This time around I'm going to get some covers with snaps, because our first bunch of medium covers had the velcro all wear out, and I'm not sew-savvy enough to replace the velcro myself. We use cloth wipes too, I just cut up an old flannel sheet. 

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I plan on CDing.  this is my first so I don't really have a solid plan.  I was thinking of maybe doing a diaper trial so my partner and I can choose what type works best for us.  I bought a package of prefolds and a plain snap cover.  Also a pocket diaper because it is made locally and I wanted to see if they were any good. I am not terribly interested in EC but I may change my mind so we will probably get a little potty for the bathroom in case I want to try it. 


The only preference I see myself already having is no AIO diapers.  We only have a washer and no dryer so it will take so long for them to dry and I can't see that working very well.  We also don't have the hot water hooked up to the washer right now so I don't know if that will be a problem.  I might ask my landlord to get it fixed before the baby is born if it will be.  Any thoughts on that?


I went to a cloth diaper class about a month ago and she said a wet bag works much better for CDing than a diaper pail.  Any opinions on that?

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I'm not in your DDC, but thanks for all those videos.  As a first time mom, it's soooooo overwhelming to go through all the different systems.  It's crazy!  It's seriously more overwhelming than almost any other topic we have to make decisions on.  This was super helpful.  Still don't know what all we'll do, but at least I feel like I understand what all the options are.

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Awesome videos! Natural Parents Network is having a carnival this week with lots of CD-related posts (on all different blogs) - this link (http://naturalparentsnetwork.com/freedom-of-cloth/) has a breakdown of which sites have posts on which days.
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Thanks and you're welcome!  Please pass along the link to anyone you know who could use them!

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Jaimee, I loved your cloth diapering series! My husband and I are planning to do everything as naturally as possible throughout pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, diapering, etc. We have been working with a midwife (planning to do a homebirth!) and we're attending childbirth ed classes at a local midwifery birthing center where they have classes on cloth diapering as well (haven't attended yet). We're still 4 months away from our due date, but I've been really eager to learn more about cloth diapering. I had only visited the FuzziBunz website before and loved them. But I had no idea that all of the other different kinds of cloth diapers existed! I can't wait to show my husband. It's clearly the little things that get me excited..... LOL. My family members all sound so skeptical of cloth diapering because they still have the image of cloth and safety pins in their heads. Whenever someone expresses concern to me from now on, I'll just say to them, "Well if you're interested in finding out how it's done nowadays, I know of this great cloth diapering series online......" biggrinbounce.gif


Thanks a bunch! Awesome videos. Oh, and by the way, I noticed in your signature that you named one of your children Avalon. That is such a unique and beautiful name!

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Thanks so much!  love.gif  It really tickles me when people find the videos helpful and seriously, I get so excited about my cloth diapers... you aren't the only one!  I've been wanting to do a "cloth diapering 201" series that goes more in depth with FAQ's (like CDing while camping, flats, using liners with more complicated folds, diapers that are new to the market, diaper repair, etc.), covers basic troubleshooting, and mentions the pros of related topics like EC.  But I can't ever find the undisturbed time to write out a script and actually film it.  Sigh...


If you have any questions please feel free to post them.


Oh and thanks for the compliment on my dd's name.  Avalon conjures up many powerful and beautiful thoughts for me so I was thrilled when we found out we were having a girl and my dh actually suggested the name.  It was perfect. 

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