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Thanks Renavoo. Btw, did anyone notice the thread's new location?

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My referral came through for the endocrinologist and there's a cancellation for Monday, so I'm very excited. I got some basic labs done and it seems my thyroid is fine. Dh really want to try now but I really want to keep waiting until we can get some answers (hopefully).
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RosieL I was wondering the same thing about them discouraging you from temping. That happened to me when I went the the fertility clinic here, the nurse said not to because it "takes away the spontaneity". Then when I started seeing the actual specialist she was a huge fan of charting and encouraged me to keep going with it.


Renavoo I've got the Hunger Games on my e-reader but haven't read it yet..still getting through a few other books. My hopes really weren't that high anyway, but I'll probably do the same as you and read it before the movies. I just finished the Millenium series (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, etc) and that was good, although not at all what I was expecting - pretty graphic. I've read the first 7 books of the Outlander series and waiting for the 8th to come out. And my SIL just had me download Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick which is also the first of a series. There's some ideas for you! orngbiggrin.gif


I'm glad you're on your way to getting some answers Wendlynnn. Let us know how it goes on Monday!

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Deborah - I noticed! Thanks. :)


Wendylynnn - Good luck on Monday. I hope you get some answers soon, or at least have a path of info-gathering that is more satisfying than now. My RE appointment was basically just a discussion of what next tests to do, but it made me feel better to have a plan. 


tantylynn - I keep meaning to start the Millennium series but keep picking up something else instead. Did it suck you in? Good luck this cycle! Your chart looks pretty. 


renavoo - She discouraged me from temping because she said 99% of her patients are more stressed by it than is useful. She said an occasional patients is aided by the "rhythm and regularity it adds to life" but otherwise it's not helpful. She was speaking directly in the context of while I am in treatment with her. When I said "But this helps me confirm ovulation, since OPKs are sometimes unclear." She said "Well when we are working we will know exactly when you are ovulating, because we will trigger it."  So, I'm going to interpret that as she doesn't think temping is useless, just not helpful once you're monitoring.  Anyway…when is day 15?


Okay, so the doctor and her nurse both rubbed me the wrong way. Not horribly, but a bit at least. Do I bail now, and see a different doc, or do I go ahead with another meeting after I get the next round of tests? 


Have any of you had your 17-OHP tested? Doc mentioned it would be an indicator of stress, but so far I haven't found much on normal googling searches. On to google scholar I guess.

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Well, I'm on cd 6 now. Keeping my fingers crossed still. Trying to let go of controlling this, as obviously I have NO control. :(

I may be quiet for a bit, but I'll keep checking in on you ladies!

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Thank the folks over at feedback for the transfer. I can't remember the name of the lady who did it and it is buried pretty deeply in my email.

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Deborah, thank you for putting so much effort in!!! I didn't notice because i always just follow the link in my email but it is much appreciated.


TantyLynn, thanks for the suggestions! I will look those books up.


Wendlynn, good luck! I hope you get some answers. :o)


Rosie, oooh i get it now. I get what your RE means about the stress. I don't start temping until after ovulation when I'm getting a medicated cycle. I agree with her that since the ovulation is triggered, there really isn't a point to looking for the shift! But I like to temp after ovulation so I can see make sure my temp continues to stay high and also, if it didn't take, I like to know when my period is coming. But i do think that it's really stressful. DH always tells me that I should stop temping too. he worries that it overly stresses me out.


Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well. I'm still on oral contraceptives so it's pretty boring. Beginning of the week after next, I get my ultrasound and blood tests and if all goes well, I'll be taking my medications!


Here's hoping that goes well!


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Hello, ladies!  May I join you? 


We're ttc #2.  I have a 26 mos old dd, and we're on cd1 of cycle 16.  We're not sure what the problem is, as everything looks 'normal'.  My charts, my hormone levels, dh's semen, even my sis to check for issues that may have been related to having a c/s with dd.  So far, NOTHING.  We even seem to have great timing.  This is my second cycle of vitex, as my lp was a teeny bit on the short side, and I thought it might help since dd still nurses a couple times a day.  My dr wants to keep an eye on my progesterone levels the next couple of months, and if there's still no bfp, begin clomid.  So that's where we're at.  I could really use the support here, because I am having a hard time, and no one really seems to know the 'right' thing to say.  I know people are trying to help, but it's not always real comforting.  So thanks for having this thread.


This last cycle was a little screwy, and I'm wondering if it was the vitex?  I o'd a little earlier, and my lp was longer and my cycle was shorter by a day or two, which is unusual.  But the temps were a little more all over the place, so I guess I'm looking for reassurance that I did indeed o.  I have been sick, too, especially the last 5 days or so... I disregarded the last two temps because I'm sure they were high due to being sick.  Thanks, I totally make people look at my chart all the time. 


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zanelee - Letting go is something I haven yet figured out how to do. Let us know if there's a trick to it. Good luck. 


renavoo - Are you excited for this cycle? Did the doctor give you numbers for probability of success? Good luck with the next phase of the treatment. Keep us informed on each step, I find the IVF process pretty interesting and want to learn more. 


Welcome marmo. Sorry you're in a position to join us, but I hope this thread helps a bit. 


AFM - Waiting. I probably O'd yesterday or will today (worse O pains I've EVER had...I was almost down for the count for a while). Once I confirm O with a few high temps DH starts his three days of abstinence, then the SA with IUI prep, then I get more blood tests on CD1 (total testosterone, 17-hydroxyprogesterone, and something else?). Has anyone done the 17-OHP test? RE mentioned it had to do with stress, but I didn't think there were tests for stress levels related to infertility? I'm interested to see the results. Google hasn't told me much.


Regardless, my expectation is we will get the IUI plan or the IVF plan, either of which we have to wait till January to do. So...waiting. Lost of waiting!

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Marmo- of course you may join us. We are all here for your support. Also, believe me when I say that we all understand those "helpful" people who never dealt with infertility a day in their lives.

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RosieL No it didn't exactly "suck me in". I had a really hard time starting the first book...it's just a bit slow and introduces so many characters right at the start. But once I got through the slow part I was happy that I already had the next instalments of the series on my e-reader smile.gif And thank you, I like my chart too! I've never heard of that test but I think it's kind of cool you're getting your stress levels checked. I know that things like stress and anxiety do have an impact on your body and therefore fertility. That's probably why a lot of people say they got PG once they just forgot about it. I think that's a load of bull for lots of us (less stress doesn't cure my PCOS) - but I guess it is true for those people.


Welcome marmo!

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Welcome Marmo! Question...it sounds like you're still nursing. Do you or your doctor think that has anything to do with your odd cycles?


Rosie, I am excited. It's difficult to wait though. It just annoys me that I'm on oral contraceptives. hahah I'm really nervous because obviously, there is hope, but I read a lot of sad stories as well. Are you guys trying this month? I noticed you said you just O'd but it sounds like you're letting it go this month to do the IUI prep? I've never had the test you mentioned. I wonder if I should ask my doctor to write me up an order for that!


Have any of you ladies ever heard about supplementing with Royal Jelly or pineapple core. I've been told by friends to take these supplements. Royal Jelly is supposed to help with egg quality and number. Pineapple core is supposed to help with implantation. I asked my RE nurse about it and she said that they don't recommend any supplements but I have friends who swear by it so I'm continuing to take royal jelly and I plan to take pineapple core after the transfer. I'm just nervous, though, because I don't see much data about the products at all in relation to fertility. I guess I think that since royal jelly is just basically supercharged honey and pineapple core is basically, well, pineapple, I should be ok but I still don't want anything to screw all this up!! Sigh, what do you ladies think?




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The IUI prep I mean is a Semen Analysis with IUI prep. The RE explained that it is unknown whether DH's bad sperm will wash out or not, making us a good or bad candidate for IUI. Hmm, I didn't write that well. Basically after the IUI prep of the semen sample, they do a semen analysis on the sample. If THOSE levels look good, it means we are a good candidate for IUI. If they don't, well, I'm assuming that means IVF or maybe a urologist. But probably just IVF. 


We are still trying this cycle. And by we I mean DH, and kinda me. I probably ovulated yesterday, knew it was happening, and didn't give two shits to press DH for a BD. I went to bed tacitly realizing that I have subconciously given up on conceiving naturally. I woke up at 4AM with anxiety over TTC. I NEVER wake up early much less for stress...this sucks.


On the bright side, I emailed my midwife-to-be a note asking if she knows any REs. She quickly wrote back a super caring and kind note, offering her knowledge for natural remedies for the morphology problem and reminding me that I can call her if I ever need an ear. I bursted out crying when I read that. It was in such stark contrast to the way I felt leaving the RE...the midwife's words just felt so caring...I felt so supported. 


BTW - She recommended red raspberry leaf tea and vitamin E (start with 100iu for a week, then 200, then 400). Sure enough there's research to back up both. I had heard of both before, but before now I had not heard enough to convince me it was more than old wives tales. Generally I don't like supplementing unless I have a diagnosed need for something. If there are good sides to all these supplements out there, I'm guessing there are bad sides too, and no one is regulating them. As for Royal Jelly or pineapple core, I have no idea! Where did you hear/read about them? 


This 17-OHP test intrigues me, I'm going to have to ask a lot more about it at the next visit. DH reminded me that I have to get an ultrasound next cycle (around CD3). I'm looking forward to that too. 

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Oh Rosie, I'm so sorry that you're having such a stressful time. I think we all go through it one time or another. I also feel so much more emotional than I usually am. (Or at least, more bipolar than i usually am!) I'm glad that you're getting support from your midwife! I always wish that I knew a medical professional in this field. I have so many physician friends but none of them specific to fertility. Otherwise, I'd definitely be calling them up and asking them for help!!


I was also told to drink red raspberry leaf tea but my RE nurse even said that she can't recommend that! I heard about all these supplements through friends and I did some research. I only started looking into pineapple core, but from what i can see, it's almost an old wives tale. Also, there are suggestions that it helps with implantation and suggestions that it doesn't...in fact, something in the pineapple may actually increase uterine contractions. So, I think I'll ask my RE nurse about that. haha she's going to kill me.


As for Royal Jelly, this is an interesting one. I heard from a friend who heard from her acupuncturist. I looked it up and there aren't a lot of human studies about Royal Jelly. One of the few human studies demonstrated that using royal jelly intravaginally helped patients who suffered from asthenozoospermia (reduced sperm motility). Seriously, though, it's a really really rich, sticky substance. I CANNOT imagine taking that jelly intravaginally. I'm shocked they got women to agree to this! If you're interested in the study, here is a link to the abstract: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18222449.

Now, animal studies suggest that it also helps with sperm. According to rabbit and mouse studies, royal jelly actually increased sperm volume, improved morphology and improved motility. i haven't seen anything specific to egg quality but there's another forum where people give their experiences and they seem to swear by it. Apparently, it's supposed to really help regulate your hormones and it provides a great boost of B6. I guess I'll continue to take it, mostly because I don't really think there could be any harm to it but I still get concerned. I'm like you...I hate taking anything without a need. I tend to try to stay away from taking meds, if possible.


hmmm maybe I'll start taking more vitamin E. I have it in my prenatal but taking a little more can't hurt, right? haha I already supplement with D, C and B6! *Shaking head*


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hi ladies. i m bk for my 2ww, today is 1dpiui.....
i went for my IUI yesterday with one follilcles (18mm), so we proceed for my 1st IUI, but during the process my OB told me he had a hard time of inserting the catheter due to my tight cervix. he onli mange to insert part of it and i was told around 3 inch of the catheter was not insert, and my husband sperm count was super low as well...i m now greatly disappointed, will i still get pregnant with such low sperm count and tight cervix ? 
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renavoo - Holy crapoly those results are shocking. I need to download that study to look at their methodology. That's a large number of subjects compared to a lot of the "alternative" infertility treatment studies I've come across, and 8.1% versus 2.3% is a big difference! Crazy. If we had motility issues, I admit, I'd be tempted. Reading the rabbit study makes me want to ask DH to start putting royal jelly in his shakes or taking capsules. The study was about heat exposure and subfertility in rabbits, and the percent normal forms of sperm improved with the royal jelly. I need to figure out what the dosage conversion would be, though. DH uses bee pollen in his morning shakes already (seriously cut down on his allergies, he swears by it). This wouldn't be too much of a leap.


Yoyo - I'm sorry you're hearing rough news. Did your doctor say that there was a low sperm count AFTER s/he did the sperm wash, or before. The wash is supposed to help concentrate the best sperm to improve your chances. Good luck with this cycle!

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hi Rosiel, i was told my DH sperm count was super low before and after the wash. thats already defeat my initial confidence , then, ,  , fhajkhdfkjashkjhdakjajdghslk,

then during the IUI with all the tight or tilted uterus and cervix story, my heart really fall apart,as i hv to pay for a half way done IUI with such feedback of my DH SC. .... i m now waiting for the miracle to take place at the same time thinking of whether i should go for my 2nd IUI.. :(

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Hi, guys. Sorry I've been MIA. Once I started getting my energy back after the mtx, I had a lot of catching up to do - yikes. DH and I spent an entire day just cleaning the house. Thanks for all the great "waiting" suggestions. I'm one of those that has way too many interests and hobbies, so I figured I'd make little lists of fun things to do in those areas. I love my lists. Whenever I'm feeling at a loss, I am reminded of all these things I want to do. I've been going to the library more often too - I am much better off with lots of reading material - sounds like I have a lot of company in that regard, huh? I used to devour novels but for a few years now it's nonfiction that has my attention. Any favorites?


Marmo, welcome! Sorry that you have to join us here - I really hope you are not here for long! Yeah, people who mean well often have no idea of what would actually be a supportive response. I have some experience with prolactin levels/extended bf if you have any questions about that.


Kneticnrgy, welcome! What a long road for you - fingers crossed for that first IVF cycle so that you can leave us quickly!


Renavoo, RosieL, yoyonana, Zanelee - sending you tons of good thoughts for your current cycles.


Wendylynn, I understand you wanting to wait for answers. Sending you lots of strength and hope you get some soon!


Luluroo, did you ever make that appointment? How's things?


Brichole & Deborahbgkelly, how's it going? What's new with you?

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RosieL - I forgot to add, I thought 17-OHP screens for CAH (congenital adrenal hyperplasia), a genetic disorder that hospitals screen newborns for along with PKU and other rare genetic disorders. Apparently it can have mild, late-onset forms and can affect fertility. Maybe the stress connection is that elevated 17-OHP results from faulty processing of cortisol (the "stress hormone")? In the case of CAH, though, it's because of an enzyme deficiency, not high stress levels. But maybe elevated 17-OHP results from excess production of cortisol as well? Just guessing as an educated layperson, I have no credentials for this.


I like Nina Planck's supplement advice in Real Food for Mother and Baby. Not everyone's cup of tea, but I agree with a lot of what she has to say.





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hi gizal, its good to hv you gals with me along the journey, at least i m not alone.....big hugssss and lotssss of baby dust to all of you ~~~~~

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