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I just picked up a new writing gig that is keeping me very busy. I am pleased, but am sorry I can't do too much commenting here. Maybe I can catch up this weekend.

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3dpIUI, i hv light brownish spotting everytime i go toilet since 1dpiui, is this common ? i was in real pain during the process, am i stil hving internal light bleeding or may be its an old blood from the cervical soft tissue ?

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Hey all,

I'd like to join you guys.  I'm following after Rosie.  We know each other from the TTC #1 thread.  I am doing that.  Been trying since 7/09 and I haven't seen the RE yet but we've done one SA (low-ish morphology and slightly low motility). 


I think I can learn a lot.

What's up with the red raspberry leaf tea Rosie?

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Red Raspberry leaf tea is controversial for females during pregnancy, but I haven't see anything bad written about it pre-conception. But for males, it does the same thing that vitamin E and royal jelly does - increases antioxidents that help the male produce healthy sperm. The most clear mechanism I've see is the study renavoo mentioned with rabbits. Rabbits who were given royal jelly produced more good sperm even after heat exposure than the control group. So, it seems that the antioxidant concentration DH carrier around has an impact on sperm production even in the face of heat issues. (And heat issues are thought to cause morphology issues). 


So, DH is on strict orderst to take vit E, and I'm thinking about red raspberry leaf tea and royal jelly. I think I'm formulating a plan where we get all the next round of results, have the RE conversation, then go full-on naturopath (find TCM practitioner) from August to January. Come January if nothing has worked, we start ART, whatever the case may be (IUI or IVF). 

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yoyonana, I'm sorry that you had a difficult time with the IUI. Please keep the hope. It may turn out for the best anyway. We only need one egg and one sperm :o) As for the bleeding, it is possible because the doctor had such difficulties inserting the IUI tube. If it doesn't stop soon, you should probably contact your doctor.


Welcome Catheleni! I love your photo :o) Good luck on this thread and I hope your stay is short!


I actually bought some Red Raspberry Leaf tea and I have yet to drink any of it. I'm still taking royal jelly and so is DH. DH seems to like the taste and consistency much more than me. I sometimes gag a little after taking it, mostly because it is so sticky and sweet. Hopefully, it helps or at least, doesn't hinder in any way. Rosie, this is the one other women on another thread recommended. It also has bee pollen, which is supposed to be helpful as well..http://www.vitaminshoppe.com/store/en/browse/sku_detail.jsp?id=RJ-1034


Deborah, what is your topic about? Good luck!!



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oh and Gozal, HI! I'm glad things are going well. I hope you get a good hobby soon to keep you busy!

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Oh, what topics don't I have right now. LOL. Today I'm writing on shipping logistics, real estate in AZ and Under Cabinet Lighting. I may also be beginning a project writing Spintax articles in Spanish. Spintax is computer synatax that allows a word to be changed from one article to the next without having to do it manually. Basically, it creates several unique articles from one. Next week I have more Spintax, articles on various medical conditions and/or home remedies, blogs on wedding photography (fun!), blogs on engineering, more real estate in Arizona and blogs on celebrity DIY gardening (also fun- and I get to watch TV for my job).

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Right now I'm trying to decide whether to stop trying altogether (put away the OPKs, thermo, and record nothing but when my CD1 is each month), or to go full-on naturopath therapy through January (since we can't do anything medical until then). What do you gals think?

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I ended up having to give up the under cabinet lighting article  yesterday. Did some data entry for the local coffee shop and just did the logistics and real estate articles. Still working on real estate. Sunday I'm going to write on some medical things so I can then get a day ahead and not have to work late or on weekends as often. I got yet more work yesterday. 11 direct orders on more wedding stuff. I'm exhausted, but at least finally feel secure in my career.

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Almost done with my real estate articles. I'll actually get to have fun this afternoon. Then, it is back to work for me tomorrow so I can get ahead of schedule and not be working weekends anymore.

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Gozal:  Hey sweet heart!!!!  I'm happy that you've gotten your energy back!!! That is always a plus!!  Nothing much new with me.  I'm in my 2ww right now and i'm 7dpo.  I know that I want it to be our month in some part of me but then again....I FINALLY got the letter from my insurance company that i've been approved for my breast reduction!  I'm so torn now.  Everything was like "PERFECT" this month!  I guess the one good thing about being approved as of this month that I have 12 months to use this "certificate of approval" before i have to be reevaluated again....so even if i am thins month then we should be ok with me being able to have the surgery done without having to ask permission from the insurance company again.



I just want to say sorry for not being more active this month.  The only time that I am able to really get on to comment or update what's going on with me is while i'm at work and I've been training one of the new girls for the past month so I haven't been able to get online much lately.  I hope that everyone is doing good...and i'd just like to say I am still thinking about all of you ladies!


I would like to jump on the e-reader conversation and say that I LOVE my new phone because it has the Kindle app on it...so I can read books from my phone and not have to worry about having to wait on them to come in because i'm not one who has much time to go to the book store these days lol.  I am interested in supernatural fiction books and I have read every single one of the Sookie Stackhouse books (the ones that True Blood on HBO is based from) and I LOVE those books.  I"m just sad that the authur said that the next book might be the last of the series!!! I just don't see how she can stop there when there are so many other things that need to play out but who knows lol.  I've also read all but like 3 of the Blackdagger Brother hood books and I really enjoyed those too.  There is one more series that i've read but i can't remember what the name of it...I just know that it's vampire books written by Lyndsy Sands.  I guess some people aren't as interested in the books that I read as I am but I think they are interesting and help me get thru a long day of work if i'm not training lol. 


I hope everyone is doing well and I would like to say WELCOME to all of our new ladies.  I hate that you are having to even be here but i'm happy that everyone is able to get support from each other here.  I don't think i would of made it thru my IF treatments a year in a half ago without the support of women like you ladies!!!  I hope that everyone gets their bundles of joy soon!!!!

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Brichole - I'm with you on the BDB and SVS books. They are a fantastic escape for me. I was so skeptical when my friend suggested BDB, but they're fun, even if I do take a bit of ribbing from my DH about them. When I'm not reading stuff like that I'm reading stuff that's half school-oriented; economics popular press e.g. Predictably Irrational. I "read" these most on commutes and when I garden and cook via audiobook. I just canceled my expensive Audible subscription though, so I need to start using the library's audiobook mp3 capabilities!


Deborah - How do you get all these diverse topics? What kind of stuff are you writing? Sounds pretty interesting.

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Hi Rosie- I am an SEO content writer. That means I write Web content to help people rank on search engines. It also means I can be writing on just about anything. Sometimes I get to write blog posts, sometimes they are full articles and other times they are what we call "ticklers". Ticklers are generally 150 word pieces meant to get backlinks. It can be very interesting some days and incredibly boring others, but I now made my goal of making as much from home as I did from the day job, so that is really exciting. If anyone wants more info on breaking into the field, feel free to PM me. It did take me about a year to get to this point, but it is well worth it. It will be so much easier when we finally get to have a baby that I'm home. DH is also working on transitioning to a work-at-home career. He wants to develop and market video game versions of board games. He's already written half of one and has some ideas on marketing them. I am quite proud.

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RosieL If I were you I'd go full-on naturopath. I wish DH and I would've been more active in TTC once we realised there might be a problem. We just kept thinking "it will happen soon" and kept doing our thing. Hindsight is a gift, but I definitely would've gone the naturopath route before we got to the stage we are at now. Let us know what you decide! If you go naturopath I'll be excited to hear about your experiences! If the Clomid doesn't work for us I think we'll be heading in that direction next...


Brichole Yay for perfect timing!! Fingers crossed for you! Great job seeing the positive to both outcomes this cycle :)


Welcome.gif Catheleni!!


AFM, I'm 12DPO today, I should be starting AF tomorrow but my usual 4-6 days of spotting is MIA and my temp is still up....ahh!! I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high. I know that statistically the chances of Clomid working the first time for PCOS aren't very good. But still! energy.gif

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hi renavoo, thanks for your word of support, my light bleeding stop @ 5dpiui, thats convince me its the old blood but not my early sign of pg, RE ring me to see him on next monday, i think he wants me to do a minor operation to dilate my uterus or cervix i not sure....well. will see how it goes....

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Looks like it was okay to get my hopes up! BFP tonight after work!!! http://i1217.photobucket.com/albums/dd387/tlynn20/BFP.jpg 12DPO


ETA: Just realised that when this cycle started I was threadkeeper of the June IF thread! Threadkeepers luck!?

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Originally Posted by tantylynn View Post

Looks like it was okay to get my hopes up! BFP tonight after work!!! http://i1217.photobucket.com/albums/dd387/tlynn20/BFP.jpg 12DPO


ETA: Just realised that when this cycle started I was threadkeeper of the June IF thread! Threadkeepers luck!?

I just have enought time to say CONGRATS!!!! I got my BFP my 2nd month of taking over this thread a year ago so awesome!!! Sticky vibes to you!


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Happy and Healthy 9 Months tlynn!





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Tantylynn - !!!!!!!!!!!!! - So excited for you!!! How wonderful! Starting up tons of good thoughts for nine amazing months!

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AWESOME, Tantylynn! So very jealous your first medicated cycle worked, but very happy for you! And that's a very clear BFP, too! joy.gif

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