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The insurance plan that I thought covered IUI and IVF and we would switch to in Dec/January doesn't afterall. I have one more chance at insurance, but it would become effective in June 2012. So...looks like I have to wait a year. 





(I know I am lucky to even have the chance at insurance covering IVF. But if we had no chance of coverage at all, we would sell some stuff and make it work *now*. But since we *might* get coverage it seems irresponsible to pay a bunch of money to do it six/twelve months earlier.)


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Thanks so much everyone! I'm having trouble leaving my TTC threads because I feel like you are all my friends and I'm going to miss you! It doesn't help that this all feels surreal right now. Thank you for all of your support and friendship, especially you Brichole you are so caring about each and everyone of us. And RosieL that was the best arrangement of dancing veggies I've ever seen love.gif

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Well, tantylynn, we could have you stick around and live vicariously through you. LOL.

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Tantylynn, please visit us often and tell us how you're doing!


RosieL, did you ever get an answer from your IUI prep? It's a really personal decision what to do as far as financing IF treatment. I think either choice is legitimate, to wait or not.


AFM, my betas are at zero. The whole nightmare thing is over. I spoke to the doctor yesterday and she said from this point on, we can start trying after my second period! July is almost over and I just need to get through August after that. Once September hits I'll know we can start trying that month and it'll be easier mentally. We've been keeping busy taking day trips and visiting friends. Usually I am out of the country in the summertime but this year I'm staying to finish my dissertation. So that's a little weird for me in itself, but so far, time has been marching along. Summer is my favorite season so it's weird to be wishing it away, but...BABIES. I've been super lazy charting (because what fun is it?) but I need to get back into it because we do need to avoid (sigh) until this cycle and the next are finished.


What's new with everyone?

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DH is doing the SA tomorrow. I'm doing CD2/3/4 (doc say any one is fine) Friday or Monday, whenever AF arrives. So, no change. I've pretty much decided to "quit" trying after our RE meeting. We'll still be having unprotected sex, but that'll be it. No timing, no temping, no OPKs, and no recording data. I'm gearing up for it. It's gonna be tough at first I think, but I think it'll help my sanity in the long run. 


Do you have a thesis due date? When do you apply for the dream job?



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Aw, Rosie, I'm sorry to hear that. But I understand.


I used to be all crazy focused and had the deposit deadlines circled on my calendar for each semester, hoping I'd get it in before the next one. My advisor (who is awesome) is kind of a perfectionist, though, and the job market is so awful, I've relaxed about depositing. After that I'm not sure what my next step will be. I always thought I would have a traditional t/t academic career but I'm not sure that's what's I want any more, or what's right for my family now. DH's job requires us to stay in this geographical area for the time being (he loves his job - and I love the idea of SAH), so I'm basically looking to finish up my thesis and have some babies and maybe get involved in some non-academic-track projects or maybe a local postdoc. I really do enjoy working in my field and I've pursued it from a sense of purpose and ideals, but it's just not at the center of my life any more. It's a whole weird identity thing. But I'm embracing it. I had a lot of curiosity and burning questions going in and I've answered them. Now I'm living instead of just learning. If that makes any sense.

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Hi everyone, I'm sorry I have been MIA but it has been really busy at work and then home life. I missed hearing from everyone thoug!

Tantylynn, that is wonderful!!, congrats and hope that the pregnancy goes well! Here is hoping that you suffer from none of the yucky pregnancy symptoms and you are able to just enjoy the wonder! Let us know how it goes!

Goal, yah for starting anew! You are such an inspiration and I hope everything goes well!big hugs!

Rosie, I feel the same way as you...I want to stop trying too but I worry that my brain would not be able to turn off. Oh well, it is out of my hands anyway. I'm so with you about the financing though. I'm too old to wait (35 in august) but if I ha a chance to get it paid for and I was younger then i might have been tempted. As it is, it is painful to have shelled out as much as we did for IVF!

AFM, started stims on Friday and going in for an US and blood tests today. Hoping that I'm responding well and that I can retrieve sometime early next week and transfer end of the next week. That is the plan, anyway! Poor DH is forced to give me the shots because I'm such a ig baby about needles. Haha. It ,ales hom feel like he is helping put too so that's nice. He is always so concerned aout wht he thinks I have to go through so he is happy to be given a task. If nothing, this whole TTC journey has bought us even closer together. redface.gif)

Happy Monday, ladies!
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Well, my foot is in my mouth. After all my gearing-up to "quit" and convincing myself it wouldn't happen, I got a nice, dark BFP on Saturday. Sheepish.gif

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Rosie - Seriously?!?! That is AMAZING! Congratulations! What's that thing about how it's always darkest before the light breaks? I wish you a blissful nine months!

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Thanks! I already had a pregnancy argument...DH says no raw milk for me (friend bought us some from their cow share over the weekend) but I'm drinking every last drop. I've toured that farm and it's amazing. :)

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Rosie, CONGRATS!!!!!

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CONGRATS ROSE!!!! I'm so excited for you!!! I was the same way when I got pregnant in march last year. I was about to change jobs and would Ave HD to sit out on fertility treatments with no medical coverage for about a year and then I gave in and tested and low and behold I was sporting a BFP lol.
Afm: I'm sitting on cd 25 with only a little spotting that actually stopped today. I am 15 dpo and I am out of tests sooooo I am holdingot. ltL longer to see if af shows up. I have been cramping really bad the past couple of days but that might be because I was going down an inflatable water slide all day satutday. I totally wasn't thinking when I was doing that btw!!! Anyways...i get paid Friday so if af hasn't shown her face then I'll test but I'm not real thinking i am. But i am happy that my LP and my cycles are getting longer. I am so happy to see two graduates this month.
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joy.gifCONGRATS ROSIEL!!! joy.gif


Thank you Renavoo :) It's good to hear from you! My fingers are firmly crossed for your IVF cycle!!! Can't wait to hear how it all goes.

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my name is krystle and i have been ttc since 01/2005... my husband i have done fertility treatments before with no luck. We took a break for a few years hoping for a miracle. we had no results one chemical pregnancy. we are now seeing a new Dr. this is cycle 1 again . AF started on 07/07/2011 and i took clomid 50mg  days 5-9  on 7/18/2011 follicle 16mm rt ovary on 7/20/2011 19mm follicle i was advised to take hcg injection on 7/20/2011. I never saw a bright opk . I have been taking endometrin 100mg 2 times a day vaginally. pain since starting endometrin. I wanted to be able to track a chemical vs. real pregnancy so i took a hpt today 7/26/2011 and it was negative. Has anyone else ever had a negative hpt  after just 6 days from hcg shot???

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Scotkr: I did a trigger shot last year when I got pregnant and my hpts were pos days 1 thru 5 after trigger then they were negative days 5 thru 9 and I tested pos for real on day 10 or 11 after trigger so it is pos to get and 5 days after trigger.
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Congrats, Rosie! joy.gif


AFM, had a difficult move this past weekend (long story), have lost my BB thermometer, thought I O'd, didn't really, and am feeling super bummed. Don't have internet at the new place, so I'll be off radar till we get to Oklahoma next week. (Second long story, don't know if I told it.) Good luck to everyone trying things!



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Hi all,


I'm back and can be part of the conversation more easily now. I have my consult tomorrow and am very excited. Any suggestions on questions to ask?

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I should say, Ian and I have our consult.

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