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deborahbgkelly: I just wanted to say G/L and I hope everything goes well with the consult!!!  I know that my main concern was what will insurance cover and how extream does the doctor think our case was.  We only experianced female IF and it was secondary for me (i had/have PCOS) so we didn't go too extream at first. 

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I know our insurance doesn't cover anything, but I think they might try to bill diagnostics to the insurance under something other than infertility. I do know that I want to see if they think we need IVF or could start with something else. I suspect we will probably end up going right toward IVF. The good news is that we are prime candidates for it, so we have a good shot at a pregnancy.

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So, my insurance does cover diagnostics at 90%. Yay! DH and I are both getting tests done (I of course will have a ton more testing done than he will) and depending on the results of his SA we'll decide whether to try IUI first. The statistics are much better for IVF than IUI, but IUI is so much cheaper that even if it takes a couple cycles it might be worth it. The only problem is my Endo pain is quite severe, so we really need this to happen quickly. I know it won't be a permanent fix, but pregnancy will help even if it is only the fact that I'm not having cycles because I'm PG.

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Deborah: I'm really happy that your insurance is at least going to cover 90% of your diagnostics...that's half the battle!!! I hope that everything turns out in favore for you guys to be able to try IUI before going to IVF.  I know that would be a lot better on your pocket.


I hope eveyone else is doing good these days.  I know that i've been MIA a lot lately and that's because I've not really been able to get online with training at work.  I do have some sad news to share with everyone.  I was having a great cycle and our timing was great....so i waited and waited because i was so affraid to get a BFN after seeing the chart that I had this month.  Well, the day that I went ahead and tested and got a BFP (thursday) I ended up starting to bleed really bad...with clots...lots of clots.  So i got in that afternoon to see the doctor and they drew my blood.  My levels were really low and i've passed a lot of tissue...so i'm calling it a MC and we'll be doing another blood draw on monday to confirm what I feel has already happened. I'm so sad and disappointed because though we weren't "TRYING" it's still sad to know that I have lost my baby...it has been a crazy couple of days and I've got to find some time for my body to rest....but it won't be until tuesday before i have a full off day....so i'm just going to have to push thru it.  I think it's crazy that i'm the second girl at work to suffer a MC over the past 3 months.  It really sucks but at least I do have someone in my life to talk to when I don't have much time to get online to talk.  I need to get to doing my reports at work now...so I will talk to you ladies soon.  Thank you ladies for letting me share with you during this hard time in my life.  It's never easy to lose a pregnancy. 

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Oh Brichole, my heart goes out to you and your family. I'm so sorry that you had a miscarriage. I hope that as the days go by, you feel better. We're here for you. :o(

Deborah, how did everything go? Did you get a good plan? do you feel comfortable with the plan? DH and I did the same thing you and your DH are considering. We tried IUIs first because it seemed like the best idea. If you do an IUI, are you getting a medicated cycle and if so, with what? Did the doctor talk to you about that? And yes, we do more of the tests. and the more invasive tests too! ugh! haha at least you can get some sympathy points from your DH! ;o)


AFM, in Maryland, where we're going to get the embryo retrieval and transfer. I have a monitoring appointment tomorrow and if things go well, I'll hopefully be retrieving soon. I don't know though...I didn't get an update this morning so who knows if the follies will grow the required amount. At last count on Friday, I had 9 follies on my left side and 7 follies on my right, with 8 follies between 11-13mm. I'm hoping that they grow faster as the doctors increased my meds.


Anyway, big hugs Brichole!! I hope that you and your family are getting some much needed rest and relaxation today!!

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Brichole - I haven't been around in awhile, but I saw your news and had to send my hugs and tell you how sorry I am.  hug.gif  Be sure to take care of you!!!!

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We haven't even gotten as far as to know whether IUI will work. We are still in testing stage. I will have a day 2 or 3 test and then do an HSG on day 5. We will regroup with our RE on August 25 and we'll work on our course of action then. Even if we are eligible for IUI, we're not sure whether we'll do it first. Yes, it is easier on the pocketbook, but the statistics are dismal in comparison to IVF. If I wasn't in a ton of pain from Endo, I would definitely do the IUI, but at this point we aren't sure. I would just be happy to know if we had more than one option. Ian and I will discuss it after the doc takes us through the pros and cons, but she already told us IUI has about a 15% chance of succeeding and IVF is near 70%. That's a vast difference, possibly worth the vast difference in price.

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Brichole, I'm so sorry for your loss.

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Heading up into the mountains tomorrow; much needed vacation!

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Brichole, I am so, so sorry. How difficult too that you're not able to get time off from your hard work to rest and heal. Sending you tons of hugs. Please let us know how you're doing whenever you can!


Renavoo, I'm not familiar with the protocol you're doing from my own experience, but 9 + 7 follicles sounds great. I am sending some serious good thoughts out to you in MD. You must be going crazy not having more news about the follies (maybe today?) so take good care of yourself while you wait. Waiting is just so awful. Glad you have DH there with you! Keep us updated, okay?


AFM, AF paid me a surprise visit, right on schedule. My fertility signs were so weird this month I was convinced I hadn't ovulated yet. When I got my zero hcg result after the suspected ectopic, the doctor told me from that point, rather than counting 12 weeks from the mtx injection, I could just wait to get two cycles (i.e. two periods) and then try that cycle after the second period. So, 26 more days to go...and counting...until we can ttc again. I can do that. We have lots of visitors and trips planned for August so hopefully it will fly by.

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hi Gozal, I hope time is flying by for you! Waiting is such a pain so it's great that you will have family to spend the time with...it always makes me feel better to spend time with loved ones!!

Brichole, I hope that you're feeling better! How is everything going?

Deborah, I had 4 IUIs done. One was covered by insurance and the other three amounted to about $4K in spending. If I could redo it, I would go for the IVF first. It don't know why I didn't do well on IUIs but honestly, after going through all that and still ending up having to do an IVF, I'd give anything to just have not wasted the time on the IUIs.


AFM, egg retrieval today. According to the final US, I had about 32 follicles. Apparently, they really started cropping up the last few days of treatment. Personally, I'm just hoping that I get a few very high quality ones that I can transfer and hopefully a few I can freeze. We'll see! The next two days will be exciting. I was a little depressed that my retrieval day was pushed back (Retrieval was initially scheduled for last Tuesday but was pushed back 3 days to let the follies grow). I think it had to do with a mix of things- one, I want to go home. Staying in a hotel room for about 2 weeks is exhausting! and 2) this is just an added expense! Hotel living and eating out all the time is so expensive! Oh well, I'm trying to think of it as a vacation. However, it's hard not to be concerned with how much money DH and I have spent this year on medical stuff. Thank goodness we can claim it on our taxes!!


Hope all is going well. I noticed this thread is a little slow. I know I've been spending more time on the IVF thread because of the experiences but I really love this thread too and I'm hoping that everyone is going well!!

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hi ladies. i m back for my 2ww. 3dpiui, 2nd month of unmedicated IUI. :O) 

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HI Yoyonana, hope all is going well! Go on the August site!


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