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First time mother, UC waterbirth (Intro)

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Hey, everyone! I am 26 weeks along with my first child (a son) due around the end of September or beginning of October. My husband and I are planning a UC waterbirth at our soon-to-be home in rural Texas. I have been spending a lot of time online exploring this forum in order to prepare for the upcoming birth, as I have no personal experience. It is really great to be able to hear from other mothers who have "been there, done that" or who are also going through this for the first time right now.


I am 23 years old and I've lived most of my life in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. I was home schooled growing up by my sweet southern baptist parents and absolutely plan to take it a step further and unschool my own children. I began my journey to pregnancy last year when I was told by my gynecologist that I was going infertile due to my severe endometriosis. The year before last, I had a fallopian tube blow up like a water balloon when the end of it became blocked by the endo and had it removed via laparoscopy. I suffered from polycystic ovary syndrome, as well, since the age of 12 when I was put on birth control for period cramps. Long story short, I had been on birth control for over 10 years by my 23rd birthday and I decided to finally go off the birth control after realizing that many of my physical and psychological problems were connected to my female hormones being out of whack. The gynecologist told me that I would need another laparoscopy to clean out my reproductive area before even having a chance to get pregnant. "Yeah, right!!" I thought and decided that my so-called fertility issues were probably just caused by all that birth control. I gave my system 3 months to even out before trying to get pregnant. Well, my husband and began having unprotected sex on New Year's Eve and I conceived on 1/11/11. I am obviously perfectly fertile, huh! We hired a CNM with a birthing center but then I started to realize that I was not comfortable with her and I heard about the idea of a UC, so here we are!  I am still stringing her along because I am not quite comfy with doing a UP this time around, just seems easier not to call when the time comes.


We are moving into a tiny cabin in the woods on the family land in one week and that is where we will be having our very private, probably outdoor birth this autumn. I plan to spend my last trimester doing art and magick in preparation for the arrival of little Wolf. Thanks for reading! I have been lurking here for a couple of months and I am ready to get actively involved now!

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Hi!  Congratulations!!  That is so cool that you were able to conceive so quickly, fertility is an amazing, wonderful thing :)  Thanks for introducing yourself I look forward to hearing more from you..


AND I hope your move goes/went smoothly!

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Hi, and welcome! I love hearing from other first time UC mamas, since I plan to be one too. And I adore your plans of spending time in the woods preparing for your little one to arrive.

How does your family feel about your plans (if you've told them, of course)?
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Hi and welcome!  I wish you a very healthy pregnancy and birth and hope you find all the info you need!  If not, ask!

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