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Pregnant??? Please help

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Hi there,

It is currently 6wks and 5 days since the first day of my last period, last time round it was 5 wks 3 days. We are trying to concieve and are trying really hard not to get our hopes up this time. I did a HPT 3 days ago and it was NEG. We are unsure what to think, i have tender nipples and have had slight pains in my lower abdomen for 4 days on and off nothing constant.We are going to wait 4 more days before going to the doctor if nothing before then.

Any advice is welcomed.....

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Do you chart?  Do you have any idea when you ovulated?  Are your cycles longer than 28 days routinely?

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no i dont chart, i dont know when i O. they were regular and every 28 days up until about 3 months ago then they got longer but only by a few days not weeks.

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Hello again mumzy4!   Unfortunately without charting your temp you don't know when you O'd, which can make situations like these so frustrating!  I'm sure you're quite anxious to know what's going on!  I know it's been a while, but do you have any recollection of your cervical fluid that could give us any clues to your O day?  Otherwise there are many common things that can delay O by days or even weeks like illness, injury, travel, stress, strenuous exercise, poor diet, etc.  So even though you appear to be a week late for AF, O could easily have been delayed and AF or a BFP could be just around the corner. 


Unless your gut tells you that something is wrong or that you very much feel the HPT's are inaccurate for you I personally wouldn't visit the doctor.  I'm sure that something will show up in the next 2 weeks though probably sooner.  If it helps, you could get some dollar store tests that only require an hCG level of 25 and test every other day.  Or just wait it out!  Good luck!

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Thank you for your advice Jaimee,

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I saw your other thread that said you went to your doc and got a blood test, which came up negative.  So sounds like either O was really late and therefore AF will be late, you haven't ovulated yet this cycle and therefore AF will be really late, or you're dealing with something like a benign corpus luteum cyst which could take a few weeks to resolve on its own.  Hope you find answers soon!

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no blood test. HPT test the doctor gave me one and sent me home to do it. AF is still mia i have been getting pains in my lower abdomen and in my belly for about a week if they conitnue i will see the doctor. Any idea what they could be Jaimee??

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Hmmm.... that was silly of your doctor.  A blood test would have been conclusive on the pregnancy front.  Now you're still left wondering.  I say that all of the above ideas and pregnancy are still options.  Cramping/abdominal pain could be any of these things- impending AF, impending O, pregnancy, hormonal fluctuations, or a cyst.  I guess you'll have to wait it out a bit more.   Something will happen at some point!

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you have been very helpful it is much appreciated thank you smile.gif

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I need a little help... My last cycle was 6/21/11 and it was a normal cycle. My cycles are very regular every 28 days. On this past tuesday 7/5 and wednesday 7/6 I experienced "brownish" colour spotting; only enough to see when I wipe myself. Now today I am experiencing mild cramps in my lower abdomen area. Could what I'm feeling be implantation? My cycle is not due til 7/19/11 and I don't think I ovulate regularly.
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Welcome to MDC Scorpio!  wave.gif  You're always welcome to start your own thread when you have your own questions.  But let's break down your situation...


CD 1 6/21

CD 14ish expected O (but unknown LP)

CD 15-16 brownish spotting

CD 18 today (7/8) possibly 2-4 DPO

CD 28 7/18 expected AF


Since you don't know your normal luteal phase length and you don't chart your temp, we'll have to guess.  First did you notice any fertile cervical fluid during this cycle?  Creamy or eggwhite in consistency?  That could help us pinpoint your O day better.  When did you have unprotected sex?


With a 28 day cycle and assuming an average LP of 12-14 days we would expect O around CD 14-16.  This is around the time that you spotted.  So it is not very likely that you're experiencing implantation spotting.  To be implantation spotting it would need to be 6-12 days past ovulation (DPO), which would have put your O day around CD 9 at the latest, which is very early and would make your LP extremely long- too long to be possible (21 days).   You could be experiencing ovulation spotting, which means that you were extremely fertile.  Or you could be experiencing hormonal bleeding caused by fluctuating hormones.


Since you said you're pretty regular I'm more inclined to say that you're spotting with ovulation and you should expect AF in about 10 days.  If you start to experience pregnancy symptoms you could try testing in a week.  Some women get accurate results around 9-10 DPO but many have to wait until their expected AF (in a week and a half).  Be sure to get a sensitive test that only requires an hCG level of 25. 


Good  luck... I hope you get the result you want!

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The last time I had unprotected sex using the pull out method is 6/29 and wednesday night...I've never experienced ovulation bleeding before and now today I have mild cramps that are unfamiliar as well. No unfortunately I don't recall the texture of my vaginal secretions. So if I ovulated 7/1-7/4 why would I be cramping today? Thanks so much for helping me. This is all so new to me.


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CD 1 6/21

CD 9 unprotected sex

CD 14ish expected O (but unknown LP)

CD 15-16 brownish spotting

CD 16 unprotected sex

CD 18 today (7/8) possibly 2-4 DPO, cramping

CD 28 7/18 expected AF


I still think it's too early for implantation spotting (which is really not that common).  You could have O'd massively early, it's just not that likely.  Some women say they have implantation spotting early than 6 DPO, but I can only imagine that is extremely rare.  So you would combine unlikely early O with extremely rare super early implantation and further combine it with not that common implantation spotting.  Certainly I don't put it entirely out of the realm of possibility, but I'm saying it's just really really unlikely.   Spotting with ovulation is not that common either, but it's one of those things can happen occasionally and isn't a normal thing for you.  Cramping can occur for a number of reasons- hormonal fluctuations, ovulation, implantation, PMS, cysts, etc.  But all this speculation aside, the unprotected sex you had on CD 9 could catch an egg through about CD 14.  Unprotected sex on CD 16 could catch an egg from CD 15-21.  So pretty much if you O'd between CD 8 and 21, (which is likely!) you have a chance of being pregnant.


Really it's a waiting game to find out what's happening.   If I had to make a guess I'd say you O'd on CD 14 and that you're 4 DPO today.  I'd still expect AF in about 10 days and I'd test in a week and again a few days later if it's negative and no AF.  I know it's hard to wait and wonder what's going on.  It's one of the main reasons that a lot of the women on this site like to chart their temperature and cervical fluid.  It takes the mystery out of what's going on.  It can tell you when you're fertile, when you ovulated, how long your luteal phase is, when to expect AF, if you're pregnant, and if there is anything of concern happening with your cycle.  If you're interested in starting to chart (if you're not pregnant now of course!) I recommend reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility.  It's really an amazing book that teaches you so much about your body.   If you aren't pregnant and really don't want to be any time soon I would highly recommend a different method of birth control than withdrawal. 

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Thank you ma'am...

smile.gif I will let you know the outcome as soon as I find out, I will most definitely go and purchase the book, in the mean time I will play the waiting game...

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