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Diana, i am sending you hugs and healthy babies vibes.  I will keep you in my thoughts today and have fx that everything will be fine.



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Diana - Thinking about you.

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Diana, wishing you the best. Fingers crossed everything is ok.

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Hi, I thought I’d join in this daily chit chat. My due date  is jan26, so right at the end, im 11weeks today.  Yesterday I ate a whole container of boursin (you know that cream cheese that is pure fat?) instead of a coffee. Must be really needing exta fats or something, it made me feel so much better.
Devaskyla-yes! On my third here, and I feel like I cant bend down. I think I ‘popped’ as early as 7-8 weeks. Two people who didn’t know I was pregnant (im only 11weeks and am not telling anyone) commented. One said-Oh congratulations! I said, oh no, I always have a bit of a tummy . She said, no! You are usually so slim! (thanks so much, not true btw)  
Inky leuhh-breastfeeding a toddler is definitely easier than a newborn. Newborns take FOREVER, and there is always something going on, latch problems or too much let down, or not enough…i find after 4 months  everything starts to get much easier.
 Im still nursing my 3yo.  But he is slowly self weaning. Sometimes only once a day. The nursing isnt bothering me. I was able to nurse his brother during pregnancy too, but he was only 2.
Just be grateful our due dates are on the winter (if youre in the northern hemisphere that is) and not the summer. (sorry if youre down under :-))With my first, each let down came with a let down of copious sweat  in august. It was aweful…..
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And on to the pure fluff...


We *might* have settled on a boy name!  My husband really likes it, but refused to "shake on it" so early.  I think he still thinks the name he wanted for our son still has a shot (it doesn't!).  We haven't really even talked girl names since we are both feeling boy on this one. :)

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thinking of you diana, hoping everything is ok hug2.gif

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Thanks everyone.  I really appreciate the support.  grouphug.gif


Babies are fine, and I am fine.  But what an ordeal.  I had a pelvic exam, cultures, urine screen, and a very thorough ultrasound.  Both babies are doing well and were wiggling around.  Baby A is slightly larger and has a heart rate of 171, and baby B is a day smaller with a heart rate of 160.  Both are measuring "ahead" at 15 weeks 2/3 days (I'm 14 weeks 3 days), but DS was a big baby too.  They did what they could of an anatomy scan, and both have no abnormalities that they could see.  I'm SO glad that the babies are okay.  


The only really bad part was that they insisted on a catheter for the ultrasound.  I would have just walked out, and was going to sign a waiver that I was leaving against medical advice, except that when I called my midwife, they were unable to schedule me for an u/s at the office.  So I sucked it up and got the cath.  Oh.My.Goodness.  It was uncomfortable while it was in, but now it BURNS when I pee.  Like the worst UTI ever.  So even though I feel better emotionally, I'm worse off physically...


They found I had really low potassium levels.  They said some of it was probably from being sick, but I was likely low to start with.  It may be the cause for some of my nausea and fatigue.  It can also cause cramping.  I got some potassium pills and was told to eat lots of potatoes and bananas.


This is why I hate pregnancy!  The spotting was okay by itself, and I wouldn't worry about cramps alone, either.  Then I get both, freak out a bit, and it's still normal.  I'm not complaining, since obviously I'm glad there are no problems.  But I'll be so happy when I can hold my babies on the outside.  I'm probably coming across as the most obsessive, worried pregnant woman ever...  I'm a really easy-going mama - once my babies are out where I can see them!

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Fantastic news, Diana!  (Well, aside from the spotting, the cramping and the UTI-ish pain!  But you know what I mean.) :)

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so glad everything is ok. why in the world would they need to cath you for the u/s??

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diana- i'm so sorry for the ordeal, but thrilled to know everything is ok.  it must have been so wonderful to see them both. luxlove.gif

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diana, what a fabulous update (besides the cath, ugh)!  I am so happy your little ones are doing great.  :) 


angela, dp has thrown a name into the hat if we have another boy.  we were watching golf (hey, i'm scottish, it's allowed) and she was really taken with one of the names.  my choice is still getting the thumbs down.  we've had a girl name picked out for 5 years, lol!!



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We had our OB appt and it went well. She found the heartbeat on the doppler and it was around 150 bpm. She did say to mentally prepare ourselves for an early baby. This was not really a suprise for us since I knew I have a bicorneate uterus and its slightly smaller as well. She said pretty much anywhere from 34 weeks on could be expected. Which of course is right ahead of Christmas... Just kind of makes it hard to prepare and December is super hectic for us. So it looks like toward the 30 week mark I may have to come in every week instead of every other, but we will see. She also introduced me into the wonderful world of Miralax and I feel SO much better. Nasuea is *almost* gone but now I get little headaches. Nothing too bad but just annoying.

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Originally Posted by softlysinging View Post

why in the world would they need to cath you for the u/s??

Exactly.  I don't know.  This is the second time I've run into this...  When I had my miscarriage, I flat out refused, and the tech took pity on me.  This one said (through the ER nurse) that she had to ensure that my bladder was full.  I can fill it myself, thankyouverymuch!  And it was PLENTY full, since I'd been drinking water in anticipation of an u/s.  If you ask me, the whole idea is bull, but I didn't have much choice.  Oh well.  At least the babies are fine!

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Heard our baby's heartbeat today (13w6d). Ahhhh! Baby has been moving like crazy these last two days! My nausea is gone! WOOT!!! I was worried because it was getting worse. I'm feeling kinda tired though. Getting excited now...this is feeling more and more real! 

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Diana--what an ordeal! ugh. so glad everything is okay though. I don't get the cath thing at all.  ..the only time I've had one was after ds birth and well, I'd just had a baby so I didn't care and it's not like anything felt normal down there anyway!  But my MW did recommend drinking lots of cranberry juice, as caths can lead to UTIs.  


Glad to hear about all the heartbeats mamas!  :)


I'm counting the days till my 12wk screening u/s on Monday. I'll be so relieved to see the baby doing well in there. And after that we're all set to tell people and feel like this is really happening!  I did think I felt some little flutters yesterday (I'm 11 and a half wks), so that was exciting. I can't wait till it's consistent and stronger!  That's my favorite part of being pg.

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That's ridiculous. Unless they're somehow & inexplicably sticking water up the cath *shudder* a catheter is to empty the bladder, not make sure it's full. Where on earth did these people go to school?


Also, just fyi, but later on, even though they insist you do, you really don't need a full bladder after 20ish weeks. Maybe even earlier. The only one I remotely had a full bladder for was ds1 & she made me go to the bathroom because it was too full.

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Originally Posted by Devaskyla View Post

That's ridiculous. Unless they're somehow & inexplicably sticking water up the cath *shudder* a catheter is to empty the bladder, not make sure it's full. Where on earth did these people go to school?

Uh, yeah, that's exactly what they do.  I don't know if it was saline or some sort of special fake urine, but after inserting the cath and letting me pee through it, they clamped it and pushed fluid in.  I'm so disgusted with the whole thing.  It was completely unnecessary, and obviously very invasive.  If I hadn't been so worried about my babies and possible placental problems, I'd never in a zillion years have agreed to it.  The ER doc even told me it was a medical-legal issue, where they could be sued if they don't get proper images and miss something.  I can understand it in a true emergency situation, but when I have time to fill my own bladder?  WTF?!


ETA: I think I'm even more pissed because this is the same hospital where I had a no-pressure, wonderful natural childbirth experience.  Everyone up in the L&D unit was amazing.  I wore my own clothes, walked around, had no monitoring, and had zero pressure for any procedures for myself of my newborn.  ER is a different world...

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The only reason I can think of that they would fill your bladder up is based on a theory that a full bladder will press the uterus up against the belly more, thus making the pictures clearer, but I thought that was an outdated theory and technical advances in imaging made that unnecessary.  But again, I'm not a doctor...  I just remember my mother telling me that she had to "hold it" when she was pregnant with me and she was so full, she needed a wheelchair to make it to the ultrasound appointment.

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-That is HORRIFYING. Truly I have no words for how horrifying that is. From the massive infection risk, to the risk of pushing in too much fluid, not to mention the risk of damage from the catheter itself.  For an ultrasound. Even in an emergency (is there ever really such a thing as an emergency ultrasound where there isn't enough time for the mother to drink a couple litres of water?) the risks seems like they would completely outweigh any possible "benefit" since it's a screening test, not something that will actually do anything to fix something.


I am just....flabbergasted. Really. I'd be really tempted to file a complaint with the medical board for basically being forced into something so invasive when there is a non-invasive option.

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Diana - I'm so happy for you!!  I kept thinking about you last night and I'm relieved everything went well and the babies are doing fine!  As for the catheter, YUCK.  Just plain YUCK.  The medical establishment SUCKS and lawsuits are going to be the downfall of the United States, IMHO.


I'm finally relaxing in Salerno, Italy, by the sea, after a grueling month of final exams.  I graduated, got my diploma, reunited with DH, made it to the 2nd trimester, had an exhausting three days sightseeing in Siena and now have decided to do NOTHING for three days.  Yesterday I hung out on the hotel deck, read Oprah on my iPad, ate, and watched natural birth videos.  It was perfect.


Since DH had not been around for the first trimester, it took him a while to wrap his head around the idea that his "partner in crime" was now pregnant and had different needs.  He kept me out really late (1am) two days in a row, and even though I told him repeatedly that I was tired and wanted to go back to the hotel, he brushed it off.  We were also eating nothing but pasta, bread, and sugar, which where high on my list of 1st trimester nausea inducers, so needless to say my body was not happy.  On the second night while having dinner with friends, after almost falling asleep in my pasta and having a woman holding a cigarrette less than 10 inches from my face, I got up and told him I was so tired, I was going to throw up, and I was going back to the hotel.  I dashed off and started crying in the middle of the street, having a full-blown hormonal attack.


So now DH is careful to feed me every 2 hours and lets me lounge around doing nothing.  Sometimes hormones have their advantages... thumb.gif


13 weeks today and home in less than a week!!!  I can't wait!!!

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