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Bleeding after Sex

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Congrats to everyone!  I am worried because I miscarried last cycle at 4w6d and chemical pregnancy before that. This will (hpefully) be Baby #3.

Today I am only 4w2d, and I am having some bleeding after sex. I will definitely *not* be having any more sex for a while, but looking for some comfort pretty please -- someone who has had some bleeding after sex in early pregnancy and then had everything turn out fine? Anyone? How long should the bleeding last?

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I bled a lot when I was pregnant with ds. Just constantly from 7dpo until 8 weeks pregnant. And after that I still bled after sex for a few weeks. Baby was totally fine. We didn't find a cause of the bleeding.


I didn't bleed after sex with my other pregnancies though. Haven't had sex yet with this one. But bleeding after sex is very common becuase the cervix is sensitive and engorged with blood. You can easily break vessels. I would take a break from it for a while and then ease back into it.

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So far I've bled almost every time. We've had to tone it down a little, but from all my googling it seems pretty normal as long as there isn't spotting at other times. I'll ask about it on Tuesday when I have a midwife interview though.

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My midwife actually warned me last pregnancy that spotting/light bleeding after sex or the next day could happen and is totally normal.  It happened to me last pregnancy and this pregnancy, too.



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Ok so add me to the group. We finally had sex yesterday and I did have pink spotting after. Pretty much none today though so I think that's a really good sign. No cramps or anything. I think the babe is ok. :)

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I bled some with my first pregnancy after sex. I saw a small amount of spotting the next day, and it was around six weeks. Everything was fine and I didn't having other spotting. Of the friends I talked to about it, they said that they had similar spotting early on with sex.
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