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I've been a doula since I was 21, I'm 24 now. No children. Love it.

My career is flourishing as we speak. I don't think age has ever been an issue. People rarely ask, and if they do it is at a quiet slow birth and are shocked I'm not older. smile.gif

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I am currently 21 but I did my doula training at age 17. I attended 30 births over 3 years and then took off time to have a baby. I am about to begin doula-ing again, my first client is due in November---SO excited! I think it will also be interesting to be at a birth having given birth myself now. That being said, I never lost any clients due to age or childlessness (as far as I know). 

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I'm 26, I've been a doula for two years.  I don't think I've lost any clients because of my age, or because I don't have any children yet.  I look older than I am, though, and I have a "matronly figure", lol. 


When I was first starting out, I talked to another doula who was 19 and had attended 40 births.(Hi, Kate!)  I asked her if she ever felt like not having children was a problem for her; she said, "Not at all, actually I think it's a blessing in some ways; because I don't have children I feel like I'm more sympathetic to my clients sometimes.  Some doulas might be like, "Oh, come on, I did this, you can do this too!" and be sort of rough on their mamas, but I approach each birth with fresh eyes."

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I'm 22 and I have just started studying with CBI. I'm a little nervous that people wont take me seriously if they know my age, but I do have 2 kids so hopefully that helps! I've also experienced an epidural birth and a natural birth so I feel like I have some decent experience to work from.

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So glad I found this thread! I've been passionate about birth for a long time now and have recently been considering training as a doula, but I've been a little concerned that my age (25) would be a disadvantage. I'm so glad to hear that's not the case for most of you.


For those of you young doulas who are also mamas, how do you do it in terms of childcare?! I have a 15 month old son and we'll be trying for #2 sometime next year, so I've pretty much accepted the fact that I won't be able to pursue birth work until my little ones are older. But I would love to hear from other mamas of youngins about their experiences training/working as doulas.


Wonderful to discover all the young doulas here....I think it's great that women of all ages are involved in the powerful world of birth work.

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I got my first doula training when I was 23 - took a few years off to start my family and have been a doula consistantly for about 5 years now.  I'm one of the older ones compared to a lot of you - but I was by far the youngest in the training I did...and single at the time.  I was mostly worried that people wouldn't accept me as a professional because of being so young and NOT having given birth myself.  BUT - I've never had that issue after all.  I commend all you younger doulas, so exciting to see that there are sooooo many of you!!! 

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I didn't have family near by supporting me - so I had to wait til my youngest was about 5.  BUT, if you have any family near or a good friend that can step in short notice, that seems to be the best situation.

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gitanamama: I checked out your blog, it is awesome what you are doing! I dream of traveling with my son and fiance. We talk about it all the time but just can't seem to get past how we could afford it? I suppose most people struggle with that.


My son is 14 months, and I have only attended 2 births so far but my MIL has a job where she can make her own schedule if she needs to. I completely rely on her to watch him, and of course my fiance when he isn't working. I too, would like to have another child in the near future so I often wonder what's in the cards for me as far as birth work goes. I consider it more of a hobby and less as a career. I don't advertise tons or as much as I should, mostly because I love attending births but with a 1 year old and having a part time job once or twice a week, it doesn't leave me tons of room. I think it will definatley pick up more when my children are older, but I think it is doable when you children are younger, Also, I waited until my son is a year to attend at birth mostly because he doesn't nurse as much as a 6 month old, etc. Sorry for the lengthy answer. 

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I started when I was 19 smile.gif I'll be 29 next month though
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I'm 18 and just started my doula training through CBI :) I've yet to attend any births but I can assume that being such a young age can play a factor in clients questioning your competence as a doula primarily due to 'lack' of experience surrounding birth. I'm already a mother and have a son who is nearly a year old, his birth I accredit for my passion for natural childbirth. I'd like to think that potential clients would look past my age as a defining reason for why or why not they would have me as their doula, but who knows.

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I'm a 18 year old aspiring doula. I read about birth constantly and as soon as I can get the money I plan on taking the courses at Childbirth International.

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Hi! I am 24 and just beginning my work as a doula. I am hoping to focus on the harder aspects of birth such as miscarriage and abortion support, bonding after loss and incarcerated mamas. I am also in the process of becoming a lactation consultant for the county where I live. 


I am located in VA and excited to network with everyone!


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Hi i'm 22 and doing my doula training through Childbirth International but i'm not that great at studying by myself. I also am applying to Birthwise Midwifery School for next fall. i've been a birth junky since i was 14 and have been reading alot of books since then. I even told my high school councillor i was going to be a midwife if anyone wants to chat more or become FB friends so you have someone to bounce birth stuff off of please don't hesitate to PM me i would love to have some young birth junky friends

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