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Pine tree baby

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I need help!  You gals are so resourceful, I thought I might ask here for ideas!


The dresser that I put baby's clothes in is unfinished pine.  Now all of her clothes smell like a tree!!!  I have no idea how to get the pine smell out of the drawers.  They have been airing out in the sun and wind for 4 days now and they smell just the same.  I tried wood soap today, and I don't think that has helped either.


I don't want the little lady to smell like a pine tree   :(


Any ideas?  People are saying dryer sheets and the such, but I really don't want to introduce harmful chemicals and scents into her wardrobe!  Maybe some essential oil dropped on the wood?  Anything but pine. 

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Have you considered just finishing the dresser with stain and polyurethane?  That would definitely hide the pine scent.  This of course would be a job for DH though.

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baking soda in the drawers might help...  I know it absorbs odors but I don't know if it would be strong enough.  Otherwise if you can stick it in the hot garage for a few days to bake the smell out.

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Tie up some dried lavender buds in muslin and place in drawers. I'm having the same issue with my changing table- now all dipes and clothing are smelling like the offgassing/finish on table.

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My husbands a cabinet maker, he said the pine scent should go away in a month or so...but fastest and best way would be to finish it with a water based (safer) polyurethane sealer or a low VOC paint. He said there are a few environmental/people safe(r) stains and finishes at home stores, but even those will have a scent for a few days. He made our dresser/changer and used a water based clear coat, but I kept it in the garage a few extra days to dry more and then put receiving blankets down before the clothes and stuff.

Still, pine is better than chemicals. That's why I liked the thread title, aww pine tree baby :)

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Thanks for the tips ladies!  The outside is painted... so I think we're gonna try painting the inside too and letting that air out for a while.  I really like the idea of lavender sachets in the drawers and line them with receiving blankets or fabric. 


I re-washed all of her clothes and they are temporarily stored in a laundry basket!  Not my idea of clothes storage  ;)

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