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intactivism for the chicken at heart

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every time i hear someone is pregnant & i don't know them well enough to know if they will keep their new child whole, i get a lump in my throat & every night before bed i kick myself for not emailing the person yet again.


last month i decided that i was going to take a different approach.  savingpenises.org is my answer.  i decided that instead of trying to broach the subject w/ someone whom either 1) i don't know very well & had to basically make up the reason to email them or 2) they didn't answer me in the past about the subject via email, i decided i'd send the info pack (which i think of as the "penis pack").  so, that's what i did.  i had one sent & will have another one sent soon. 


now i won't know what happens, for sure, but at least they have a huge pack of info in their laps.  they will never be able to say they weren't informed, no matter what they do.


thanks for sharing in my subdued excitement over my new tactic. shy.gif


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good for you!

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This is what I did to my sister.  I sent her a saving penises pack.  I did talk to her on Facebook too the pack was more for her boyfriend.  She really didn't want to do it but her boyfriend was pushing for it.  She felt too stupid to argue with him.  10+ Years of mental abuse.  Her precious little baby was saved by the fact that his lazy ass was on unemployment and he didn't have the $300 it would cost to have the baby cut.  The baby was only 2 weeks old when her momma instincts kicked in and she left him.  She is outta province now and custody won't be settled for months.  He will never get custody either so he is safe from daddy.

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And, send them to Circumcision Decision-Maker website. It was written just for expectant parents. 

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Even if someone doesn't have the money to send a saving penises package, one can always print off a few pages from NoCirc or Intact American and mail it to the person (snail mail) anonymously. What is a stamp, $0.44? It's possible the people who run intactivist websites or Facebook pages might email a link for you also.

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I volunteer at my children's school. I always slip the pregnant teachers pamphlets and stuff in their teacher's box in the office. No one has ever figured out it was me.
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You sneaky devil !!  That is wonderful.

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You could add a signature line, a gentle one, to your emails so that all your outgoing emails have them. then, subtly, send a SHORT email to "everyone" with that person in mind, about "this weekend is the fair in uptown, don't miss it! See you there!"

And, there in the signaure line.....

Keep your Baby Whole. Not Just Girls - But Boys Too!  Intact Genitals for All. It's as easy as saying No to Circumcision.


Other ideas, I have on my voicemail

"Baby girls go home Whole. Boys want that Too. Say no to circumcision. It's just the right thing to do"

This is great for all those junk phone calls too!

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