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How does your 2 yr old address adults?

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We talk to our neighbors frequently and are on a first name basis. Our toddler has now starting identifying them by first name.


I'm not sure if I should redirect him to address them as Mr. Last Name, Mr. First Name, or first name.


I would like him to have respect for adults, but at this point, the first name is all he can say. He is a late talker and doesn't pronounce most words correctly.


What are you teaching your younger toddlers?

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We have just started to have ds call people by names with titles, but his language skills are just now very strong. Before now I think it would have been too much to ask as he was struggling just to get a name. We have decided to do Mr/Ms FirstName for the most part.

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We do first names, but we really only address people we like winky.gif

I always felt it silly that I had to call someone something different from everyone else, and it embarrassed me growing up.  If I'm comfortable enough with people to be calling them by their first name, dd will be too.

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Most people he calls by their first name, but when I take him to work he calls my boss Mr. firstname (I call my boss by his first name) and some of the older ladies, I have him call them Miss firstname.. but with my friends its just first name or affectionate name ( for example he calls his godmother JuJu). His aunts and uncles he calls Tio/Tia firstname
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My DS uses first name only, although TBH he is so shy that I can't imagine him addressing an adult by anything in their presence, so it's really only around me & DH that he refers to them by their names. Most of my close friends are OK with just first names (we've discussed it, actually!) but I do have some friends (and the librarians etc.) that seem to prefer the Miss/Mr thing so once DS gets to the point where he's using their name in their presence, we will encourage him to use the titles they've requested. I believe strongly in calling people what they want to be called, so I try to pay close attention to how other adults introduce themselves to DS.
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DS and all the other kids in the neighborhood call people by Mr/Ms first name.

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If I call them by their first name, then so does DD.  If I call them Mr/Mrs, then she does too.  I'm personally not a fan of kids saying "Miss Jessica" or "Miss Patti".  Especially if they are my friends!  Call them what I call them.  We do address relatives as Aunt/Uncle though.

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aunts and uncles get aunt (or auntie) and uncle nickname, friends get first-name (except a few that get honorary aunt/uncle). we don't interact with people who need formal address enough for DD to call them anything. 

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friends/aunts & uncles/close relatives are first name only... people who we aren't as close with we sometimes use "Miss/Mr Firstname"

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DS is just starting to be interested in learning everyone's names. He calls family and our friends by whatever they prefer to be called (like my sister does not want to be called Aunt XX so just her first name). He calls the teachers in daycare by their first names and he refers to his daycare friends' moms/dads as so-and-so's mommy/daddy.

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