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surprise birthday... (update)

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sorry for no caps but have one hand unavailable...


yesterday kiddo stopped moving around; i figured he had rolled over again and was just kicking my back. eventually got alarmed and headed to hospital for a check. nice solid hb so we thought it was okay...until the doc came in and said we had better deliver now, w/in next 30 minutes. he wasn't reacting at all really.

so much shock!

baby was still breech anyway so we went directly to the or for an emergency c section. the less said the better on that--not my cup of tea though! he was out quickly but no cries. tons of people kept filing in. they worked on him for what seemed eternity. finally heard some whimpering...it was terrifying.

his apgars were 1/7. some cpr was given, and he had to be intubated for a few minutes.  they let me kiss him and he and dad went straight to nicu.

i don't know details yet--they think some sort of infection. he is doing much better, nice and rosy, but poor guy has multiple iv lines, one in his head. we'll talk to the ped later for more details. no clue what happened yet really. he'll be in nicu for a while i guess.

no name yet...we are waffling a bit. shellshocked still.

36w even. born soon after midnight, 7/3/11. 7lb 4.4oz, 20in.

he is beautiful. really truly beautiful.


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Oh, baby boy! I am so happy to hear he is alive and beautiful!

I am sending lots of love, prayers and good wishes for you both. Keep us updated when you can.
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Congratulations! Welcome to the world, Baby!

I hope you both are on the road to recovery and will be home soon.

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Happy birthday baby!  I hope everyone is feeling good and home soon!  Congratulations!

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Congrats on your sweet baby boy! Keep us posted on how he's doing and I hope your recovery goes smoothly!

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Wow, so glad everyone is safe and healthy. Congrats!

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Congrats on your beautiful baby! I hope you both are feeling better soon.

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Yes, so glad that he is rosy and beautiful and that he stayed in as long as he did!  I will be thinking about your family and praying strength and peace.  

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Oh wow!  Congratulations!  How scary for you though.  You and your precious son will be in my thoughts!  hug.gif

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oh wow, I'm so glad that everything seems to be ok! Congrats to you mama on trusting your instincts and getting help for your little one. Please keep us updated! goodvibes.gif
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Wow! What an abrupt entry into the world! Congratulations on the new member of your family!

Take the NICU stuff one thing at a time, you will get through it, even if it feels like an eternity, and you'll soon be home with your beautiful baby boy.

Oh, and don't forget to take care of yourself! It's easy to forget, in the confusion and strain of NICU stuff, that you've just had major surgery. But you need to recover so you can take care of him when you get home. Take time to rest. Eat. You'll be glad you did in the long run.

I know that shell-shocked feeling of having it all turn upside down so abruptly. Don't worry, things will normalise eventually. smile.gif
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That sounds terrifying.  I'm glad he's out safe, and getting the attention he needs.  I hope your NICU stay is easier and shorter than expected.  Keep us posted.

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Wow!!!!  Sounds like all that was perfect timing.  Congrats on your new son!  Speedy recovery mama.

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Good job listening to your intincts that something was not quite right and needed checking out. What a great mamma you are!  Congratulations on a beautiful baby boy and best wishes that things go quickly well so you can all go home. Take good care of yourself and enjoy every moment of that yummy new baby smell when you're with him!  Thinking of you all.

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That's amazing!  SO glad the little one is here safe.  Let us know when you decide on a name (I am finding the variety of names fascinating!!!)

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meander: You are amazing! Great job listening to your instincts and getting help for baby when he needed it. He's going to be just fine and you'll have him home with you before you know it. I definitely second a PP's advice, make sure you take care of yourself as well as him! I'll be anxiously awaiting word on how he and you are doing, and of course, the all important pictures!
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Congrats! What a nice birth weight for 36 weeks and I hope he is doing better and you  both get to go home soon!

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Thank you all. :)

Baby Alaric (still working on his middle name!) is doing pretty well overall--he was pretty fractious most of the day, but I just got back from my last visit for the night and he is sleeping soundly and looks much more comfortable. He's got improved blood sugars and platelets, but still not breathing well on his own, looking like he needs the bili-lights soon, and still on TPN, though they are giving him the few drops of colostrum I'm producing. Poor kid is clearly hungry, but we're a little way from being able to try actual BF yet.  I did finally get to hold him tonight, and he's just the sweetest smelling thing I ever encountered. :)

I'm doing pretty well--incision hurts but I am managing. Up and walking as much as I can, but needing the percocet pretty badly.

I still can't quite believe how close a call we had. I am feeling so very lucky right now.


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What an amazing mama you are! Big welcomes to baby Alaric and hope his recovery (as well as yours) is smooth! grouphug.gif Soak in all that yummy newborn goodness!!

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Oh no!!!

I am so glad you made it to the c-section in time! How very smart of you to move so fast!

I hope his infection clears up nicely and you can take him home ASAP!!!

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