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I'm thinking girl, although with our 1st we thought girl and were totally wrong!  This time I'm not as sick, have terrible headaches, and my hair is falling out!  This is very different from the first time around in which hyperemesis took over for 6+ months.  The acne is the same, though.  At my check-up last week the HR was 160 which was higher than my son's ever was.  I joke and say it's a cat (since 160 is normal HR for them).  I'd be so happy with a boy since I feel like I know what I'm doing with them, but a girl would be great too.  We'll find out at our 20 wk u/s. 

I had hyperemesis when I was pregnant with my son too!! It was awful and I was so horribly worried that it would happen again. While I am most definitely nauseaous all the time, it is nowhere near what it was before.  Headaches are creaping up on me more and more.  My hormones seem much worse this time around too!


Maybe it is a girl in there this time!