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Anybody else still exhausted?

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Am I just a whiny baby? But I am 10 weeks and I still feel exhausted. i get up for work at 6 get home at about 6pm and sleep literally for about 1 hour until bedtime at which time i sleep straight till 5 or 6. my husband says i need to do more physical activity and maybe i do but i am so tired. anybody still tired or am i just lazy wink1.gif

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Once I hit 12 weeks, I felt more exhausted than the early weeks. I have to take a nap every day. I can't get through the day without one! 

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Nope you arent alone. I still feel like I could sleep a week after being for just 3 hours. Its crazy and does suck! Moving around more does help but its sooooo hard!

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Goodness gracious you aren't alone..I'm SO STINKIN TIRED! I'm around 13 weeks and I'm so out of breathe and tired. Very upsetting to me since pre-bean I was really getting into shape, I still exercise but certainly not what I was doing before this. 

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Add me to the Exhausted Mama Club.  If I don't get at least 9 hours of sleep a night, I'm dragging the next day.  Thankfully, DH has been super-wonderful (this guy deserves an award, seriously), and he takes care of DS in the morning so I can sleep in.  He's also extremely tolerant of my slothful ways.  I get tired very easily, it seems, and if we do any kind of yard work or have an outing, I'm exhausted.  

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I'm exhausted, too.  I'm 14 weeks and still have to take a nap when my daughter naps.  I usually take longer to fall asleep, so when she wakes up I'm still so tired I can barely breathe.  At least with a toddler I can't give into the laziness, like I did when I was pregnant with her.  I think being more active does help a bit, until you hit the wall.  :/

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me too!  i love to work out and be super busy all the time, but at 11weeks, i have energy for NOTHING.  i would write more, but i'm too tired.  :)

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Not just exhausted, but utterly lacking in energy. I'm not sure how much is pregnancy related & how much is related to needing a higher dose of thyroid meds, though. I only started on them right around when I got pregnant.


Of course, it would help if ds3 didn't decide to wake me up for 2 hours after I'd only had 5 hours sleep. And then I maybe got another hour after that.

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 My tiredness got a little better at 11 weeks, but I still can't make it past 9pm without passing out, and even the slightest uphill walk tuckers me out.  I've also noticed that if I'm eating well (balanced, healthy) I have more energy, while empty carbs really kill me (and make me nauseous).  Perhaps taking a look at your diet might help boost your energy?  Little meals throughout the day rather than three large ones have helped me a lot...  Hope you feel better soon!

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totally normal. My symptoms seem to get a little worse around 10-11 weeks, and then gradually subside after that. Im 11 weeks now, so im.really.looking.forward. to.it   crap.gif         puke.gif    sleeping.gif

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I'm also completely wiped out.  My midwife has me on Hemaplex and Alfalfa, and that has helped some, but I'm not only exhausted, but if I overdo it one day (and overdoing it is what I would have considered a lightly active day, pre-pregnancy), I wake up in the morning feeling like I have been hit by a truck.


My DS (3) fights his nap (and he SO needs it) unless DH or I lay down with him, and now I can't stop myself from falling asleep with him.  He stays asleep a lot longer if there is someone next to him, so he and I have been indulging in 3 hour naps more often than not...we just keep sleeping until one of us wakes up.  DH laid down with us on Saturday for nap time, and we all slept for 4 1/2 hours - unreal!


I usually feel amazing during the second trimester, but here I sit at 15 weeks, feeling like I ran a marathon yesterday and haven't slept in weeks.

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me too..and i thought last time was bad...add to that the stress of moving and dd teething and nursing all night, but i;m sure i'd still be tired without that.

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I'm just about 12 weeks now, and while I'm not completely exhausted and in a fog all day like I was a few weeks ago, I still tucker out really easy.  Simple things like running errands, house cleaning, etc will really take the wind out of my sails.  I'm still feeling like I need at least 9 hours of sleep a night, and then I'm relatively good to go until I perform some menial task. Here's to hoping for that "burst of energy" we have coming to us in the second trimester! :-0

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