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bed rest blues

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got put on bed rest eariler this week. will be 37 weeks tomorrow. after weeks of a great increase in weight (18 lbs in 13 days and the following week + 3 more then -1), headaches, high blood pressure readings, 2- 3 hr visits to the hospital for fetal monitoring, labs, urine, etc...then this past week to find i have 2+ level protein in my urine. dr put me on bed rest in hopes to reduce swelling and ward of preeclampsia. it is hard to lay down and stay down but i do have a wonderful husband and mother to help out. not dilated but babys head is in place. not sure if i should try these tricks to make her come or just wait (and lay) it out!!! i miss the sunshine and swimming and playing with my outside dogs!

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I'm sorry you were put on bed rest.  What a bummer!  At least it won't be for too long, right?

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Enjoy being pampered while you can!!! 

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Are they going to induce you?

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i duno yet! i am still having the same issues althought less headaches since i am keeping mostly horizontal! i am now collecting urine for 24 hours to be turned in tomorrow and will receive results on friday and should get some more answers by then! 37 w 3 days now.

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