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Fermented CLO is disgusting! How to get DS to take it?

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We used to take CLO religiously, but fell off the wagon a year ago.  We used to take the Green Pastures brand, and I returned to their company when I went to buy some recently.  I noticed it was fermented, but didn't think too much of it.  Well, our last old bottle ran out tonight and I was the lucky recipient of the new stuff... and it smelled and tasted putrid!  I am horrified, as DS quite likes the old stuff, and I can just imagine the struggle it is going to be to force this on him every day.  I was thinking of mixing it with honey (the bottles come with a nice squirting/measuring pump, which I thought was strange until I smelled the CLO and realized I wanted it nowhere near my tongue!  I figure I can get a mixture of honey/CLO in the squirter and just put it in the back of his mouth).  Do any of you have any experience with this brand?  When did they change?  Do your children put up resistance to taking it?

Thanks so much for reading this and any advice you might have! :)

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How old is your son?

If he is at least 3, you might be able to teach him to swallow the fclo gel tabs. They are fairly small.
If he is much younger, you can make him a smoothie that contains honey and coconut oil. That should cover the taste fairly well. Experiment on yourself first.

We feed our baby the WAPF formula, and we can barely taste the fclo in it.

For yourself, you can do what we do. I buy a big bag if the size 00 capsules, and use the little syringe that comes with the fclo to fill them. 3 capsules of that size is one serving.
If you are ambitious, you can put all of it in capsules at once and store them in the fridge in a glass jar. Make sure and get them cold fast, as they can leak all over the place if at room temp.

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I use the same brand. I don't have any experience with feeding it to children, but I can tell you what my husband and I do. We fill a glass with about 1/4cup of vanilla coconut milk and syringe the CLO right into the milk. We also have yogurt ready to go for immediately afterward. I actually plug my nose(drama queen;)) and chug the milk, and then quickly eat some yogurt. I agree, the taste is horrid though. We have a 6 month old daughter and my husband says that if we made her take some of our CLO, it would be somewhere along the lines of abuse. I think I will buy a flavored version for her one of these days.
Good luck!

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I have the butter oil/fermented CLO blend and even with the cinnamon flavor, the ONLY way I can get the kids to take it is to try and hide it in smoothies. They won't touch it otherwise.

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I mix it with apple sauce for LO, no issues. Myself I just take it straight and follow up with a drink. Don't smell it. It doesn't taste that bad. I'm using the cinammon flavor.

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Vile, isn't it? I have the unflavoured butter oil/FCLO combo and hoo boy, it is NASTY. I got DH and DD to take it ONCE - DD threw up, and DH almost did. :p


I eventually developed a method for myself: I'd fill a glass with milk, cream and maple syrup (delicious!), then get a spoonful of FCLO, sort of bite bits off the spoon, and then swallow it down with a huge gulp of milk. If I did it right, it'd only touch the back of my top teeth and then get lushed down my throat, with minimal tastage.


I never did figure out a way to make DH and DD take it, though. And now I come to think of it, I've fallen off the wagon myself in the last month or so. DH bought some vitamin D capsules, and I wimped out and just took those instead, But we've run out, so I should really start with the FCLO again... aside from anything else, it was expensive.

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My kids are 4 and 7.  Here's how we take it:  We put a measured amount of CLO in a big spoon, and then add grape juice (it's strong-tasting) to fill up the spoon.  The kids slurp it up!  This is the only time they get to drink juice, so it is a novel thing.  We've been doing this for 3 years.

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i take the capsules and just down them as fast as possible. dd tried it and puked it back up. ds won't come near the spoon. he says "yuck fishy medsin" redface.gif


dh i doesn't take it, but he has no issue eating, sushi, organ meats, and all kinds of other foods i can't stomach.

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