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I need to find a new ped or FP/GP... anything.  We had a ped we loved for 15 years but she retired and the new dr's joining the practice seem very anti - anything natural.  My son was a preemie and has a VP shunt for hydrocephalus and has many developmental delays so I would really like to have somewhere I can take him and I would like to not have to defend myself constantly; it seems to take the focus off the initial reason for the visit. 

I would love to find someone who is educated in natural feeding and nutrition and know a little about hydrocephalus and shunts but anyone who will not try to tell me that my life style is going to kill my child will do.

We live near Utica, Norwich, Oneonta, Cooperstown.  All of his specialists are at Albany Med and we travel there at least once a month.  

Thanks so much for any suggestions.