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Kids Won't Grow!

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We have two little guys- 14 months and 3 years. Our 3 year old started off well on the growth curve, but gradually declined from the 10-25% for weight to below the growth charts at 3 years. At 1 year, he was just over 20lbs, and now at 3, he is not even 26lbs. He is EXTREMELY active (can't even sit for 5 minutes) and rarely eats. And by rarely, I mean his 1 year old brother eats twice what he eats in a day easily. Our 3 year old is super picky about food and only ever wants carbs (breads, crackers, sweets). He'll drink whole cow's milk, sometimes eats cheese, nuts, carrots, and some fruits, but rarely touches anything else. He is progressively becoming pickier each day. Could he have food allergies that he's not telling us he feels about? His stools are very inconsistent, and he refuses to ever admit when he's sick. He's also a vegetarian, so we're not sure if the lack of meat is not allowing for growth either.


As for our 1 year old, he too started off on his general curve, but around 6 months started falling off the chart. He eats much more than his big brother and LOVES protein. He is not a fan of any carb or dairy. He is also still nursing. Although he is active, he is nowhere near as active as his big brother. At 1 year he was just under 17 lbs. Could he also have food allergies (like when he avoid dairy & wheat products)? He also has chapped, rosy cheeks constantly and were wondering if that too was food related.


We feel like we're at our wit's end trying to bulk these guys up! I'm a petite woman, but never used to be. I too am finding it extremely difficult to put on weight, so not sure if all of us have the same thing going on? My weight loss started around the time I started developing a progressively worsening dairy allergy.


Thank you :)

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I know I am not the expert, but all my children have followed a growth curve like this so I figure it is genetic. My 9 yr old is average in size now, but ended up only 18 pounds at 18 months after having been above the 50th percentile for much of his first year. None of my children grew from 1st birthday to 2nd. Now, my 22 month old is the same weight now as at 12 months. Since I have been through this with my other 4, I figure this is just normal for our family.

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I don't know that refusing food is a sign of food allergy to that particular food. Some people believe it is, but that's not certain. As for the growth patterns, that's hard for me to comment on without seeing them. Kids who aren't gaining weight very well and have unhealthy-seeming stools (runny, loose, or mucousy) may have food allergy, such as dairy or wheat. But I can't really say whether or not they are getting adequate nutrition over this forum setting.

As for the picky eating, I do have some great tips that I presented in an hour-long phone seminar recently.  You can listen or read it here:

http://www.happybabyfood.com/blog/videos - it's the picky eating teleconference.

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