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OK, two RR, one really rambly:

The one I ran- When I got up in the morning I was kind of dreading the race.  It was in the 50's, raining and the news was saying it wasn't going to let up until late afternoon.  Made an executive decision that Dave and the kids would stay home, that I would change my outfit (tights instead of my skirt, old pair of Brooks instead of the VFF).  Talked to a friend who was going and she offered to drive, so I hitched in with her, her husband and her niece.  We spent the drive talking about birth (friend is my backup doula partner, we attended her niece's birth last year) with Scott complaining that we were killing his testosterone.  M (the niece) got her husband to start texting pictures of manly things-Rambo, monster trucks, the world's largest beer keg) and all was well.  Got to the exit and found traffic backed up like I've never seen there, and it ended up taking an hour from the freeway to the parking.  Then the shuttle, and it became obvious we were going to miss our wave.  Mad texting with a team member already there, she verified we could start whenever we got there and all was well.  Arrived and the rain.......stopped.  Suddenly it went up about 10 degrees, so I trotted off and changed back to the original outfit, then checked my bags.  We realized we had checked our water and no one had eaten since 9am (it was 1:30), but what can you do?


We hopped into the chute and I realized I was starting with a team made up of mostly people I know, including the parents of one of Courtney's longtime friends (Darlene and Kevin).  Remembered it was D's birthday and started the entire wave singing to her, while M had a bit of a panic attack.  Decided as a group we weren't going to try to stay together to cut the stress on M and S who weren't feeling well.  


When we took off I was in the front of our group for a while.  The entire first 3/4 mile was on flattened down meadow grass, very uneven and weird.  Scott passed me and I walked a bit to stretch my calves (haven't spent much time off road in the VFF) and R caught up.  We stayed together until the first obstacle, where we had to tell a guy that he didn't get to hold the barbed wire for us.  At the second (big climbing wall) I picked the wrong line, and R got over at least 3-4 minutes before me.  I never saw her again until the finish. I shook the image of the guy who tried to jump from the top and broke his leg, and fell in with a Crossfit team that adopted me- somewhere on YouTube there is quite a bit of video of my butt, as the camera guy was behind me a good portion of the time.  Climbed some more walls, walked some planks, and after about the first mile most of the terrain was deep, slippery, insane mud.  Walked more than I ran, but tried to push on the grass sections.  I'm proud to say I didn't fall over any of the walls, which was my biggest fear!  Passed the ninja turtle guys and the women in gold spandex.  Towards the end I caught up to the team from home and was thankful to have someone to pace me, we ended up all finishing together.  


As I was coming over the last big wall I heard someone say "Oh my God that guy is on fire!" right as I hit the top.  My panic kept me from looking, which I think is for the best, and by the time I got down I never saw anything. As I got down I heard R and S calling my name. Took a deep breath, prayed I was timing my steps right and jumped right over both fires- FAR taller than they look in the pictures online!  Then....the mud pit.  It's literally knee deep, with barbed wire about thigh high so you have no choice but to crawl.  Made it past that, decided to keep crawling as there were big drop offs in and people were falling all around me.  The guy next to me was breaststroking!  At this point I hit a patch of gravel in the mud and tore the hell out of my knee, so then stood up....only to bite it in another hole, right in front of a camera at the finish.  I wasn't the only one, but I sure hope that's not my finish picture!


At the finish I realized my preceptor had come to watch (our team was the Stinky Hippy Homebirthers and Friends, mostly clients of mine with a few doulas thrown in).  Luckily she had her phone, so we were able to get the mud pictures, got sprayed down by the fire hose (the worst part of the event, honestly).  At one point Robin and I looked at each other and both said, almost at once, "That was the best thing EVER!".  We drank our beers, Robin got groped by a drunk pirate, and we laughed our butts off for a while before getting back on the busses and back to the car.  All of us ended up flashing the general public while trying to get out of our still muddy and very wet clothing in the parking lot.


I highly recommend this event for anyone who has one available.  Very well organized, definitely the toughest 3.55 miles I've ever done.  It took me over an hour to finish, which was solidly in the middle of my group.  Results aren't up yet, but I'd be surprised if the overall winners were under 35 minutes, as some of the other cities with shorter courses are still ~30 minutes and I'm assuming had less mud through the course.  We definitely will be doing it next year, and are tossing around the idea of going to Oregon for the one in September.  


You've probably all seen them, but the pictures are up on FB



Courtney and I volunteered as split timers for the See Jane Run half in Seattle today.  We did mile 2 and 10, and basically spent 4 hours in the rain cheering women on and yelling out times.  I'm actually thrilled that we did this, as it really made me feel better about my pace and where I would fall into a group- I've always felt so slow and kind of like a fraud with the amount of walk breaks I'm taking lately, but seeing all of these amazing women made me realize I'm just about average.  We saw the winners 4 times due to the weird out and back legs of the course, and we ended up walking in to finish with the very last woman, who was bawling her eyes out for the last mile.  So much fun, and really makes me want to do this race next summer.


I'm now dragging ass (we bbq'ed after the WD, ended up laughing and drinking until midnight, then up at 5 to get to Seattle by 7) and need to find some arnica to deal with the bruises on my banged up knee.  All in all a great weekend.




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Good evening! 


Zub, I'm still thinking of you and hoping for good news this week.  Do you have another scan scheduled?


Geo, thank goodness you have a new nanny!  I'm glad you were able to hire someone you like.  I hope you are able to find answers to your son's rhyming problems this year.  It sound like you are being very proactive about it.


drjen, Good for you, already finding a running group!  I'm so happy you were able to hook up with people so quickly.


Nic, I'm sorry that your DD decided to come home, but please don't feel crummy about it.  She was away for a long time and survived, and I guess only she will be able to figure out if this feels like a failure or not.  If so, next time she'll be better prepared to conquer it.


memiles, I don't know if it's nationwide or local to Massachusetts, but I've heard lots about the dreaded "dash rash," which may or may not be wicked poison ivy.  Everyone who did the dash here has been talking about it on Facebook.  I heard that the Warrior Dash brings in its own mud to events, so I hope the rash was local, and didn't arrive with the mud.  You did a marvelous job, by the way.  It sounds like a great time!


We spent the weekend with my parents, so they could babysit the kids while DH and I went to Harry Potter.  Hooray!  Loved it.  So I didn't run at all today, but yesterday before we left for my parents' house I managed to sneak in six fast (for me) miles.  They were just a touch over nine minutes apiece, and it felt good to work on my speed a bit over that distance.


Stressful party plans continue.  We now have twenty-two confirmed yesses, with only four nos so far.  A few haven't responded.  irked.gif  I'm going to have to buy more rainbow glasses.  DD is thrilled, although she is also becoming kind of a giant pest about her birthday.  She's writing notes about how many days, singing songs about it, telling all of the rest of us that it's coming up..... we know, kid.  We know.  A week from right now it will be over, thank goodness.


Have a great week!

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Oh, Dash Rash.  It was much discussed!  I had heard it was from one that had a water obstacle (ours didn't), but the ivy sounds like a possibility as well.  No rashes, just a seriously scraped knee and some really funny bruising, plus some mud in my ear that survived two showers.  The waiver you sign is actually hilarious, they really do cover all the bases on ways you could end up wounded, rashed, burned, drowned, bruised or lost.  


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Awesome, memiles! I've had several friends who have done WD, and all have raved about it. Maybe next year...


drjen~We have a big Runners Edge group here, and I've always wanted to join, but it has just never worked for me, kid-wise. They really do a great job.

I am so very tired. I desperately need to start my gigundous mental health paper that's due on Wednesday, but I really think I just need to go to bed and attempt to get up early tomorrow and get typing. And somehow try to keep my kiddo occupied so that I can actually do some work with him around in the morning. Sigh.

I had a pretty crappy ride today. My legs were just never in it. The only possible explanation is that working a 12 hour shift is not a good idea the day before a big ride. Oh well. Didn't have much choice on that one. It was still a nice ride, I just got very cranky and depressed and mentally freaked out at the ridiculousness of my legs. This was the same ride (Squaw Pass) that we did a few weeks ago, and while I was in my middle ring for the first 9 miles of climbing on that ride, today I was in my granny gear almost immediately. greensad.gif We got to the top, and had planned to ride down to Echo Lake (about 3 miles), but I just couldn't handle the thought of having to climb back up to the summit before heading down again, so we turned around there. I guess I shouldn't complain too much, as it was still an absolutely gorgeous ride, with fun friends, but it just scared the crap out of me that I was so tired and exhausted today that I could barely climb for 20 miles, when I have far, far more climbing to do next weekend...

We had a BBQ with the team afterward, at our team captain's amazing home, and then it was over to another friend's house for another get-together. With limoncello cupcakes. eat.gif Not a bad day, except for the rubber legs!

Shameless fundraising plea....if you have a few dollars to spare, would you consider sponsoring me for my ride? I'm in a little competition with my friend/classmate for who can raise the most money, and she's currently about $75 up on me, and it's killing my uber-competitive self. bag.gif All donations go to the Children's Hospital Colorado Foundation to support kids in the hospital and their families! My fundraising page is here. Thanks, ladies! blowkiss.gif
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Nick--I don't think you failed at all. She's only 11 and on top of everything else, you're moving. Again. That said, I never went to a camp, ever, so although I know other kids did and were fine, I think I would have struggled with being away for a whole month too. However, I can assure you that I was more than ready to go to college when I turned 18, and when I graduated at 22 there was *no way* I was moving back home--so it's not like there's a correlation between that and future independence.

memiles--great race reports, though you have officially confirmed that I'm never, ever doing a warrior dash. I don't like mud. lol.gif

RR: 8 miles pushing J in the jogger tonight. I left the house at 7 pm and she didn't fall asleep until around 7:45--which should mean that she'd transition easily into bed, right? MAJOR FAIL. I got home around 8:40 and she woke up. It's now 11:15 pm and she's nursing but still. not. asleep. banghead.gif

This kid is going to be the death of me. I seriously don't understand why she doesn't sleep. And I need this time to get things done, not to keep waiting around for a kid who is rubbing her eyes and falling-down tired, but who then nurses for 3 minutes and goes back to walking around. I'm so sick of this.
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Oh, Real, I feel your pain!  My first would do this.  It was awful.  I don't know what to say, but to commiserate and tell you that this too shall pass.


Nic - You are not a failure.  She made it 3 weeks.  I'm thinking of my own almost 10.5 year old and she spent a week away with her grandparents (read: doted on every second of the day) and was still ready to be home at the end of that time.  I don't think she would make a month.  Some kids at that age are ready for it, but some aren't.  I think it's a very fine line between allowing them (encouraging) to have independence, and also nurturing the still little kid that can be inside.  And kudos for you for scoring an overnight alone with a shopping trip thrown in as a result!


Mel - I actually taught myself to swim.  I wasn't a perfectionist by any means, and would probably have enjoyed swim lessons, but my parents never did it (I've found out in adulthood that suggesting activities to their children simply never occurred to my parents, so unless I begged and begged, it wasn't going to happen.  Of course, the one thing I ever wanted as a kid was riding lessons, and DID beg and beg and beg and nothing ever came of it, so who knows if expressing my interest would have meant anything).  I remember very clearly playing around on the steps of a pool while we were on vacation (we were at a hotel that had a pool), and I was playing with my own buoyancy.  I realized I could float, and then it was easy to just put my arms and legs into play.  As an adult, though, I have only recently learned good technique!  I think, if I had had lessons as a kid and learned the technique then, I could have been a really good swimmer!  Now, I just have decent form, but no speed (who knows, maybe I just would have been a pretty but slow swimmer then too).  All this to say, that it is possible, but I still think swim lessons are a good thing!


memiles - WD sounds like a blast!  Wait, was it Warrior Dash or Muddy Buddy?  I can't wait for my own obstacle lined, mud crawling, flame jumping race!  I've been thinking of volunteering for some races.  I always find the last racers to be the most inspirational!


Speaking of swimming, though!  I got in around 1200 yards today in the pool in a pyramid workout put on at 5:30am by my tri group.  Ugh, though, that time of day is really unpleasant for me! 


NRR: I am running around all day running errands and getting ready, in general to leave on our trip!  I'm so excited, but there is still so much to do! 

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Bec - when do you leave? We will be about 60 miles directly south of the S. rim on the night of the 26th, alas, no overlap. That's our first day on the road... Starting to feel the tidal wave of what needs to get done coming redface.gif

RR: Im on my way out the door for eight circuit.

NRR: my mom is coming tomorrow night for 4 days help.gif It is always difficult; I would not have a relationship with her if not for the kids (I think it would be cruel to keep her away). Sigh. On top of which, I *need* to leave the kids with her two of the mornings she's here if I want to get a workout in. Im planning for Th/F, so she has W to see how things roll. I'm actually thinking I may let them watch a movie IN THE MORNING so I dont feel stressed whilel Im gone. Bleh. Its going to be an oppressive week.

In other news, I found out last night that the kids start school 1 week later than I thought, and Dh is working his new hours then which means I have no possibility of mornings to work out for a week, after being on the road for 2 1/2 weeks with the challenge of working out that way. I cannot go 3 1/2 weeks with spotty work-outs. This would make me very sad. Especially as the Tri I want to do is Sept. 11 and I would them have 2 1/2 weeks to whip myself into shape for it. Now I need to try to find childcare for them for that wee, but most shools (i.e. all the college students and teenagers) will be in school! duh.gif p.s. I know the morning thing is lame!, but I know myself well enough after all these years that afternoon and evening workouts are NOT to be relied upon. I luxlove.gif mornings

Ok, off to the gym sleepytime.gif
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joy.gifIn 16 days, upon our return, I shall be able to stalk you all daily. See you soon!

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Sparkle - We are getting to S. Rim some time in the afternoon on the 26th.  We leave on Thursday afternoon to start trekking!  As far as workouts with kids around.  I know it isn't ideal, but what about a track?  I have brought my kids with their bikes and whatever other things they need/want to play with (snacks, water, balls, etc.) and they play or ride bikes while I run. 


Geo - I definitely think that pursuing any issues you think are present is definitely the way to go!  Given his earlier phonological issues, his ability to compensate, and what I'm sure are some gifted issues, I could easily see a school not thinking anything of it and he slips through the cracks in that area. I know you are an old hat at advocating with the school, but I also know how exhausting it can be.


So, it is after 2pm, and I have just gotten back home from running errands ALL day!  Seriously, I've been gone since about 7:30.  It's hot, humid, and I'm really tired now!  I have to get meat for camping prepped, so it can get into the freezer and be all the way frozen by the time we leave!  So much to do!

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Bec - you're right about training w/ kids around, *problem* is that I cant really run.... We'll figure it out. What route are you taking to the south rim!?


I just WAXED!! For the first time EVER. My bikini and inner/back o' thigh. I have never been without hair there since puberty. Weird! I'm naked!

Now back to the marathon of errands (DD1 dentist, then pick up Ds from camp #2 of the day...)

More personals later

Oh, RR: weight circuit good. 90 minutes. I upped the weight for some things and lowered the weight on the assisted pull up bar. My goal is to be able to do 1 pull-up by the end of the summer lol.gif (ok, I told DD1 5, but I dont know.. orngtongue.gif)
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sparkle ~ did the waxing hurt?!  Good luck with your mom's visit.


bec ~ have an awesome trip out west!


jooj ~ can't wait to be stalked by you again twins.gif


RR ~ the last two evenings I've gone out walking and been moved by my music to run for a block or two.  It feels wonderful, but I don't want to hurt myself.  Tonight I mostly walked, but ran a little here and there, for 3.25 miles.  It's so freaking hot here (95 and 8:00pm), that even that got me sweating in a big way.


NRR ~ I need to ban all "teen" type shows from my house.  DD1 watched a bunch of iCarly and Victorious in the hotels on our vacation and has adopted the snotty teen attitude.  Not at all attractive in a 7 year old.  Blech....  What I really need to do is go totally TV free again, but after a long hot day with the kids, I find myself craving the break an "On Demand" show can provide bag.gif.

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Ooh, I miss waxing. I used to be a regular, but considering that a) I'm broke and b) I really have no one other than myself to wax for at the moment, I gave it up...

My grand plan to go to bed relatively early last night and then get up and get some writing done before DS got up was an epic fail. Little booger was running down the hallway seconds after hearing my door open. Sigh. I let him watch an extra episode of Sesame Street (he usually gets one while he eats his breakfast), and then he actually played pretty well by himself for a few hours. I still have a crapload of writing to do, though. I'm about 6 pages in, and I estimate I'm about a third done, if that. I'm pretty hopped up on caffeine right now and hoping to get the majority finished up tonight in a somewhat reasonable timeframe so that I can just proofread/edit/polish tomorrow night.

As for clinical, we moved to the Adult 1 unit tonight, which is for the "gravely disabled." OMG, this unit is SOOOOO much more interesting than Adult 2 (aka high functioning aka everyone's just depressed and suicidal). We had a patient inform us tonight that he's been to the moon and seven planets and that there aren't pitchforks anymore because back in 1985, he took them all and threw them all out the window. Oh, and Barney (yes, the purple dinosaur) taught him how to dance. It's *really* difficult to have a conversation with these people, but at least they're not just suicidal/depressed!

Ooh, almost forgot, one more big piece of news...apparently, I've been selected to be a member of Team Wheaties Fuel! I kind of filled out the application on a whim, not really thinking I had a chance, and I got an email today that I was picked. Huh. I may have fudged a tiny bit on cereal eating (I really don't bag.gif), but it is actually decent stuff. We got samples of it in our race packets for Boulder 70.3 last year, and it's tasty. I'm not a breakfast cereal eater, but I definitely snack on the stuff, and it's probably healthier than a lot of the crap I've been snacking on lately. Apparently, as part of the sponsorship, I will be receiving 5 shipments of product, EACH with 11-12 cases. yikes.gif That's just a ridiculous amount of Wheaties! I'm going to be giving away the things all over the place. Who wants Wheaties?! orngbiggrin.gif
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Morning all!


Gaye ~ congrats on the sponsorship!


Jo ~ I agree that I can't wait to stalk you more. :)


Bec ~ Where are you camping?  Enjoy!!


It's been awhile since I've been around, but I've been reading as much as I can.  I'm 28 weeks and doing well.  He is head down and my midwife kept my appointment at 4 weeks aparts because there is nothing to be concerned about.  <3


We are still awaiting on a loan approval for the house - ugh!  We have too few loans to track credit and too many to go ahead and try to qualify through FHA.  It's insane, I tell ya!  I thought a good credit score, good income, and history with our past loans we've paid off would be beneficial.  The financial market really doesn't make logical sense.  


We got ducklings!!  Unfortunately with the crazy weather changes, we lost 3 of them (I'm guessing to the heat).  The other 3 are doing amazingly though, and I can't wait to see them free range at the new place... someday. :)



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On the waxing, Yes, it hurt, but less than I expected (I was prepared for the 40-year-old virgin experience). My inner thigh and back of thigh ranked lowest, then the bikini, and then the between-your-legs bag.gif bikini area << that part was a flincher. I took an ibuprofen an hour before-hand, which may have helped shrug.gif However, I am weird about pain; I kind of like it ... ok, I may actually like it. I find it cathartic.

The more interesting thing about the experience for me has been the internal feminist discussion I'm having, with questions like 'do I like it better and if so what do I like about it?', 'Why do women remove hair?' (I was thinking about it in terms of what I would tell my 8 year old daughter, and it felt baaad), 'why have I been self-conscious about my hairiness and/or why do I long for sleek legs?' I find myself missing my hair. I've lived with it for, well almost my whole life - I mean, I dont shave my bikini area ladies. The waxer said "oh, you're a real blond" which, in the light of the waxing studio made me see my hair as less dark and obvious than I usually do. It is blond-ish, but also dark, and the worse part for me is the inner thigh and bit of the back of thigh, which look a little like a man's hair patter; longer and darker than anywhere else on my legs and something that makes me feel very butch. I had always longed to menstruate like a "real woman", and now that I do , it kinda sucks, and I dont feel so bad for missing it for all those years (although the effects on my libido rock loveeyes.gif) And now that Ive waxed, I think I might be able to live with the hair a little less critically.

My bigger concern in this process is the growing in phase; if I get lots of bumps and itching, it will be far worse than having some bush stick out

RR: Doing a run/walk on the road! in a few. Fingers crossed for all my borderline injuries. Did y'all see the report in the NYT about how running on dirt is in fact NOT more forgiving to your legs? I still dont believe it lol.gif

Edited to add: just returned from 6 miles, 90% running. Its the *old* loop I used to do to the golf course and around and back. It's something like exactly a 10k, funnily enough. I did it in 63 minutes today, running very carefully and slowly. I was curious to see how I'd do. It was uncomfortable but not painful .... although the real test of the pudding will come in a few hours. My achilles are definitely feeling it. Lots of ice and arnica today. rest day tomorrow. But Im orngbiggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by LaLaLaLa View Post


Dianna--My DH had a kidney stone a year or so ago, and it was the only time either of us have ever been to the emergency room.  He was really in the kind of pain where he thought he might need some sort of immediate surgery.  Luckily he was able to pass that stone, and now he lives in fear of more.  Not so much fear that he's giving up ice cream or seeing a doctor, though.  orngtongue.gif


My doctor told me to lay off coffee, tea, cokes and salt. At least he left me alcohol.


He never mentioned calcium, but I am convinced that this all started when I was pregnant with my twin boys. I had HORRID heartburn,and chewed TUMS like they were candy. Add a high calcium diet to that (for pregnancy, and later, two years of nursing), and I'm pretty sure that had a lot to do with it.


I gave up cokes -- not really a big deal to me, but coffee is another story. I told myself that if I drink coffee, I have to drink twice as much water. I think that's fair enough.

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Originally Posted by sparkletruck View Post

I just WAXED!! For the first time EVER. My bikini and inner/back o' thigh. I have never been without hair there since puberty. Weird! I'm naked!


I've debated doing this about a million times, but have chicked out about the pain. I mean, I've had 3 children with no meds, including a darn breech extraction (HOLY HELL!) and now the freakin' kidney stone, but the thought of waxing my hoo-ha scares me to death.


Would you do it again, from a pain standpoint? Did you do it yourself, or go somewhere?


Originally Posted by memiles View Post


I'm now dragging ass (we bbq'ed after the WD, ended up laughing and drinking until midnight, then up at 5 to get to Seattle by 7) and need to find some arnica to deal with the bruises on my banged up knee.  All in all a great weekend.




Look at you, Warrior Woman! There's a whole group of folks from my work doing WD in the fall. Personally, it scares me to death. I can run, but mud pits? Scaling walls? Fire pits? EEEK!


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Originally Posted by DiannaK View Post

My doctor told me to lay off coffee, tea, cokes and salt. At least he left me alcohol.


He never mentioned calcium, but I am convinced that this all started when I was pregnant with my twin boys. I had HORRID heartburn,and chewed TUMS like they were candy. Add a high calcium diet to that (for pregnancy, and later, two years of nursing), and I'm pretty sure that had a lot to do with it.


I gave up cokes -- not really a big deal to me, but coffee is another story. I told myself that if I drink coffee, I have to drink twice as much water. I think that's fair enough.

A friend who struggles with stones had hers analyzed to see if it was a surplus calcium problem, so apparently there are a few different causes and they create different stones.  She now drinks tons and tons of water and no longer struggles with them. </spouting stuff I don't know>





To Run or Not To Run, that is the question

Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The heat and humidity of outrageous weather,
Or to take arms against the public pool,
And by opposing end them? To sweat, to run,
No more; and by not running we end
The heat stroke, and the thousand drips of sweat
That flesh is heir to: 'tis a consummation
Devoutly to be wished. To sweat, to run;

To sweat, perchance to fly – ay, there's the rub:


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Geo - Musteth thee runeth when the sun is raging mercilessly from on high? Perchance would not clothing bathed in the iciest waters and lain lightly across your bosom forestall the piercingeth stings of those thousand drips? Ah, but the pool! Ah, but to fly!!

DianaK - Yes, the pain was totally manageable, and I would not be put off by that. I too had 3 w/out meds, so you are way over prepared. Really, I think if you;re a runner and a mother, waxing is a nice break lol.gif But why are we doing this? shy.gif

NRR: taking a break from the errand marathon that I foresee lasting for the next week, until we pull out of the driveway. Heave. My legs are recovering rather well >knock wood< oh man, if I could run on this trip, in the Sierra! I could leave earth now.... (but really lord, I'd like to wait until my kids have kids of their own and come crawling back to me asking forgiveness winky.gif)
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Geo and Sparkle, you rock! I love Shakespeare and teach it too but there is no way on God's green earth that I could have come up with that. However I am a great appreciater of creativity!!! lol.gif


I ran this morning and it sucked big time. I was meant to do a 6 mile tempo run and ended up doing 5 -- the first 3 at temp pace and the last 2 with a lot of walk breaks. irked.gif It was too damn hot and humid and I literally wilted.


This waxing discussion also makes me ROTFLMAO.gif Sparkle you are too funny. (And you too DiannaK). Funny how after the pain of childbirth (not to mention any other pain) the fear of waxing your hoo ha can drive a woman under the table! Ha. Actually I started doing this when I moved to FL a couple years ago and have not looked back. If anything it's a heckuva lot cleaner feeling (to me) in the hot weather and I chafe a lot less now when I run, now that I wax. But I don't do the full monty. I do the mostly-monty. Speaking of which I need to make an appt...actually I find the upper lip waxing more painful, oddly. And I have been doing that since I was 16, quite necessarily. I don't find it cathartic, exactly...but it doesn't make me cry. I find it more embarrassing than anything. Especially when you walk in and the lady at the front desk goes, "oh, you're here for a WAXING. IS THAT A BIKINI BRAZILIAN AND LIP?!" at the top of her gum-smacking voice. eyesroll.gif (Even worse is when the husband of the owner is there checking people in. I mean, I'm sure he hears everything but still...you know...a little privacy please?!)


For the first time ever today I was in a running store where the proprietor was a real jerk. She looked me over when I came in and apparently decided I don't look 'runnerish' enough because as I was looking at the amphipod bottles (i like the handcarry ones better than the belts but mine needs to be replaced) she said, "what do YOU need that for?" in that voice, like, PULEEZ, you couldn't possibly run enough to need it.




Echoes of the mean gym teacher and mean girls ringing in my head.


I said sweetly, "well I was looking to replace my hydration system for my next 18 mile run and also buy some shoes and socks but I guess I changed my mind. Thanks anyway."


She sort of stared at me and I left. Sigh.


Anyway if you have an amphipod or nathan hand held waterbottle/carrier please chime in with opinions. I rather not wear my fuel belt esp. because here I can plan my route to go by stores so a handheld is enough to get me through a few miles to the next stop. 

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The truck came Sunday. We are unpacked and almost moved in. It looks like I did a big cleaning and culled through things. There are little piles in most rooms that I still need to deal with. I am exhausted. I may never wake up when I go to bed. We worked all day Sun, Monday, and today. After dinner we would take the kids to the beach, put them to bed and work all night long. I even ran in the morning Sunday and today. I should have slept. I tried to do personals but I cannot think. See what I did below. I hear there is neighborhood group that runs up the mountain everyday at 5am and a local bunko group. I’ll have to consult google – I don’t even know if it is cards or dice or just wine. lol.gif I hope to get sleep, become coherent and the n really catch up. I am thinking of all the dingos.

Geo Re losing a kid due to crazy schedules: veggie and awesome nanny would leave me.

Lisa Clean eating – nice commentary

Drjen crazy move/running weather

Nic landlords, rental a month is a long time but find a way for her to want to stay

Geo kick start skirt perfect?

Real great reports!

Alex, thumb.gif on the heart beat being seen and sticky vibes for you

Sparkle, my parents might have thrown that party if they had thought to drink their way through it. I had a costume party at a truck stop for my 5th birthday. It was the end of October and yes a dive of a truck stop that served ice cream and let my mom brink a birthday cake. I wonder what else we did other than take a group photo in the parking lot?

Gaye you are having crazy weather/exercise experiences lately!

Jo, what would a dingo do! It is what I think at times. Lots of love coming your way

Bec, enjoy that new bike you can run later when it is cooler.

Sparkle – I need to bookmark your sunscreen post. What do you use on your face? While working out? I need to reread after some sleep.

Dd1 wants to see HP NOW!

Memiles, muddy buddy 

I’ve had my legs waxed once and I wish I could keep it up but time money and a phone call to make the appointment keep me away. I am pathetic. I ostly don’t even bother to shave because I was a natural blonde.
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