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Oy!  I'm tired.  Getting ready for vacation is exhausting!  I also worked 6 hours yesterday helping BBW organize their crawlspace storage area (read: stooped over the whole day moving heavy props around and up and down a ladder.  It was tough, but the area where all the props or stored is beautious and organized!  It's like everything that decluttering and organizing my kids' closet isn't because it will STAY that way!


Mommajb - I'm so glad you are moved!  Good luck getting settled in.  I'm very impressed with the running that has been going on in the face of moving!


Sparkle - I'm not sure how I'm getting to S.Rim.  We are coming from Moab, Utah, so presumably taking 191 south to 160 west. 


Jenlove - I can't believe you are already entering the third trimester!  Sending Mortgage approval vibes so you can get moved settled, and your ducks happy before the baby Love comes!!!  We are doing a big 2 week camping/road trip extravaganza!  We are heading West to Colorado, camping for a few days in the Grand Junction area (Mesa is the nearest town to our campground), then on to Moab, a hotel, hot shower, and Arches National Park for a day.  Then, on to the Grand Canyon for a few more days of camping and exploring.  Then, on to Durango, Colorado for 2 nights.  After that, we are heading East again to stay a couple of nights in Kansas City with a good friend and hopefully see DrJen! 


Geo and Sparkle - The combination of Shakespeare and running is fantastic!  Well done, ladies!  Well done!lol.gif


Waxing - I have thought about waxing.  Rejected it because of pain and expense.  But, here's my question (in case I ever get over it), how much hair do you have to have before you can wax?  I, generally shave (at this point), and am not crazy about growing out completely!  So, how much hair does there need to be for waxing to make sense?  Also, on the feminist perspective of things, I went for about 15 years without shaving.  For the most part, it was quite lovely.  I don't actually have totally unnoticeable leg hair (it's lightish, but definitely people knew I didn't shave if I wore shorts).  DH didn't care one way or the other, and I never got any comments on it.  I don't think I ever got one.  Maybe they were all talking behind my back, but I don't really think so.  I actually got more comments from people when I started shaving again!  They wanted to know why.  I started shaving a few years ago when my hair was just bothering me when I wore long pants.  Now, I really enjoy the smooth, silky feeling of just shaving.  I started shaving my bikini area (I still have plenty of...roughage) when I started tri training and I was swimming so much!  I felt a little silly having naked legs, and then this stuff sticking out between my legs!  Anyway, I plan on approaching the subject like I do makeup (something I only occasionally wear when getting all dressed up and fancy).  It's something that some women do to make themselves feel put together, finished and fancy.  It is by no means necessary to be beautiful, feminine or a woman.  It is a choice of fashion, not a dictate of beauty. 


RR: We are going out for a HOT bike ride this evening with the tri class.  It's supposed to be an "endurance ride with a time trial in the middle".  I'm not sure what that means, but I'm excited to unleash the power of the road bike!!!!  You may not have heard it, but there should have been background music of angels singing when you read that!


In the meantime, I am packing, cooking, cleaning!  OMG, I'm leaving tomorrow!!!

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This shaving/waxing discussion is funny and interesting. I have never bothered to shave anywhere but my lower legs because I feared the ingrowns and the bumps, which I think look worse than the hair. And since I have more hair than a *normal* woman on my inner thigh, if I am going to do my bikini, I'm going to have to do a whole lot more, and then I just bag the whole thing. Dh says the hair in my thighs is not that noticeable, but that the bikini is, and I just look a little hippy. Meanwhile, when I wear shorts, I feel like I have all this hair bushing (to make a noun a verb) out of my shorts redface.gif But we are all so much more critical of ourselves, so maybe no one notices but me.

Now that I've done it, I guess I like it, but it also doesnt make that much difference, and I realize more acutely how much my perception of other's opinion/thoughts about my hairiness went into the decision. Yeah, I s'pose I will feel more flamboyant at the pool (haven't gone yet ... usually I sit in a demure way so that area is not advertised, and I dont walk around much unless I'm getting in or out), and honestly, I'm looking pretty good fitness-wise right now, so if ever I were going to flaunt it, might as well be now.

But then I feel like I'm betraying myself in some way, b/c I'm mostly very unconcerned w/ social mores. I hoe my own roe, and if you dont like it, I can live with that (nursing in public w/out covering, no bra, bush sticking out of the suit - Ive done it all). So why am I conforming now? I think in part b/c the effects of aging (oh no, here goes the cliche bag.gif) have really shown up in the past three years - I'm 41, and I'm starting to do little things to make myself feel prettier? younger? like using retin-a cream at night (it does nice things btw loveeyes.gif).

Bec - thanks for that description of what to say to a DD. I seem to start down a path (in my mind) of beauty.... for what .... attractiveness ... to whom .... and end up in a sex talk lol.gif My DD will say things like "why does it make you feel more polished?", and I dont really know. I ended up talking to her yesterday about how when I shave my lower legs I for some reason feel more aerodynamic and sprty, and this gives me a mental boost in my workouts, and then I talked about the guys in the Tour shaving, and I think there's a connection between polish and sportiness, but, sigh, I'm so wary of giving her a talk that leads to being attractive or pretty to the opposite sex that I just stumble over an explanation until I can change the subject lol.gif

Mamajb - OMG on the birthday! That is movie quality. I am just jaw2.gif At least I got day old reheated pancakes!

La4 - and same to you!

RR: rest day, and I need it. My legs are tired, but doing ok considering. Yesterday they were golden and I was psyched for my future running, but then this a.m. I hobbled to the bathroom. After a night of sleeping with my toes semi-pointed, yow! Im stretching and icing today. My *goal* is to be able to run once a week. Oh how the mighty have fallen lol.gif
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I am so very tired, but my paper is done. Finished just before 3 last night. It is most certainly not my best work, but with any luck, it'll be good enough to at least get a high B or low A on. I still need to do a read-over for some last minute editing and minor revisions this morning, but that's a HUGE weight off my back. That pretty much just leaves the final for this class, which considering that I got a 98 on exam one with two hours of studying, I'm not overly concerned.

Now I can actually get some sort of workout in this morning, since I've been too busy paper writing to do anything since Sunday. And oddly, my legs are still sore from Sunday's ride that shouldn't have been as hard as it was. I'm really nervous about how little riding I've done in the past couple of weeks, but I think I need to swim today. That small matter of the half-ironman, ya know. rolleyes.gif
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Sparkle - I struggle with that too.  And, truth be told, it was when I lost the majority of my weight that I started doing these things.  Honestly, I had to be convinced to wear lipstick at my wedding!  I think, with my finding my body shape as I lost weight, I felt more feminine, felt more confident, and somehow the makeup and shaving were a reflection of that.  Before, I felt if I was primping or something, it was to compensate for the weight, and I wanted desperately to be ok with who I was.  It sort of manifested in a rebellion against convention.  Now, I feel like I am able to make these choices away from my own body image issues, and that, in a weird way, is allowing me to be more conforming without feeling like I'm compromising my values.  I have absolutely no idea how to convey that in a healthy way to my kids, though, so I'm going to stick with it's a fashion choice.  Sometimes I dress up, sometimes I put on makeup, I shave because I like the way it makes my legs feel!  I'm trying hard not to over think these things too.  When the kids were babies, I was adamant that there would never be a Barbie in this house!  I've bent on that with my doll crazy girls (and I haven't ever had the hear to take a present that they were given away from them.  I still won't buy them), but spent a long time telling them how Barbie isn't proportioned right, etc.  When you have a 3 year old rolling their eyes at you and telling you, "Yes, mom, I know she would be 7 feet tall in real life," it kind of feels like the message was lost.  So, I sort of let it go, and was amazed to see the things that fire fighter Barbie, Mermaid (AKA sea rescuer) Barbie, Princess save the world from evil Barbie, etc. did.  It makes me realize, that my ballet dancing, princess costume wearing, nails painted, lip gloss toting girls are exactly what I want them to be.  savvy, independent, strong, stubborn, [i]thinking[/i] people that are choosing what their tastes are, what things they like, what they don't like, what their fashion will be and how they will define their own femininity.  It may involve makeup and shaving, and it may not, but I feel that they will be strong enough to make those decisions confidently and not entirely because of societal pressure.


Phew!  Hot button! lol.gif

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I have a seven-year-old!  DD's birthday was yesterday.  We slept in, ate leftover waffles with ice cream for breakfast, then the kids and I spent all day at our town's lake where there's a nice little beach and a playground.  I got a decent burn on my shoulders and arms--ouch.  I need to start applying sunscreen on myself, not just the kids.  DD also got some pink on her face and I'm freaking out a bit about it and hoping it will fade by the time we see her plastic surgeon in a couple of weeks.  Eek.  I don't want to ruin his canvas and try to keep DD's face and neck super sunscreened. 


DD, who has been stubbornly teaching herself to swim since last summer, yesterday taught herself to do a cannonball off the dock and also to do a backflip in the water.


We had dinner out and then ice cream cake and presents back at the house.  It was a really nice, low-key kind of day.  Now onward to party madness.


I haven't been running, since I'm unable to drag myself out of bed in the mornings and I didn't want to abandon DD on her birthday evening.  Tonight I'm working, so I won't be able to run tonight, either.  I need to get on a better schedule of going to bed early enough that waking up early isn't out of the question.


Today I need to do some serious yardwork so I won't be mortified when people show up on Sunday.  Ugh.

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mommajb ~ glad you're getting settled in your new area, and getting to run too!


sparkle ~ "how the mighty have fallen".... indeed.


waxing ~ never done it, probably never will.  I shave my lower legs and have pretty minimal hair on my thighs anyway (and what is there is blond).  I shave whatever might sprout from my bikini area in the summer though.  Like bec, I wear makeup rarely (DH wishes I'd wear it more, but I forget since it's not on my daily "to do" ritual). 


RR ~ 30 minutes on the elliptical yesterday, plus a short walk on the track at the Y.  It's supposed to top 100 degrees today, so I'm taking the day off unless I can get to the Y.


NRR ~ both DDs had to have cavities filled this morning.  DD1 did great, but DD2 was screaming.  Not in pain, but just from the nitrous mask and the numbing cream.  Unfortunately, she's got two more to fill next week.  If only these kids would actually BRUSH their teeth.  I guess it's time for me to up the supervision level on oral hygiene.

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Warrior Dash photos HERE.  Bib # 97018 if it didn't work.  Note:  my time is pathetic.  I was really mad about it until I realized it wasn't the run time that took me so long (I ran the grass and mostly walked the mud, as did almost everyone I saw), it was my terror about the obstacles.  When there was a line for anything high I picked the longest one, I really took my time because for me most part, at least half of them terrified me.  Had I actually pushed through them I could probably have easily cut off 20 minutes, as on the climbing ones, people were blowing past me on either side.  For next year, I have two goals:  1) break 50 minutes and 2) beat my friend Robin.....who is 50.  Seriously. innocent.gif

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bec, enjoy your vacation. If you take a wrong turn and end up in Southern CA let me know. smile.gif

shaving - I didn't for years because I couldnt be bothered. Now I do for reasons similar to sparkle but the dd1 asked to shave and I tried to talk her out of it for feminist reasons all the while thinking "There is no way! Shell never get out of the shower! She will always be late because she has to shave!"

retinA - I tried it in highschool but it tore my skin up and the derm took me off. I got sunburned while driving to school at 7AM and then it got worse from there. I used to be as fair as some of my kiddos, now I supose my skin tone is darker due to scarring fom the sun. I took the littles to the beach, used massive amounts of sunscreen, left after one hour, was sunburned for a week but luckily did not blister. I must have done a better job on them because they were fine. I cannot find a sunscreen ds1 will use as he hates them all and has some teen acne he is worried about. Urg.

Gaye, I cannot believe all you get done in a day. Seriously.

La4 - Happy Birthday to you and your dd!

JG - I hear the heat is miserable. Enjoy the Y.

memiles, You had enough fun to say next time and your goals sound good to me.

It seems the big progress has been made and now I work all day (except for Dingo breaks) yet I don't appear to make much progress; such is life. Jo is having to adjust much more than I am and is having a harder/longer time when it comes to settling in. I am still busy enough that I am not thinking about too much other than what is in front of me.
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fwiw, I use retin-a at night, wash my face or shower in the morning and put on a sunscreen with 19% zinc oxide (yes, an every day lotion that has zinc oxide but is sheer and light; no white). I mentioned it in the other sunscreen post. i NEVER leave the house w/out sunscreen on my face, and never go swimming w/out rash guards and sunscreen w/ a physical barrier..... but I'm sure when kiddos get old enough to notice and care, they will not want white faces anymore (and may even want a tan!) and then what
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HIya, all,


Jenlove, how are you already in your third trimester!! Good luck with all the house stuff. I have just been through the mortgage process, discovering I had a much lower score than I thought because of an insurance snafu, which no one will correct, and it was sooooooo stressful. But we have almost got there - though we won't be moving until probably November (aha, not one part of the house has been built yetlol.gif)


Lalalala, you are a brave, brave, brave woman taking on such a party! We wimped out this year and went away for the night for Raf... though he is only 2!


Geo, I'm hoping the nanny works out. Sounds like the extra money spent will be worth it for the cleaning!


Mommajb, lovely to see you. Hope you get a LOT of rest.


Still pregnant, fingers crossed, and with lots of nausea (careful what you wish for), very sore breasts (how do people continue to nurse... DS is not looking as though he'll wean any time soon), and I am living on energy bars as I am throwing up almost all 'real' food. It is reassuring but also misery-making... what a hard balance to strike. I have another scan tomorrow, which I really had to encourage  but now I am dreading it. I hope the little bean has grown and that their heartbeat has sped up accordingly. I have become quite an expert on fetal heart rates this week dizzy.gif


So, if all is well, I have a question for you experience mamas. With DS I went with my family Dr who is also a good friend (I work with her husband). She is just WONDERFUL (my own DrJen) but last year she had a horrible accident and has cut back her work a bit. It is very, very difficult to see her (though she often schedules me herself so I can see her) but the biggest thing is that she no longer delivers at the very baby friendly hospital. She is a Dr at our city's major hospital and only now delivers there... I really don't want to have this baby (don't want to tempt fate here) there so it looks like I will have to find another Dr/midwife. My Dr has made a few suggestions - another family practitioner who is very early in her career or a midwife group and an OB group - who all deliver at the very baby friendly hospital (nurses there are AMAZING!). I met the young Dr today and really liked her. I like that you get to see one person and that that person will more than likely be the person at the birth... With the midwives and OB place there are a number of practitioners who you see in rotation...


I'm not sure how I feel about that... Anyone have any experience of either set-up? I have friends who have excellent things to say about both the OB practice and midwives wo quality isn't an issue...


OKay, deep breaths for tomorrow. It'll either be a good or a very. very bad day.

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Zubeldia, wishing you a very good day tomorrow goodvibes.gif


La, congrats on surviving the birthday party!!


JayGee, hope your next dentist visit goes better. We had sealants put in my oldest daughter's teeth because of deep crevices in her molars and how hard they were to clean (mine are the same way, and I have the sealants, too), and did it at a pediatric dentist who used a sedative (Nozinan) taken at home first. It was a really terrific experience- she was relaxed and calm and slept through most of the procedure.


Sparkle :lol about the waxing, and even more so at explaining waxing to your DD.


I had a bikini wax once, and swore never again- massive ingrown hairs afterward. Same with "sugaring", and any shaving. I am self-conscious about the hair that creeps out of my bathing suit, though, and have officially stolen my husband's beard trimmer/clippers. As for the aesthetics and the why- I have frequent debates with my teenaged/early 20s self about why I wear make-up more often and shave pretty regularly. I remember storming off after an argument about why women 'of a certain age' really should wear make-up so they don't look so frumpy (of a certain age meant my mum, who he was no longer married to). I swam competitively when I was younger, and everyone shaved before meets, so something about the hairless aesthetics feels "right" for swimming, even if it doesn't make me much faster.


JenLove, good luck with the mortgage and the third trimester!


RR- jumpers.gif I ran 20 minutes yesterday, and my hips/pelvis feel great today!! It was a busy day with the kids, and they really wanted to go to the BMX track in the evening, so I negotiated that I would take them if they would let me run first. I had my oldest on her bike, and the youngest in the Chariot with her run bike hanging over the handle. My pace was slowed by my daughter's biking speed, but I was so happy to do a run instead of run/walk intervals finally. I might get to be a runner again....


NRR- My toddler is a maniac on the BMX track (on the bike in general), and they don't make helmets with face masks that small. She threw herself down the biggest hill, launched over her handlebars, somersaulted in the air and landed on her hands and face. Then got up and ran to the next hill. I'm thinking we'll avoid the BMX track for a while. Her *need* for speed, height, spinning and jumping (and danger!) continues to amaze me and stress me out.


Work is also killing me right now. I've been in a funk about work/life balance for a couple of weeks and am really missing not being so pressed for time that I'm chronically stressed about it. My daycare provider had her baby today, so we're on the insane schedule for childcare until after labour day. What I really want is a full day in my office to get organized and get stuff done, but it's not going to happen. :(







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Mel - Yeah for running!  My 5 year old is an adrenaline junkie and was even more so when she was a toddler.  I could easily see her doing things like that!


RR: 20+ miles on the bike in RIDICULOUS weather!  It was around 100, with a heat index of around 112.  We did about 10ish miles as a warmup, then we were doing 1.5 mile "time trials".  That meant speed work.  It was tough, tough, tough stuff.  But, I am happy to say that I brought plenty of water, and even had wet washcloths that I had left in the freezer to cool off.  I was pretty well spent by the end, but it was a great ride, even with the heat.  Hard, but it was nice to push and get results.  Have  I mentioned how much I love my road bike?!love.gifbikenew.gif

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Zub--I'm thinking of you still.  My SIL had that condition where she threw up for her entire pregnancy, and she said the only good thing about that was that being sick meant that the baby was probably growing pretty strong.  I hope you are able to have both a very strong baby and less nausea.


I forgot to weigh in on the shaving thing earlier.  I've never waxed, as the idea terrifies me, but every once in awhile I decide to go completely hairless.  I've sometimes used this magic shaving powder stuff (like a mix-it-yourself Nair), but most often I just use a regular razor.  Although DH does appreciate the totally smooth thing, it's not something I generally do for him, or to be more accepted by society or whatever.  It just feels good to me, which is how I'd explain it to my DD.  I like the way my legs feel when they are smooth and shaved.  Same goes for all other parts I sometimes choose to shave.  I don't always feel like taking the time to do it, but I like it when I do.


Four days until the birthday party.  A box of rainbow glasses arrived in the mail today, and face paint crayons and more temporary tattoos are on the way.  Tomorrow I need to buy a new hand mixer so I'll be able to bake a hundred cupcakes.


My alarm went off this morning but the kids had both crawled into bed on the opposite side of me from DH so I was blocked in.  After DH left for work, I ended up with one kid on each side of me and the three of us slept until 10.  I don't know if I have the willpower to drag myself out of bed under these circumstances.  I'll try again tomorrow morning.

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sparkle--interesting thoughts about waxing. It helped answer my questions, which has always been "what's wrong with what God gave me?" I'm going to stick with my bush because I don't like pain. lol.gif

Nick--so sorry about the mean clerk. I've never understood why people don't understand that a person who spends money at their store must be worthy....

mommajb--glad to hear you've arrived, and hope you get enough sleep to get through all of the unpacking and re-orienting craziness.

Geo & sparkle--awesome Shakespeare running commentary!

bec--have a great trip and also WOW on the bike workout today!

La4--happy birthday to your DD.

zub--sorry about the m/s. I'm going to PM you with thoughts about the practice because I realize I've just written a book here.

RR: biked 14, swam 1500m. Now I'm trying to figure out how to work in a 6 mile run tomorrow. I don't want to run in the heat but don't really see any other good possibilities.
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Good luck on the party, Lax4!  I don't think I would have been able to get up given the kid sandwich situation either. lol.gif  And the thought of everyone sleeping in that long is just delicious!


I have one load of laundry to go, clothes to pack, food to pack, and a van to pack.  I almost feel like I'm going to be able to leave sometime today!  I'm hoping for a nap and a shower, too.  Crazy talk, I know, but there it is!


Zub - My take on the provider question.  The pros from seeing the doc is that you are seeing one and only one care provider during your pregnancy.  I really, really like this sort of care, and it was the primary reason I went with the care providers I did with my last two pregnancies.  I like knowing that I have a history with a person, and that I'm not just some notes written on a chart.  On the other hand, I really, really love the midwife model of care.  I like the amount of time they spend with you during your pregnancy, and seem, as a general rule, to consider not just the pregnancy but the whole person that surrounds the uterus.  I feel that most doctors (our drjen a notable exception) really don't pay much attention to anything outside the uterus.  On the other hand, I don't like being rotated through a lot of providers.  I don't know if that made it any easier for you to decide, but those are my thoughts on the matter!  Clear as mud, right?

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I am going to need so much strength. Another ambiguous scan, and in my heart I know this isn't going to end well. The baby was measuring 6 weeks 2 days with a 103 heart rate. This isn't good. Totally devastated and I just want things to be over with as this limbo is absolutely interminable.

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Oh Zub - grouphug.gifgoodvibes.gifom.gif !!!!!!! Thinking of you so much hug.gif

MelW - joy.gif about the run!!! So happy for you. Oh, and my Dh thinks there are helmets her size, and that you shouldnt keep her away. He loved the story.

RR: Bike/run brick for 90~ish minutes (62 on the bike and I think 26 on the run ... the treadmill died part way and I had to start over). The bike was hard - mind-over-matter more than usual, but maybe that's because I slept like sheit the night before last and then this a.m. woke at 5:15 and decided to just get up and go, mostly b/c my MOM was going to watch the kids while I went to the gym, and I think I was sleepless at the stress of it, and figured if I went early I could maybe be back before they even woke up sleeping.gif BUT, I feared my achilles would be too sore to run, as they had been when I tried a run after that last 4 miler I did a month ago, and they were ok. Not great, but I could run!

NRR: I told Dh about our little waxing discussion and he told me that easily 50% of the women he sees "down there" (and he apparently sees "a lot!"..... pelvic exams and such) are COMPLETELY hairless lol.gif He said the waxing industry must be doing quite well

You know your Dh is getting into this group when he asks [last night] "... so, what's up with the dingoes?"
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Sparkle, I am so glad yo entioned pelvic exams otherwise I had forgotten and would have wondered why your husband was such an expert on who shaves and waxes where. lol.gif

zub, om.gif and hug.gif I wish there was more we could do for you.

MelW. I hope that fearlessness takes your little one great places in the big picture.

La, keep up with the party reports. thumb.gif

bec, good luck with the nap.

Sunscreen notes taken, run in the books, off to school and other errands. Linus wants to go to IKEA and Helen wants to go to the garden shop. Where do these kids come from?
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grouphug.gif Zub.  Thinking of you.


RE:  the hair thing.  I have thick, black hair.  While I'd love to just let it go for a variety of reasons, I just can't get myself to do it.  Even in the dead of winter, I go for 4 or 5 days, then go to the gym in capris and worry the entire time that the rednecks in this town are horrified by my hairy legs.  I've never had a bikini wax, have always just gone super short with DH's beard trimmer...........until he got a new one, or at least I thought he did.  Turns out it's a shaver, and I somehow ended up going completely bare.  And I liked it.  Now all this talk is making me think waxing might be the way to go.


I'm also dealing with a very hairy almost 13yo.  She started shaving her legs at 11 (and keeps them up obsessively).  Now she's having horrible chaffing issues in soccer, and after catching a glimpse of her the other day and reading this thread I realized that at least trimming quite a bit might help matters tremendously.  But how the hell do I start THAT conversation?  We talk about everything and eventually I'll just do it, but for some reason it really freaks me out.


On the professional front, I see the full range.  Lots of "never trimmed a bit in my life", lots of "naked as a baby's bottom" and everything in between.  It's pretty obvious the ones who go to special effort for birth, and honestly, most of them are hospital births where they are going to be observed by strangers.  Our homebirth clients just seem to do whatever it is that they usually do and don't care a whit about us.  And every once in a while, when I'm attending the birth of a mom who obviously doesn't shave anything, I'm a bit ashamed I'm so caught up in what others think.  Sigh.


Getting my butt to the gym, back to pack, then off for 3 days with Court for a tournament in Portland.  I'm SO excited for this one on one time with my big girl.  And while I know you all are dying of heat stroke, if you could at least put in some "no rain" vibes for us for the weekend?  The girls want to play in the pool, and if I'm going to be sitting on the sidelines for hours, I'd sure like to at least not be wearing gore-tex.  gloomy.gif

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Thinking of you, Zub.  Positive Vibes and Peace.


Today started with AAA installing a new battery in my car while parked in the parking lot of DS's day camp.  Went to work, 88F in my office, bagged it, came home, dealt with intake info for DS to see someone at Children's on the speech/language stuff (they're sending us to the wrong person - obvious to everyone, but they don't know who the right person is, though agreement all around he needs to be seen by someone), met the new sitter.  Whew.  DS tried teaching her chess first, and now they're onto Forbidden Island, which is a great game, but feels a bit like Calvin Ball when you're learning.  I'm scared she's going to run screaming.


Now I need to do this weird thing called "work."


I tried swimming instead of running Tuesday.  I gave up after 6 minutes - the water is just too hot.  We ran last night, which was fine - hot and slow.  So we're running again tonight, again waiting until 9pm so the heat index drops below 95F.  Memiles, *please* send your rain, in the form of a cold front - no useless pop up thunderstorms please.

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