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grouphug.gif Thinking of you, Zub...  


I hadn't gotten an email notification in a few days so I fell behind... hopefully sometime today I'll get caught up!

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So, 50% are hairless. Wow. I thought it was a fringe thing. Also, meh, because if it's been fine this long, it will keep being fine for the next few decades too. I shave my legs because I like how it feels, and that's where it ends.

Three miles done, three to go. And then I just need to start getting everything ready before the tri, like oiling my chain and packet pick-up. I heard the funniest thing the other day. Someone else was writing about doing her first tri and it has an open water swim in a river. Apparently the river has alligators. Yeah. So my new mantra is "at least there aren't any alligators." lol.gif
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Originally Posted by sparkletruck View Post

MelW - joy.gif about the run!!! So happy for you. Oh, and my Dh thinks there are helmets her size, and that you shouldnt keep her away. ied part way and I had to start over).

You know your Dh is getting into this group when he asks [last night] "... so, what's up with the dingoes?"

lol.gif My husband sometimes asks about a parenting challenge "what do the mothering women think?". Trip to the bike store today (after more begging for BMX track) and I can get 2 year old size knee/elbow pads but she'll need to stick with her current helmet for another year or two.

Zub, so sorry you didn't get more reassuring news today. Hugs.

Geo, I hope your sitter survives the Calvinball style initiation.

RR- None today. Got dressed for a run with kids on bike/stroller and fought with kids about the cold weather and need for long pants. Got half a block from home, they decided they needed pants, and by the time we were finally dressed it was to late to fit in run and park before work.
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Zub, I'm so sorry about another inconclusive scan.  Do you have another one scheduled?  What is the plan from this point forward?  I'm sorry you are feeling discouraged and like there is no hope.  I continue to hope for you and your family.


This morning the kids stayed in their own rooms and I did manage to drag myself out of bed at 7 to run.  It was eighty degrees and humid, so I cut it short at 3 miles and called that a victory.  Then I took a cool shower, the kids woke up and we said goodbye to DH when he left for work at 8, and I convinced the kids to come upstairs under the ceiling fan and lie on my bed with me.  We woke up again around 10:30 when the exterminators arrived. 


I knew we had yellow jackets, coming into our basement wall from a small utilities hole that the previous owners didn't plug when they pulled out some old wiring.  In our basement, I could look up to the ceiling and in a gap between the boards see some bees flying around.  We knew we couldn't access that area to spray it ourselves without completely freaking out (DH and I are afraid of bees).  But the bee guys brought a flashlight and shined it into that hole to check it out.  When I saw the nest, I took two steps backward and ran into one of the exterminators.  The thing was the size of a basketball.  scared.gif  Anyway, I would have paid twice what they charged to spray it.  They say all of the bees are dead now and the nest will just dry up on its own.  Ack, I hate bees so much.


Now it's 11 at night, 89 degrees out, and I've finally given in and told DH that we can get a window air conditioner.  Mostly because I'm tired of the kids overreacting about the heat.  I know, guys.  It's hot.  What do you expect I will do about it?  Mean mom.  It doesn't help that I hate the cold SO much that I'm actually not suffering at all in the heat.  I could take warmer without getting grouchy.


Okay, going to try for another morning run tomorrow.  We'll see how that goes.


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geo~lol.gif re: calvinball

I really could use at least 10 more hours for today. Please? Sigh. So much to do, so little time. And I'm trying to squeeze in fun stuff, so I don't get too stressed out, but then I get stressed out about the time I took to do the fun stuff. rolleyes.gif

Anyway. The paper is done, turned in, and off of my back. Clinical last night was a trip. There was some serious weird stuff in the air or something. I'm on the adult "gravely disabled" unit now, and it's *fascinating*. You couldn't make this crap up if you tried. The one man we talked to the other day was found naked on one of the main drags in town talking to himself and his Barney (the dinosaur) doll. He's been to the moon and seven planets and the White House. Barney taught him how to dance. He just wants to get back to heaven to be with his wife who died 75 years ago (mind you, he's 35 TOPS). Last night, I was instructed (by a different patient) that I had to tell Ashley Olsen (not Mary Kate!) that he didn't do anything wrong. Same patient I had overheard earlier in the evening on the phone telling someone that he was going to kill someone (not the person on the phone) and rape and kill his kids. Textbook definition of mania. We also had a patient who was in her family discharge meeting and had a psychotic break *in the meeting* and ended up being slapped back on the highest level of suicide precautions (which is 1:1, staff member within arms reach at all times) and sent to the quiet room. It was a crazy night. Pun intended.

DS headed off to the airport with XH this morning after his swim lesson, so I am free and clear till the 31st. Ahh. I'm going to miss him, but he was driving me a little batty the past couple of days, so it's kind of a nice break for the moment. Then I ran around the rest of the day trying to get stuff done before we head up to the mountains tomorrow after class. I made two dozen breakfast burritos this afternoon, which are currently taking up an entire shelf of my fridge.

rr~Took advantage of being kid-free to go to the trail running group's run. It was gorgeous. Kind of humid since a storm had just rolled through, but so nice. I took my first real fall, and I'm disappointed that I got that much pain with no blood. orngtongue.gif I just scraped up my leg and hand, but seriously...how can it hurt that much with no blood?! Nothing to show for it? Unfair! There was a potluck after, so that was nice, but now it's after 11 and I've only been home for an hour, and still have a ton to do before getting up for class tomorrow. Sigh.

And I just spent 30 minutes messing with my scanner to send in my Wheaties contract. I guess it's official...
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tjsmama--yeah, crazy people can be fun. One of Paul's favorite moments was when he was doing an intake at the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless and the guy decided he liked Paul and that he'd be one of the people he'd let into his secret underground bunker for when the world was ending. There was more funny stuff about the story, but he told Paul he had a number of them around the state. And a friend of ours had a father and grandfather who were both schizophrenic. Apparently they would sit on the couch and argue about which one of them was Jesus, because although they both believed they were, they were smart enough to recognize that couldn't both be. lol.gif
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zub ~ grouphug.gif I wish your scan had been more encouraging.  Still, I think your level of nausea is a good sign overall.  Thinking of you.


Gaye ~ What a day!  Yikes!!!


Lala ~  that would have freaked me out too.  I HATE yellowjackets!


MelW ~ I can't even imagine needing long pants.  It was 109 yesterday when we got out of the pool.


Geo ~ Calvinball! twins.gif Love how creative your kids are!


RR ~ none

NRR ~ I had my MRI yesterday and will hopefully have some answers by early next week.  


Question for those who have had a 7-year-old girl ~ is this an age of moodiness, irritability, boredom, and general emotionality?  Or should I worry about DD1 who is displaying all of these traits this summer.  She cried the whole way home from gymnastics the other day because, "I'm just so tired all the time."  and "Nothing is fun anymore now that I'm growing up."  I know a lot of this is related to the amount of time she is spending with Neighbor Girl (age 9, and snotty to the extreme), but still.  When I was 7 I was playing dolls and building stuff in the woods and doing all kinds of fun things with my sister/friends.  Not moping around the house, lamenting about how boring life is.

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Hi Dingo(e)s!!  I've been missing you guys, and so much has been posted since the last time I tried to catch up.


Alex, I am sorry to hear that the last visit to the dr. wasn't something that would give you more hope. But (warning: unsolicited advice ahead!) remember to just 'be pregnant' because you are right now. And there is a baby there, and just try to be in that moment and not worry too much about what may come tomorrow or the next day. This is kind of the double-edged sword of knowing so much about our bodies and the embryo's development in numbers, statistics, etc. I'm only saying this because I have been on that roller coaster and know how draining and horrible it feels. I'm sorry, and I'm very much hoping for a positive outcome for you guys and just thinking of you and your family. hug2.gif

Originally Posted by JayGee View Post

NRR ~ I had my MRI yesterday and will hopefully have some answers by early next week.  


Question for those who have had a 7-year-old girl ~ is this an age of moodiness, irritability, boredom, and general emotionality?  Or should I worry about DD1 who is displaying all of these traits this summer.  She cried the whole way home from gymnastics the other day because, "I'm just so tired all the time."  and "Nothing is fun anymore now that I'm growing up."  I know a lot of this is related to the amount of time she is spending with Neighbor Girl (age 9, and snotty to the extreme), but still.  When I was 7 I was playing dolls and building stuff in the woods and doing all kinds of fun things with my sister/friends.  Not moping around the house, lamenting about how boring life is.

JG, MRI! I will check back to see what you hear next week.


On the girls question, those exact quotes have come from my 9 yo's mouth only recently. 7 seems so young, and like you said, more an age for playing and having fun and not experiencing pre-anything-like-puberty. Sigh. So, I don't have an answer for you, but I am trying to spend time one-on-one with my DD, hug her, listen to her sadness, worries, anxiety about what is going on in her head and body. It makes me sad, especially because I worry about the start of the school year making these things worse. Wow, 7 though. Maybe it's *just* the neighbor child's words and attitude?


I am actually not on the computer, I am packing for a week at the Outer Banks, liftoff in 3 hours. So I really have a ton to do before we can get out the door, but I wanted to pop my head in the Dingo Lounge just once before taking off.


FM: A bit spotty lately since tweaking my knee badly on a beach run. If anyone recalls, the last time I ran on the beach, I had a mystery bump appear on my knee. Now on this last run, I just had discomfort during the run, but it was only 5k so I toughed it out. And could barely walk for the rest of the day! That was last Saturday, so no running at all this week. But a bit of swimming, some yoga and ... yeah, and nothing else. I am definitely not running on the beach any more though. I think that the somewhat shifty sand was just too much movement for my knee.


Take care, and I promise to check in again when I'm back from our little trip. blowkiss.gif

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Zub - Oh mama, yes, what Mel said, although clearly easier said than done.  But there is nothing you can do that you aren't doing already and it's very possible that development at this very early stage has more normal variation than our ability to watch has uncovered.  So be good to yourself which will aso be good fo the little bean in there. 


I miss my Dingos!!!  Suffice it to say  have ILs here.  Ad now t's ie for them to wake up for camp (the one I'm leading so I can't just let them sleep n right?)


I'll see y'all on the other side!

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JayGee, I hope the MRI gives you some answers. Or an answer (wouldn't one clear answer be terrific?)

Mel, I hope your knee feels better soon.

Plady, have a great camping trip!

Gaye, if you find a way to add 10 hours to the day make sure you share the secret. You sound so busy that I'm suspicious that you're adding time and haven't told the rest of us how. Or do you just never sleep? wink1.gif

RR- I managed a quick run before dinner yesterday evening (with no kids and warmer weather so they could have gone with bare legs).

NRR- Spent the morning dealing with a plagiarized paper and trying to find someone to help me make major decisions (failing the assignment meant failing the course which meant failing out of the program) while my program chair and dean and regular faculty members are all on vacation. Ended up with another dean and hope that we made a good decision. Now off to work to print and write official letters, etc.
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Hi everyone~


Zub, hug2.gif Sending you light and good vibes and dingo love.


Mel, welcome back!


Gaye, what Wheaties contract?!


JayGee, my 7 (almost 8) yr old girl is also having some unusual moodiness. She is usually very even tempered, my 'easy' kid; not sure if it's age, impending move/dislocation, having been head honcho for a few weeks when oldest dd was away and now re-demoted back to middle spot...meh. All I can say is, right there with you. Hugs work usually as does a good amt of space.


On shaving/waxing -- I'm pretty mainstream in this area for myself although I wholeheartedly endorse 'whatever floats your boat'. Like you Bec, as I've become more fit and comfortable in my body (and dare I say...sexy?) I want to do things like wax everywhere and get pedicures with bright toenail polish, etc. Not sure why this is so, but it is...and the waxing feels better to me (or rather the being hair-free), is more comfortable and I like it. So that's what I'm doing. That dh likes it is a nice side benefit. shy.gif


No FM for me at all today, it's too damn hot. I have 16 scheduled for this weekend's long run but I may just push it off a week if it is still this hot. I'm ahead in my plan at the moment and it's not worth running when it's over 90 and so humid. Bleh.


Oh yes, wanted to ask: I would like to start my kids and myself on fish oil. Cod liver oil we can't do as it's not kosher. I am not sure how to pick a fish oil, or to go with a vegan alternative (and if so, what?). So much conflicting info out there... any ideas?

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Nic - I dont know about the Kosher issue. I have heard that there are two types of fish oil, one made with cod and one with ??? maybe krill. One (Cod) is supposed to be better for mental health, w/ benefits elsewhere of course, and the other (?) is supposed to be better for heart, w/ other benefits... but I heard this from someone, and I like to read double blind placebo controlled studies lol.gif nut oil or flax does not offer the same benefits, even though they contain Omega-3's. Omega-3's are not created equal, apparently. I do have a resource for this which I will dig up and post later. It seems like there should be a brand of fish oil that is kosher (.. or is fish in general not kosher - blork) as there would be a market for it, I just dont know

Mel38 - Oh no on the knee! If it is a bursa issue it should calm down with rest and ice I would think

Jaygee - My 8 year old isnt moody that way but she has been acting different this summer, more flaky and spacey. It seems that with less structure, she is ... less structured? But, I do think there is something to the neighbor theory. When we were in DE for that year, we lived next door to 6 girls within 1-3 years of my kids, and they listened to Miley Cyrus! and called each other stupid. That was the first time my kids ever started saying stupid and that they were bored. The stupid thing stuck rolleyes.gif but they dont talk about boredom like that anymore, although once in awhile. Maybe the 9 year old is hanging out with older kids herself who talk in such jaded terms, or hears it from the adults around her redface.gif *Peers*, sigh. You can always use the one: "only boring people get bored" lol.gif

NRR: on that subject, I was approached last night by DD1's coaches after climbing practice about her behavior and attitude this summer. They said she doesnt seem to be that interested, is acting out (and this is the serious, "good" kid who didnt want to watch a movie at climbing b/c she thought it wasnt "appropriate"), isnt pushing herself the way she used to, and is grouchy/doesnt have a good attitude. I was heartsick. She is naturally good at most things, but I know she will reach a plateau where she needs to work to get better, and when it comes to things that dont come easily, she resists. I have wondered about and feared what will happen when she isnt getting so many strokes for how great she is. She gets very sad and upset when she is told that she isnt working hard enough. But maybe the worst is that I was just this way as a younger person until a coach in high school basically said I wasnt working to my potential, and after being angry and humiliated, started kicking my own and others arses.

So I perseverated about how to talk to her, but meanwhile felt SO SAD. Im not even sure why, but I think its because I get some kind of pride boost when my kids are great at things, and now she's not. Its just like when my coach talked to me, except Im not in control of the outcome, or the response.

Long story short, I took her for a walk last night and talked about it in an open-ended way, querying her about her interest and commitment, like "maybe you would like to be back on JV and be playing more games, b/c varsity means a lot of things ... not just that you are good, but that you have a good attitude and try hard even when you dont want to and push your limits ... maybe this isnt what you like about climbing" ha ha ha all the while knowing that this would get her fires going. I posed it as a crossroads for her, and told her to consider what she wants to choose, b/c try-outs for varsity (they have them 2x year) are at the end of August (redface.gif)

So, we'll see. Im hoping that she will learn the lesson at 8 that I didnt until age 15...

Gosh its hard to be a parent

RR: weight circuit for 90 minutes, with my MOM watching the kids. I woke at 5:45, got there at 6:20, home by 8, because the prospect of leaving my kids with her is SO SRESSFUL, but I dont want to give up my work-outs. She leaves EARLY sunday. Whew!! Oh yeah, weights were good, Im really pleased with my strength and fitness thumb.gif
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JayGee--my mother always said she had some work we could do. She wasn't kidding. We rarely complained about being bored, even if we were. lol.gif

Dumb tri question for all the triathletes in Dingoland: so I have my race numbers but I'm confuzzeled. One is a race bib so great, I know what to do with that, but then there's this other thing (see picture).
0722111618.jpg by realrellim, on Flickr

What do I do with that? It has three holes in it and came with three twist ties (like for garbage bags). headscratch.gif

ETA: if it goes on my bike frame, where, 'cause my "top tube" is very curvy, like this:
mybike by realrellim, on Flickr
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I'm about 5 pages behind due to no email notification....trying to catch up.


Monday called dh home from work to take me to doctor due to pain I couldn't take anymore.  Turns out I have an abscessed tooth.  Been on antibiotics (golf ball on my jaw) and mostly laying around all week. 


Back on track for next week is in my hopes!

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Fish Oil:  The ND in our office says that Nordic Naturals is the only brand she really trusts.  It's pricey.


Game one done, game one won.  Nerve wracking- our girls took about 25 shots and the only on that went in was one that ricocheted off the opposing team's player.  We'll take it, but I'd rather tomorrow be a little less dramatic.


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melw~I have pretty much given up on sleep until I graduate. I might sneak a few hours in during August, but I'm not counting on it. Sleep. Who needs it, anyway? orngtongue.gif And guh on the plagiarism. Yuck yuck yuck.

nic~I posted a page or two back about it, I think...I got selected for Team Wheaties Fuel. LOL. I will be the cereal queen for the next year. Are Wheaties kosher? Would you like some? winky.gif

real~It's your bike number. Put it anywhere on your bike that you can. I'd probably do seat post. If that doesn't work, just find a good spot. Just make sure that it doesn't rub on your legs when you're pedaling or you could chafe. And GOOD LUCK!!!!! I know you're going to rock it!!!! surf.gifbikenew.gifjog.gif

We are settled into our condo here at Copper Mountain and (hopefully) ready to go in the morning! I have to say, I LOVE my team. Everyone I've met has been super nice. We got up to the condo first, so we got first pick of the bedrooms (and ensured actual beds vs futons!) and had a bunch of time to get settled in and explore and do packet pick-up and all that fun stuff. I bought a Courage Classic jersey because they're super cute and I figured why not...it's not like I'm paying for much else this weekend! I'm ready for bed and have all my stuff laid out. I feel really disorganized for some reason, so I'm just hoping I remember everything! 65 miles tomorrow....three mountain passes. NO SAG wagon. I refuse!
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real, you might also be able to pin/tie it around the front of the top tube and the base of the handle bar stem, if you can keep it out of the way of your tire. Good luck! I haven't needed a bike number in the tris that I've done.


Have fun tomorrow, Gaye!


Sparkle, did you make your own weight routine, or do you have one that you follow? Glad you got the workout in, even if it's stressful to leave your mom in charge. 


I took the kids to my mother-in-law's for a couple of hours this afternoon so I could go to the office and do some printing and photocopying. My husband rescued me from Friday afternoon workaholicism and we headed over to the pool for an hour- a quick swim and some hot tub and sauna time. There was a woman in the hot tub wearing a bikini with a thong bottom, a TON of make-up (bright pink lipstick to match her nails), huge chunky necklace, lots of rings, big earrings, etc. We moved to the sauna and she and her partner arrived afterwards, and she was complaining that the wood was very hot on her (bare) bottom and partner was advising her of the advantages of a "Canadian" bathing suit. I've never seen a thong at the swimming pool before!

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Oh, and the fish oil/omega 3: most vegetarian omega 3 supplements use flaxseed, which provides ALA but not EPA & DHA. The vegetarian omega 3 supplements with algae have EPA & DHA omega 3s. I haven't use either, but DEVA and v-pure are the brands that I know of that have algae.

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tjsmama--good luck to you for the next three days!

MelW--um, ewwww is what comes to mind about a thong at the pool. There was a woman at storytime wearing one the other day, with very loose shorts and a very short top. It was like a windowpane effect. It didn't help that she spent most of the playtime afterward leaning forward so that everything was exposed.
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Congrats Gaye! My kids and husband LOVE Wheaties (yes they're kosher!) but I can't have them anymore...gluten. But what a great honor. Cool. 


I'm holding off on the fish oil thing until we move in and get settled. I can't deal with one more project right now. LOL.


Quick lap around the lake this morning before it got too hot. Not sure if I'm doing the whole 16 tomorrow, I'll have to get up super early to make it happen while it's still breathable outside. We'll see. I haven't raised any money yet for my charity for MCM so that's starting to stress me out. I've never done that before and don't really know how to proceed. It's a really good charity -- sends care packages to Marines overseas. 


Not much else going on at the moment...everyone stay cool and have a great day!

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