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First blog post about the Courage Classic is up HERE!
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tjsmama--yay, the tri together! We're only in the same age group if it's F30-39. Otherwise you're golden, I think--unless you turned 35 and I missed it? Besides, you bike sooooo much faster than I do, and overall time is basically determined by the bike leg anyhow. Also, joy.gif for a race report!

RM--hope you can find a good decision about the meds and homeschooling and all. That's really awful.

Geo--hope you can find something for the sign language. My elementary school offers it as one of the after-school foreign language classes and I think our local rec center has every so often too, so hopefully there's something like that hiding nearby for you. On swimming: maybe do the front crawl instead? That kind of kicking should be easier on your knees.

La4--hope you survived all the family stuff this weekend!

kitteh--Welcome! Have you looked at Craigslist to see if anyone has a gently used Garmin in your price range?

RR: nothing today, but I ran all three days we were in the mountains. Thursday was speedwork and hill repeats, Friday was 9 miles, leaving from the Granby Farmer's Market and running back to the trailer (675 feet elevation gain, thankyouverymuch), and on Saturday we ran the Granby Gutbuster 5K as a family. It starts with a fairly ugly hill climb of about 100 feet over a quarter mile, but once we were up on top it wasn't too bad. DH, as usual, was slower than me pushing the stroller (yes, even during the nasty uphill) but he did ok. As usual, I smoked him at the end, even when R decided to get out and run to the finish line, with a time of about 30:29. DH came in about 20 seconds later and managed to grab third place among the 30-39 males!! You should have seen his face when they called his name. lol.gif So he has a new hat and I'll have official finishing times tomorrow when they post. Everyone has been asking him if there were only three men in that age group, but I think there were at least four. wink1.gif

NRR: There are still rats in my backyard. Going to the mountains and wishing them away didn't seem to work. The good news is that our next-door neighbor noticed and put out traps. He had caught three as of this afternoon. Unfortunately, I saw another two after that. We're going to spend the next two days doing anything but hanging around here, if I have my say.

ETA: here's a couple of links from my tri, both on the bike. I look pretty doofy.


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Lisa, you look great in those! I love the top you are wearing.


Gaye, Wow!! I loved your first part of the RR, and congratulations on that ride! It sounds like a huge effort and so worth it. I knew you had been biking a lot, and now I see why!


Welcome Kitteh!


I can't remember who asked, but my "bad" knee always feels it when I do breast stroke, so I only do that stroke for warm-up. Crawl/flutter kick doesn't bother my knee at all though.


So this morning, I had my first run since tweaking my knee. It was painful. greensad.gif I ran maybe 1 mile, and felt it every step of the way. This is not good, since it is more discomfort than I felt even running 6 weeks post-op. I had rested it for 2 weeks before today.


So... what would you guys do? Should I just continue to rest or make an appt. to see my orthopedic dr?


Must wake the kids - we have a busy day today.

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