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Ok, I have had such a *day*. Not only have I overeaten and now have a wretched stomach ache, but I heard back from the director of the "camp" my son has been attending [a little bit] about a complaint I made, which happens to be the third or fourth email I have sent her with various questions or complaints, and I got yet another crappy answer. Their policies are so non-transparent and slimy/corporate/money grubbing, and the director is so fake (as all those business types are). Do not say "Thank you for your inquiry!" when i write to basically complain about poor service. I hate FAKE!!!

On the up side, DS had an AWESOME swim lesson today, has made amazing strides in two weeks, and is ready to race tomorrow, AND DD1 is too! She is feeling better and Dh said we could just give her ibuprofen before the drive there and see if she wants to do it bag.giflol.gif But I dont think we'll need to thumb.gif Now off to pick up race packets and new goggles for DS who lost his this week disappointed.gif

Mommajb - grouphug.gif !!!!!
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Awesome that your kids are feeling better enough to race, Sparkle!  I hope they have a wonderful time.  My kids have been pestering me for a kids' tri.  I may just do my own towards the end of the summer.  Maybe I'll invite other kids to participate too.  We'll see.  I'm sorry about the camp.  I had to deal with that when Katie was in preschool, and we were making our first forays into gymnastics.  They were awful with her, to her, and would not listen to any of my complaints with anything resembling a genuine feeling, much less giving a crap about the kids.  That was the only time we did gymnastics.

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Geo--I'm so sorry about the nanny situation! She must know that you're counting on her, right? Why do people think it's so easy to find backup child care?


mommajb--If only you'd told me a little earlier; I totally would have jogged over to see your in-laws. I'm sorry that saying goodbye has been so stressful. I can understand that; I didn't even like the last day of school when my kids are staying in the school next year. I'm terrible at ending one thing and starting another.


Nic--I'm sorry it's been so hard finding a place to rent! I hope this week will bring more success.


Sparkle--Good luck to your kids today; I hope they like the race. 


All is well here, although we're still winding down from vacation.  Which, for me, means falling asleep on the couch at 9:00 the past two nights.  How can I be so exhausted?  I still haven't unpacked, although I did throw a load of clothes down the stairs and DH did a load of laundry.  Without checking pockets.  So now my one item of makeup--a tube of lipstick--is no more, and two pairs of shorts are sitting in the bathtub, covered with pink streaks.  I'm not sure what DH's plan is for them; we'll see if they remain in the bathtub all weekend or if he attempts some actual scrubbing.  I'd say they are probably a lost cause.


Possibly today I'll run, although this morning DS has a birthday party to attend so I'll have to go to that.  I hate birthday parties.  I'm not sure how brutal the weather will be later on today.


DD has also decided that she needs a party this summer, when she turns seven.  Ack.  I need to start planning and figure out how to throw a party without freaking out.  It will be a challenge.

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La - A party at the playground.  Say, 2-4pm, so there is no expectation of a meal.  Grab a sheet cake and just have them run around.  If  you need planned games, you can do a water balloon catch game, a relay race or things like that.

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Geo, with the Outback...are all three kids able to sit comfortably? (i.e. is the middle seat not really a 'seat' or is it made to actually have someone sit in for what could be long trips?)


Drove an Acadia yesterday which I actually liked. It's just...really big. I know my Ody is big too but it feels different. Definitely don't want a Suburban or Tahoe. Too big, too much gas. WHY can't there exist a vehicle that is comfortable for a family, has enough room for stuff, is great on gas mileage/emissions, and goes great in the snow?!




Quick 3.6 miles this morning and a big ole' BONK. It was humid and I guess I didn't drink enough beforehand. 14 on the docket for tomorrow, I think I'll try to head out super early.


On the house...the saga continues...but the upshot is right now we're waiting on two separate houses/homeowners to come back to us with decent leases. The first one with a good lease is the one we're going with. I told the realtor I was not going to wait around for them to dither again so even though they didn't like that we were pursuing more than one option at a time, it was incentive to man up and decide what they wanted to do. So...it's still a waiting game. whistling.gif

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Ok, so, as soon as I got into the local bike shop, I totally reversed my position on buying a bike online.  I think I will have saved money in the long run, with not having to pay extra for tuneups, etc.  Anyway, I got seduced, and ended up with a Trek Lexa SLX.  I'm giddy with it. It was on sale, but I still went over budget.  But, I also feel confident with the customer service, fit and where to go if something goes wrong.  Having a little bit of an anxiety attack over the money I spent, but I'm sure a nice ride this afternoon will solve that!  Anyway, here is a picture of my new baby!


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Bec - wow, that is so exciting and you look like such a nice couple! I only have a min but wanted to reply about you being here in the kc area. I don't really know my work schedule yet, but I don't think I'll have any work responsibilities on weekends yet when you're here. I would love to be able to get together! Keep me posted as you know your schedule, too!
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Awesome, Jen!  Will do! 


I had my maiden ride with it.  I went and did the hill repeat workout that our tri class did the other night.  It was astonishing the difference.  My butt needs to adjust to the different seat, and my back needs to adjust to the more leaning down position.  But, I am guessing that will come with time.  It's kind of like riding on a rocket!  The thing freaking flies!  Whereas the other day, I was getting up to a max speed of around 23mph, today, it was upwards of 29mph!  A little terrifying when I reflect back on it, but what a rush! 

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Awesome bike and amazing speeds, bec!


NRR- Well... I dropped off the face of the internet for a few weeks there when DH suddenly picked up a contract to do some curriculum development at the same time as he was starting a new course. We've figured out that we can't both work full-time with only 8 1/2 hours of childcare a week without both feeling more than a little burnt out, having a chronically messy house and not getting nearly enough time for exercise and sanity breaks. My oldest asked if we could go back to having clothes "the way we used to- in the dressers" instead of getting dressed in the laundry room daily. We've hired a sitter (daycare provider is closing down for mat. leave for six weeks), my MIL is going to take the girls a couple of half days a week, and I just set up a weekly exchange with a friend for one morning a week. I think we can do this- and I might even get a run in occasionally...


RR- Today was my first morning of the exchange with my friend's kids, and kudos to real and anyone else who manages to bike with two kids in the trailer!! The extra 45 lbs of my friend's son made a huge difference. Luckily we weren't going far or fast, since I had two five year olds cycling with me, but I sure felt the resistance. 


Goals for the rest of July: 

Run at least once weekly, hopefully more...

Take dinner to work in the evenings and eat it (no more eating dinner at 10 pm)

Get back to a strength training routine of some kind




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Yay, bec! joy.gif

Have I mentioned lately that I'm tired? Cuz I am. redface.gif

I actually slept in a little yesterday (till 9:30 Ohio time, although I don't know that I can count it as sleeping in, given that it's 7:30 Denver time rolleyes.gif) then dragged myself out for what turned out to be a crappy <4 mile run. I don't know what my problem was, but I had a side stitch that would not go away. And it was hot and humid, which didn't help. We picked up my niece to bring her back to my mom's for the night, and had an impromptu visit with my bf growing up and her kids since they just randomly happened to be home visiting at the same time. I got to bed early so I could get up early for my long run this morning. I was *terrified* going into this run, especially after yesterday's crappy attempt and given the fact that I haven't run double digits in months. I did just about everything wrong for this run possible. I forgot my inhaler. I forgot my sportbeans. I didn't take any water and didn't drop any out on the route. And I really should have started earlier. Somehow, though, even with all that...I had a pretty darn good run. Negative splits, averaged 10:20 pace for 10.75 miles. It was not the most fun run ever (running for miles on county roads is really not interesting), but I did it! And much, much faster than I thought I would.

After that, it was a family reunion where I met a bunch of people I had never met before, saw a bunch of others that I hadn't seen in probably 30 years, and was ever-so-grateful that my dad is staying with my sister and I only had to spend a couple of hours with him. bag.gif And then, it was off to dinner with my friend whose wedding reception we're here for. This is the friend whose wedding was in Paris in April (which I had to miss because of clinical). It was great to finally meet her new husband and to get caught up. Lots and lots of talking! I was grateful that she wanted to spend that time with me, because I know tomorrow at the reception is going to be crazy and I'll be lucky to get 10 minutes with her.

Now I'm just trying to decide whether to run tomorrow or Monday. Tomorrow is the better day logistically, but I'm not sure how my legs will feel about that. They feel decent right now, but I also got some serious chafing (stupid humidity) that I'm not so sure about running with tomorrow...
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I'm way behind and have a ton of personals to catch up on, but I just wanted to say that I rocked my 1/2 in the mountains today (yesterday? I haven't gone to sleep yet...) with a time of 2:00:25 and, drumroll please, landed 2nd in my age group!

Full race report to follow. And personals.

Also, I should probably mention that it was a really small race: 80 finishers. And if I'd been three years older, there would be no medal because the woman who finished a minute in front of me only landed 4th place in the F40-49 group.

But nevertheless joy.gif
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Congratulations, Real!!!!  And it TOTALLY counts!!!

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Way to go Real, that's awesome!


Nic, sending good house vibes...


Bec, LOVE the bike.  Is it a he or a she?  :)  Enjoy the speed!  Reading about your first ride makes me want to get back out there on my bike...


Sparkle, how was the kids' tri?


I'm about to head out to walk the dog and then run.  I'm feeling a little nuts.  The H works odd hours including weekends and nights at his 2 part time jobs and the result is he isn't around consistently enough to take any significant load off me.  So I go through the week working 2 jobs, running the house, taking care of the kids, feeding people and animals, etc. and then the weekend comes and I just keep doing more of the same.  He does help when he can and when I can tell him exactly what to do, but the majority of the responsibility falls on me with not much of a break and it's a grind.  Then I think other families must be the same way and I should man up and quit whining... <sigh> like I said, feeling nuts... the run will help.

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Bec - joy.gif so happy for you

eks - no, I dont think all families are that strung out; you are doing A LOT!!! I hope the run helps

Real - joy.gif Totally counts, super awesome!

RR: nothing. in the funkiest of funks, and Dh is out of town, and and ... aiming for tomorrow to get back in the saddle

NRR: yesterday was grueling. The Tri was fun and the rest sucked. Woke at 4am with DD2 [in my bed] throwing up. This went on for 2+ hours until we were packed and ready to leave for the tri (which I considered skipping for her but redface.gif). I put her in the car with a bucket on her lap, drove the half hour and got there by 7:30. Race started at 8:25. It was a small and well run event, so everything went without a hitch. The short story is that I dont know how my kids did time-wise. I didnt/couldnt keep track of times, as they started at different times (staggered) and I just had too much going on. I carried DD2 (45 lbs) on my hip, a pack on my back and my big ol' camera around my neck as I ushered the other two through all the starts and transitions (6).
The swim was a little weird as they started boys and girls separately, and then put all of each gender in at once even if that meant 4 per lane. The kids then swam in a circle; up one side of the lane and back on the other, in single file. The kids decided who would go first. Both kids were in the 6-10 group, so DS went off first, at the end of his line as he is slow, and he had a hard time on the swim. He veered onto the other, oncoming side more than once, and then there were the fast swimmers who needed to pass slower ones, so lots of swimming on both sides and near collisions. I didnt stay to watch DD1's swim b/c I went to the transition to help DS.
He is a crazy good biker, so I had told him not to worry about the swim and run, and to drop the hammer! on the bike lol.gif And boy did he. His bike leg was so fast, he got back before DD1 got out of the pool.
Anyway, they finished, and it mostly went well. I emailed the race director about the times. They had fun, and want to do the one at the end of the one Im thinking of doing in Sept. Now I might really have to redface.giflol.gif

Dd2 didnt throw up anymore, although she did have two episodes of explosive diarhea that afternoon, that didnt make it into the potty. Good times. Then we went to a 4 hour birthday party at an indoor water park the kids have been dying to go to. It was a combo of the most obnoxious amusement park you have ever been to and a club, as in Clubbin'. There was a DJ, and the music was so loud I couldnt hear a word anyone said. It was awful. On top of which, I got in a near parking lot brawl when I was trying to find a parking spot. Seriously. It was also awful. Someone bold-facedly took a spot I was waiting for, and had been directed to by the driver of the car who left. I pulled up and said that was rude of you, etc. There were 5 of them and they all start going off on me! Calling me names. I both wanted to get out of the car and start throwing my fists at all of them, and wanted to bawl. I did the latter. I was so tired and hot and had been listening to my kids whine and botch at me and each other for two days and I was just so sick of people dumping on me. I guess. (Did I mention Dh is out of town?) Anyway, I couldnt really stop crying, even in water park. Finally we got home at 7:00 and I was able to eat something, and put them all to bed.

I'm encountering a lot of people lately who are lacking in the integrity dept. WTH. It makes me sad about humanity. Sometimes I just want to move to a cabin in the woods.
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Just had to lol.gif about "botch" Its a good sub
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.... and yes, I did take my DD w/ gastroenteritis to a water park biglaugh.gif
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Real, great job!!!


Bec, awesome bike. Enjoy!


Sparkle, good for you!


14 miles of trails this morning...I think one of things I love most about running the trails is it brings back memories of how it felt when I was in the hiking club during my year at Hebrew University in Jerusalem (3rd year of university). We used to go on these great trips hiking mountains in the Judean desert, the Negev, the north of Israel and the Galilee region, the Golan Heights (where some of the headwaters of the Jordan river are). They were awesome, difficult, amazing hikes. I loved it. Somehow trail running on rocky trails especially brings out that same feeling of being in tune and wonder with nature and God. I love the peace and quiet, the challenge of the run but lack of pressure to go super fast, all that. Don't get me wrong, I totally love road running and racing, but the long runs on the trails...just awesome.


Had an interesting moment this morning when a beaver and I scared the sh#t out of each other. lol.gif I guess neither of us expected to see the other! 


Saw a group of high school x-country boys training too. They were fast, even on the trail. Smoked my butt. However it was nice to get a friendly hello and also nice to watch a group of nice boys running through the woods in just their shorts and shoes. They looked so...primeval. Cool.


Ok off to eat a lot of food and then we're going to spend the day at my brother and sil's. SIL, niece, dd2 and I are going to get pedicures. THen I think some time at the pool, then dinner. We'll be met by my dh who...




Go dh! thumbsup.gif

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Wow, good luck to your dh, Nic!  And good for YOU for 14 miles!  I have encountered high school cross country boys on trails around here, and they are almost universally sweet and friendly, shirtless and nice to look at, and smoking fast!  Speaking of, I really should try to run again sometime soon!


Sparkle - That sounds like such a full, amazing, tough day for you!  I'm so sorry someone was so unkind to you in the parking lot.  It makes my blood boil when I see such petty rudeness.  And after a day of you running around doing, doing, doing for everyone else.  I probably would have broken down as well.  I don't deal well with being yelled at.


Eks - I would say a she!  I sometimes feel totally strung out, but that is not the norm.  Especially in the last few years, we have been both making a concerted effort to make sure that we each have enough down/rejuvinating time.  It has been important, and has really helped me maintain my sanity!


16.5 miles on the bike this morning with the bike club.  I would have done the 30 miles. The legs wanted to do the 30 miler, but my butt is pretty sore from yesterday's 14 mile ride that I thought I should build up a little slower.  I need to get used to this different seat and how I sit!  It was awesome. 

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Bec--Hooray for a new bike!  It looks great, and you do, too.  I hope you'll end up loving it lots.


Nic--I'm always happy to meet the local cross-country runners.  My brother and I ran all through high school and it still warms my heart to see the high school runners out on the roads or the trails.


Today around 11:30 I decided to go out for an eight-mile run, which was not my smartest idea.  It was hot and sunny.  I did the run, although pretty slowly, but I've been feeling a bit crummy most of the rest of the day.  I have to decide what to do about tomorrow.  Get up early before DH leaves for work?  Try out the childcare at the gym sometime during the day?  Run at night when DH gets home from work?  I'm not sure.  It needs to be something, though; I need to get back into a groove.

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Geo, with the Outback...are all three kids able to sit comfortably? (i.e. is the middle seat not really a 'seat' or is it made to actually have someone sit in for what could be long trips?)


Drove an Acadia yesterday which I actually liked. It's just...really big. I know my Ody is big too but it feels different. Definitely don't want a Suburban or Tahoe. Too big, too much gas. WHY can't there exist a vehicle that is comfortable for a family, has enough room for stuff, is great on gas mileage/emissions, and goes great in the snow?!


Toyota Sienna with all wheel drive?

Mazda van-like car?


outback middle seat = not so comfy for 2 hr drive with 2 other adults in the back seat. fortunately I knew them both well.



ack. we leave tomorrow. I'm not quite ready. But it'll all come together. Just trying to decide how much work to bring and how much knitting to bring. More knitting than work, of that I'm certain.


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