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I hate parties.  I hate, hate, hate parties.  Yet I've just sent out the evites.  TWENTY-EIGHT kids invited to our house, two weeks from today, for two hours of revelry capped by cupcakes.  I'm feeling a little sick to my stomach.  Why do I do things like this?

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La4--glad to hear vacation is going well.

Nick--sending good rental vibes. Also, my sister has a Pilot and really likes it for snow, room and gas mileage. Well, gas mileage considering its size. She'd rather get car gas mileage and have SUV room. lol.gif

Plady--your parade looked like fun. Also, which CLO did you order?

DrJen--hope all the moving and registration and all goes smoothly this week.

tjsmama--I'm bow.gif about all that riding. Wow. Have fun in Ohio!

bec--sweet new bike!

Geo--sorry about the nanny situation.

mommajb--good luck with the move.

eksmom--hope you got that run. Sounds like you deserve some time to yourself and then some!

kerc--happy knitting on your trip!

OK, race reports! Yep, two of them! orngbiggrin.gif I ran the Grand Park Run for Independence on the 2nd with the girls in the jogger. They changed the course because the main sponsor changed, which meant that they also moved the starting line. Oddly, they didn't mention this to many people, as even people who had picked up their packets the day before were confused. We got there earlier than usual and Paul went to pick up the packets, only to discover that packet picket was in a completely different location. Eventually he ran back up to me and we headed toward the new start line, conveniently located a full half-mile away from the parking area that they'd signed for the race. eyesroll.gif Happily, the race started late because it was 8:58 by the time we made it there and we still didn't have race numbers or shirts. We ended up without shirts because they hadn't printed enough. Supposedly they will send ours. Things improved after that.

We were starting from the highest part of the Winter Park ski resort (without actually being on a ski lift) and I think it easily added another 100 or 200 feet of descent to the course. The course was a bit short--like 4.6 miles, but hey, who's complaining? R ran a little bit here and there, and about a quarter-mile before the end she decided to hop out and run again, which meant I wasn't able to blow past my husband. She hung in there pretty well at the end, which was good because it wasn't feasible to stop the stroller in the final stretch and have her climb back in. She felt pretty proud of herself for pushing through the last part. Time: 44:54 for ~4.68 miles, which is pretty decent considering that Paul was hanging in there with me.

Now the fun one! I've been really excited about the Middle Park 1/2, in part because I knew it would be small and in part because the start line was a mere 10 minutes from our trailer in the mountains and it's rare that I have such a short drive. Also, it's beautiful up there. When I picked up my packet on Friday, it looked like only 60 people had registered, so it occurred to me that this just might be a small enough race that I could place in an age group. And then I'd laugh at my delusions of grandeur and go back to freaking out (what if I can't get up that early! what if it's cold? what if I can't run that far? panic!). The swag was awesome: a hat and a nice long-sleeve hoodie, plus a bunch of coupons for local businesses and stuff.

Anyhow, on race morning I parked by the town park and then jogged the half-mile or so to the start line (this time we were warned about it, and I probably would have done it anyhow because the finish line was at the park). The temperature was good: just about 50 degrees and overcast. We couldn't see the Indian Peaks because they were clouded over, but as the race progressed we could see James and Byers peaks to the south, some of the Never Summer range to the northwest and parts of the mountains in Rocky Mountain National Park too. It was a small enough group that when we started it took me all of 2 seconds to cross the start line, and I got smart enough this time to not position myself at the back of the pack. The first mile was ok--mostly flat and past the alpaca farm and fiber mill where I like to buy yarn (if you've seen Lonesome Stone yarn, they spin it here and have a beautiful herd of alpacas). Half the herd was down in the valley just looking at us like "Wha?" They looked like they were wondering if they should run in the same direction from some unknown threat, or if we were just bonkers. And then, as we were passing someone on the farm opened a barn door to signal feeding time and the entire herd took off running for the barn. Simply beautiful.

And then I realized that I was paying too much attention to the alpacas and not enough to my pace and picked it up a bit. The second mile was at a pretty steep uphill but it leveled out after the curve. Then there was a lot more uphill until mile 4, a brief respite and one more fairly steep hill until 4.5. At the top, I was thrilled to see a nice downhill portion, but even more excited when I saw the bull moose running through the trees just to the left of the road! That was awesome. I tried to get a picture with my phone camera, but I have examined the picture and alas, I only got the trees. It would have been a better picture if I'd stopped but no, I wasn't going to do that! lol.gif Later I saw a pronghorn too, way up on a hill but I didn't try to take a picture, probably because I was too tired to think clearly.

The course was mostly downhill after that. It's the mountains, so there were a lot of rolling hills. This was what I'd trained for though, not least because pretty much every run for the last month or so has been in that area on rolling hills. I did my best to make up slow uphill times by running really fast downhill and that worked fairly well as I managed to pass two people who had been ahead of me. One person was about to pass me at mile 4, but he stopped for water and I hit the speed on the downhill stretch and he was not heard from again. I kept trying to keep pace with/catch up with a woman ahead of me who was accompanied by a friend on bike, but no dice. She finished about a minute ahead of me. Happily, she was not in my division, although I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out whether she was or not during the race so I'd know whether it would be worthwhile to pass her. bag.gif

Around mile 10 we rejoined the main road, but I didn't quite realize it until I noticed the mile 3 sign in the other direction. That was good news, because after that it was all downhill into town: past the alpacas (no longer alarmed by one or two people passing by every minute or so) and then the final stretch down Hwy 40 through town, a right at the light and down the chute to the finish line. By mile 12 I was torn between the knowledge that I could probably hit the 2-hour finish I'd predicted back when I signed up for the race (they asked) because I had 9-1/2 minutes left and alternately, the strong desire to lay down on the sidewalk and rest for a while. lol.gif Obviously, running won out.

Total elevation gain: 768 feet (at 8000 feet elevation)
1 - 9:14
2 -10:46
3 - 9:34
4 - 10:05
5 - 9:15
6 - 8:17 (finally, a downhill stretch and I'd just seen a moose!!!!)
7 - 8:52
8 - 9:08
9 - 9:55
10 - 8:50
11 - 8:39
12 - 8:25
13 - 8:30
and the .1 - 6:52 (not sure how I managed that, except that they were announcing our race numbers as soon as we turned the corner and cheering us in, and maybe that inspired me? I dunno.)

Time: 2:00:25
Pace: 9:11
Overall rank: 22/81
Sex place: 10/52
Division: 2/15

And as I mentioned before, placing second was mostly luck of the draw. Part of it was that the first two 30-something women to cross the finish line ended up as the overall female winners which somehow left slots open for us slower folk. If not for that, I would have been 4th. That said, it was oh so sweet to hear my name called and get that medal. orngbiggrin.gif

NRR: the rest of the week in the mountains was good, though I'm so ready for my in-laws to go home. Ten days is a very long time to be in the same place. And they won't stop hovering, but that's another book for another day. wink1.gif

ETA: link to what I usually look like when running in Granby: http://www.skipix.com/skipixv2/viewlargeimage.php?lang=en&photosetid=5643&filename=DSC_2984.jpg

If you go here there are pictures of some of the animals on the course, including the moose (!) and the oh so cute alpacas, and beautiful photos of what the course looked like with the cloud cover and mountains that morning.
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Hello again, Dingo mamas!  Can I join you again? 

I had my second 10k yesterday and it was a disaster of poor organization.  It was the Milwaukee Summerfest Rock'n'Sole Run and I should have listened to the paranoid part of me that said I should bring my own water just in case.  But the information about the water/aid stations every 1.5 miles was so reassuring I decided I didn't want to deal with carrying my own.  It was 85 and humid and the race went over the Hoan Bridge with absolutely gorgeous views of Lake Michigan, but that meant it was completely shade-free black-top and they didn't even have tents set up for some relief at the water stations.  Did I mention that the water stations were essentially empty by the time the first 10k runners came through half an hour after the half-marathoners started?  The first water I had was whatever I could catch in my hands at the 3 mile station that had run out of cups but still had jugs of water.  I was starting to feel sick and decided it was time to walk as much as I hated to give up.  Finally at 5 miles, a van had come back with water bottles and after downing most of the bottle I was able to run slowly for the last 3/4 mile.  I finished at an embarrassing 77 minutes, but at least I wasn't one of the 20+ who had to be transported to the hospital.  My DH finished in 53 minutes and was completely fine, but he's always been more athletic than I am.


The finish line was also really disorganized and overly crowded.  I never got the wristband to enter Summerfest free for the rest of the day (although we decided we had had enough of the heat and decided to head home after getting cleaned up at our hotel), DH didn't get his finishers medal, and it was really hard to get through and we had to go around to a distant gate to get out of the Summerfest grounds to find my sister and her family who were watching DS and DD while we ran.


I have been going over everything in my head since yesterday and I am really torn about how I feel.  I'm partly mad at myself for not training harder to be more ready for the heat and being responsible for my own hydration, but also really angry with organization after paying quite a bit of money and not having what I would consider the bare minmum safety measures in place for the race.  And wondering if I should have just sucked it up and pushed harder to not walk as long as I did.  I did get to run the first three miles with a college friend who I haven't seen in a long time, which was really nice.  She had her own Gatorade, which she did share, but it was warm lemon-flavored stuff that just turned my stomach more, so I sent her ahead when I needed to walk.  I think I need a few days of yoga and some gentle runs to recover. 


Anyway...I need to get off my rear and get to the grocery store because we are out of pretty much everything in our house right now.  I hope to actually keep up on here for a while!

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Subbing ... and getting back in the game after a freaky KIDNEY STONE and surgery. ArgH!

Training plan calls for 3 miles today -- it will be on the wheel of doom, since it's 97 degrees here! 

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I hate parties.  I hate, hate, hate parties.  Yet I've just sent out the evites.  TWENTY-EIGHT kids invited to our house, two weeks from today, for two hours of revelry capped by cupcakes.  I'm feeling a little sick to my stomach.  Why do I do things like this?

Are you like me? I try to think that if I keep doing it, I will eventually like it and get better at it. 


So far, after being a parent for 16 years, my attitude toward it hasn't improved. 




My children always love it. That's the only thing that keeps me doing it. 

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8 hours of power outage make Bec go insane!!!  Thankfully, the power just came back on, which means I can turn the A/C back on, and hopefully get my children to yank the cranky stick out of their butts! 

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Nic, Three across in the back of the car is close quarters, but doable.  K says it's ok, but she wouldn't want to do 2 hours like that.  Got the skirt!  Thanks!


Lala, family rule is that you invite the number of kids you are old for birthday parties.  It's keeping a decent lid on it, though 8 kids making pasta last year was about my limit.


Ann, complain to the race organizers.  They need to know that what they did was dangerous in many ways.  Either way, you might get your money back or something else as compensation. 


Real.  Wow.  Amazing.  You rock.


Have a great vacation kerc!


Hiya Eks! 


Yesterday's nanny interview was a no show.  I'm honestly stunned at the fraction of people looking for these jobs, who can keep up a reasonable phone conversation for 20 minutes, then not manage to show up at the agreed upon time.  I hate to say it, but Sheeez, Kids These Days.  Two more phone interviews tonight.  <sigh>


First day of camp today.  :dizzy:  K is on the other side of downtown 8:30-4:30.  DS is 4 miles north for Safety Town 9-noon, and then since I couldn't deal with losing my afternoons this week, I signed him up for afternoon camp 12:30-3:30 a mile from Safety Town.  If mommy does all the driving, I'd be spending over three hours in the car each day.  I spent most of last night and today orchestrating carpools with DH taking some of the downtown driving.   In all that, I'm running a writing workshop with my group, requiring 2 hours locked in a room together writing.  We got boatloads done.  I'm so glad I did it.

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Geo--that kind of scheduling does sound insane. Kudos on the writing workshop. I ought to try locking myself in a room because I've just been sitting on that article for two months now.

Ann15--I'm shocked that they ran out of water like that on such a hot day. I second the advice to complain.

RR: swam 1500m today, which reminded me that I've been meaning to ask all of the triathletes here for any and all advice you have on pool swims, what to expect, what to do, what not to do, etc.

NRR: The in-laws finally left, about an hour ago. Thank goodness.
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Real--Awesome races!  Man, you are FAST.  It's nice that your little one decided to get out of the stroller and run for a bit, too.  I like to see the next generation of runners getting out there.  The course for the half sounds beautiful, and you did a marvelous job on it.  Wow.


Ann--I'm so sorry the 10K was so poorly organized.  Haven't they done this race before?  You'd think it would only take a year to get everything how it's supposed to be.  Seriously, running out of water?!  I hope that your next race experience goes much better.


Dianna--My DH had a kidney stone a year or so ago, and it was the only time either of us have ever been to the emergency room.  He was really in the kind of pain where he thought he might need some sort of immediate surgery.  Luckily he was able to pass that stone, and now he lives in fear of more.  Not so much fear that he's giving up ice cream or seeing a doctor, though.  orngtongue.gif


Geo--I'm so sorry the the nannies aren't working out!  Man, when I was in college I tried so hard to get a nanny job one year.  All I ended up with was chicken pox.  Bummer.


Hey, nobody told me about the birthday party rules, only seven kids allowed!!  Actually, I was thinking about it and how it wouldn't be fair in our situation.  We belong to a playgroup of kids we've known since DD was born, and there are now 13 kids in that group.  Even if I pulled out just the girls, that's still eight kids who I'd feel bad about excluding, partly because the moms are such good friends of mine and I don't want to start with which of their kids my kids like the best.  Then DD has her school friends, and I don't remember which of those kids invited her to their parties over the course of the year..... so although it's a nightmare of organization to imagine thirty kids here, it was less stressful for me than trying to figure out the most fair way to narrow things down.  All playgroup kids and the whole class invited.  And now I'm just crossing my fingers that a bunch of these kids are on vacation or something.  praying.gif


I ran again tonight, 4 decent miles while DH showed the kids Star Wars for THE FIRST TIME EVER!  As I was getting changed to leave, I could hear DD: "Is that a good guy or a bad guy?  How about the girl?  What did that guy in the black just do to that other guy?  What planet are they on?  Why is it so dusty?"  lol.gif  DH said afterward that maybe the kids, at almost-seven and five, aren't quite ready to get it yet.


Okay, back to stressing out about the party!  It will be a fun two weeks....

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real~Nice racing, sister! clap.gif On the pool swim...honestly, there's not really much you need to know. I've done a handful of pool swims run by racing underground, and generally speaking, it goes like this: you head down to the pool somewhere around your start time. You stand in line and find three people who (say they) are about the same swim time as you. They hand you your chip and your swim cap. You decide with your lane mates who is probably the fastest, slowest, etc. Everybody gets in the lane together and they send you off about 5 seconds apart. If you get tapped on the foot, stop at the wall to let the person behind you pass. There will be lap counters for each person, and they'll tap you on the head (or somewhere thereabouts) with either one lap or one length to go. Get out, and run to transition! If your start time is on the later side, it doesn't hurt to head to the pool early. I've been able to just jump in and go more than once when I've done that. Oh, and hooray for departed in-laws! orngbiggrin.gif

Welcome back, prodigal dingos!
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Ann, complain to the race organizers.  They need to know that what they did was dangerous in many ways.  Either way, you might get your money back or something else as compensation. 

We are back home again. Unfortunately, my mojo for getting some homework done tonight disappeared in the hour plus wait for our suitcase at baggage claim, thanks to lightning shutting the airport down. I mean, I'm extremely grateful that we managed to land before the airport shut down, and didn't get diverted or have to circle, but that kinda stunk. So much for getting home at a semi-reasonable time. Oh well. We managed to fly from one set of thunderstorms to another today, as we left Ohio in storms. I'd kind of forgotten what NW Ohio storms can be like...as the siren went off and we had to head down to the basement for a bit this morning. I'm just grateful it blew over in time for me to get to the airport and take off with no difficulty...until we landed in Denver amongst the lightning. rolleyes.gif

I managed to get a quick almost-4 in this morning before packing. I actually set my alarm to get up uber-early (well, 7 eastern time, which is uber-early for someone still on mountain time!) to get it done. It was HUMID...I guess the preview of the storms to come. Holy moley. I was disgusting by the time I was done. Major props to those of you who run in that crap on a regular basis!

Back to clinical tomorrow afternoon. I really, really need to find the motivation to get some major writing done for my class sometime soon. I have a 20+ page paper due next Wednesday that I have not yet started on. bag.gif
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Hi ya!!  I'm here, trying to be here!!  summer time is in full swing and I love it!  No schedule, up late, sleep in if we can, outside as much as possible. 


RR: 3.28?  yesterday just getting back into it.  started an eat clean 12 week challenge online, wish me luck!  There are about 50+ emails a day so far which I find overwhelming. I am finding ways to make the food tasty now though, which is a HUGE bonus!  Today was the first day I actually LIKED my coffee (black). 


NRR:  working on some church women's ministry stuff today, still have yet to work out.  We'll see!


Bec~totally cracking up at the cranky stick!   LOL

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La, good luck with the party. It's only a couple of hours of your life (except for the couple weeks of stress...). I grew up with the same number as your age rule, and my oldest discovered this year that other kids do big birthday parties, so I'm likely going to need to do a "real" one next year, instead of just hanging out with a couple of families with kids that I like to be with.


Real, amazing races. And such a great photo, too!


Geo, good luck with the crazy camp schedules and driving. We have a pretty ugly looking schedule right now, too, but considerably less driving. And I am currently in love with googlecal and the merging of our four colour-coded schedules into a master that shows where everyone needs to be at any given time.


Ann, you can add me to the chorus of people suggesting to complain about the dangers of lack of water and the general disorganization.


tjsmama, welcome back. I hope you get rested and find some paper writing ambition. If I find the ambition fairy hanging around here I'll send her your way. Though I haven't seen her for a couple of weeks now...


DiannaK, glad you survived the kidney stone surgery. Hope you're feeling better.


RR- Got in a 5k run/walk yesterday (officially running 3min/walking 2 min, so I can call it run/walk instead of walk/run wink1.gif ), pain-free. I was supposed to be kid-free, too, but my youngest had a crazy fever and hallucinations about spiders all night so ended up with me in the stroller. In the afternoon we went for a hike to the beach with friends visiting from out of town and my knee was a bit sore on the steep downhill parts- I iced it last night and it feels fine today.


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Real - wow! You rocked it. Weren't you nervous? Ha! When's the Tri?

Geo - eek. Good luck with the driving. I have been doing a lot of crazy logisticizing here too dizzy.gif I thought summer was supposed to be a break?!

Gaye - Aah, thank you for the swim info; so it wasnt weird the way my kids tri did the swim.

Kerc - enjoy the knitting

RR: bike run brick for 90 minutes yesterday. Progesterone is on its way out, or the break did me good, 'cause I was on FIRE! Used my new playlist/ipod. It (the gadget) was temperamental and annoying, but I think I can figure it out irked.gif Today was weights for nearly 90 minutes. Again, felt really strong. I upped a lot of the weights to the next level (5# to 10# and so on) so that I would feel nauseaus again -apparently the way I gauge whether I'm working hard enough rolleyes.gif Not sure about tomorrow - may try a short swim.

Dh and I are bringing bikes on our two week road trip. I have been doing some recon. of the roads around the campground we will be in the first week; they look so awesome, I hope it all works out!
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Originally Posted by MelW View Post



Geo, good luck with the crazy camp schedules and driving. We have a pretty ugly looking schedule right now, too, but considerably less driving. And I am currently in love with googlecal and the merging of our four colour-coded schedules into a master that shows where everyone needs to be at any given time.


We do the same thing. DH and I are going to celebrate after this is all done with a nice bottle of wine if we get through without ever losing a kid.

Against my better judgement, I'm going running in a bit. Then again tomorrow morning at5:30 am...

Still no nanny, or even a successful interview in my house. Gar.
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La4-- lol.gif about the kids and Star Wars.

tjsmama--thanks for the swim info. And yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if the lap times vary. I managed to swim 21 laps in 14:30 two weeks ago and sent that time to them, but yesterday I could only pull off 15:30. eyesroll.gif

Oh, do people ever stop at the wall to say, breathe and recompose themselves? Does it mess things up a lot if people do that?

sparkle--yay for such an awesome brick. My tri is a week from Saturday.

RR: ran the girls to the library and later took them on a ride to my sister's. Feeling slow and sluggish (and my times show it) but that's to be expected.

NRR: Practicing organ after running and biking definitely makes the pedalwork more interesting! My legs are tired. Actually, all of me is tired. I really wish I wasn't playing for church the next two Sundays because I don't need one more thing right now. Heck, I'll be so glad to be done with the tri because the schedule of workouts is making me a crazy person. (My swim and bike are so weak that I've been trying to do 3 each a week, plus 4 days of running. It's ugly math.)

And that said, I keep finding myself thinking about doing the Rock 'n' Roll marathon here in October. What is wrong with me? banghead.gif
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sparkle, awesome workout. I've been paying attention to cycles and strenght since you

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real~Yes, people stop at the wall, and no, it doesn't mess anything up. Worst case, the person behind you catches up, and you let them pass. Do what ya gotta do, sister! That said, you will be F.I.N.E. I promise. orngbiggrin.gif

One more day of clinical is done. Blah. And my last process recording (where we talk to a patient and then write everything down and analyze it) and care plan are done. My care plan kind of sucked, but that's also kind of good, since we have to put 5 in our paper, and I could really use feedback on the more challenging ones. bag.gif I had the experience tonight for the first time of talking to a patient who didn't want to tell me anything. I thought her story sounded interesting, so I asked if she would be willing to talk. She was, but then proceeded to tell me NOTHING and completely avoided all the major issues, which I knew about from reading her chart. It was interesting, in a totally uncomfortable kind of way. shrug.gif

rr~Spin class this morning, followed by a quick brick on the hamster wheel. I have to confess that I didn't work very hard in spin class. I just wasn't feeling it. I spun and I sweat, but never really felt like I got my HR up. I did work pretty hard on the treadmill, though, so that kind of evens out, right?
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Yay, we're home!!!!  Vacation was fabulous, but way too short.  I really wish we could have stayed another week.  The kids had so much fun, especially with their cousins in Rhode Island.  No one wanted to leave.


There is no way I can do personals from the last 13 days, but...


bec ~ congrats on the new bike!!!!!


Real ~ I've only ever done one pool tri and it was one where we started in a long line, one after the other, and snaked through all the lanes in the pool, going up one side of the lane, down the other side, and then under the lane line to repeat in the next lane.  It was horrible in terms of passing, but there was certainly space to wait on the wall.  Good luck!


I need to get moving again.  I see the doctor tomorrow for an MRI referral, but I've gotten really, really out of shape since I stopped swimming, biking and running.  Today, a walk and some weights at the Y.

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Jaygee~ so glad you had a great vacation!  What did I miss aobut the MRI?  I thought your leg was good to go?  I'm losing it. 


Geo~ sorry to hear about the babysitting dilemma.  arg!  Best of luck to you for better luck!


Bec~ miss ya girl!  now quit kicking my butt in scrabble!!


Gaye~you too!  scrabble smarties!!


Real~ a full marathon??!!  Wow mama!  You go girl!


Eks~good to hear from you !  Love to you!!


DrJen~can't believe you are moved.  Wow.  Praying for a smooth transition for you and your family.  How are the newlyweds?  :)  So sweet. 


RR: getting on the TM today after breakfast settles to run out this stiffness.  I did a bodywork.tv workout yesterday that was brutal.  Had me squatting and swingning 8lb ball like an ax.  My ars, my lower back, sore.  ARms?  Just fine. 


I've entered a 12 week contest of sorts for clean eating.  Slowly but surely I am finding my way through the" tastless food" to the" tastes better food" and I'll tell you I'm not craving my diet cokes, nor surgary sweets (wasn't that big into that before but I always had a double dark chocolate zone bar for breakfast).  JUst have to make sure I'm getting enough carbs as I think my brain is a little "off" sometimes.  If I do well I'll share the before and after pics.  :) 


Have a great day all!

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bec - I definitely don't work the weekend you are here - so let me know what'll work for you!


Runningmommy - glad your summer is going well.  I keep forgetting to tell you, on the way home from Disney we ended up in Indianapolis for an hour and a half!  There were storms in Chicago, so we flew all the way to the holding pattern over Midway airport, but we were unable to land due to a ground stop there.  Eventually, the pilot said we need to make a refueling run since they weren't sure when we'd be able to land in Chicago, so we flew to Indy and stayed there in the airport about 1 1/2 hours before going back to Chicago finally.  I waved at you, even though you didn't know I was there.


JayGee - Yay for good vacations!  I hope you get some good answers tomorrow, too.


Real - Wow on your race!  And the age group placement absolutely counts!  Any of the little races I've managed to age group are all tiny.  Exciting to think about a marathon.  I'm still really on the fence between KC and Denver.


Geo - what is the matter with these nanny candidates?  And I agree with everyone else that older kids are perceived as harder because you have to actually talk to the them and they can tell on you.  Hopefully you and dh will earn that bottle of wine.


Ann - I'm late to the party, but definitely complain to the race organizers.  When their planning is so poor that you can't even finish decently, they need to hear about it.


kerc - good luck on your big trip! 


sparkle - same to you!  Hope there is excellent biking for you there.


RR - I've been running, but I'm going to have to do something different here.  A.  It's super hot - I didn't think we moved that far south, but the climate is different.  High 90s predicted for the forseeable future, and even early in the morning it's hot and muggy.  B.  It's super hilly.  My legs are just not used to these hills!  I about killed myself running in the late afternoon on sunday - I did an out and back and mostlly walked the back while thinking it was one of the stupider things I've ever tried to do.  Even though it was almost 5 pm when I went out, when I finally used my phone to check weather to figure out why I was so hot, it was 99F!  So now I've joined the Y, and I ran on the treadmill there this am.  (My own treadmill isn't set up yet.)  I did find out there is a running group that meets at the Y, and one of the members is supposed to contact me today with info.  Hopefully, I can find a group to long run with at least!


NRR - We're settling in to the new house and neighborhood.  Most of my essential unpacking is done, with the less urgent stuff probably going to take forever to get organized.  We joined the Y, signed the girls up for piano lessons, and I've made contact with the band parent organization to get hooked up there (2 of mine will be in marching band this year, and I've always been involed in the parent support group.)  I have a lead on a new dentist, orthodontist, hair dresser, piano tuner. The middle 2 kids are registered for school - Catherine didn't have room in her schedule for everything she needs to graduate plus what she wants to take, so she's taking geography online over the summer, and then I'm "homeschooling" her for PE!  She will have AP Calculus, AP Physics, AP English, and pscyhology and sociology, which she is all stoked about.  Justin was much easier since he is coming in as a freshman and won't have any catch requirements later.   I went to my new job yesterday and signed some paperwork, got my physical (man, those pre-employment physicals are dumb) and got my schedule.  I'm starting with mostly orienting, shadowing, and proving competency.  I don't have any call scheduled at least until September!  I'm getting pretty anxious about the new job now - I've been a very competent and confident private practice doc for 10 years, but all of a sudden I find myself doubting if I know anything worth teaching someone else!  I'm relieved I get quite a bit of shadowing time, and will only take call with a back up for a while, and they are pretty deliberate about making sure I've shadowing or been precepted in everything before I go solo, but I'm still nervous.

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