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Ooh! Those look like they might actually cover my size range (tiny ribcage, big boobs), but I'm skeptical yet. Mad4mady, if you don't mind sharing, what size do you wear? I'm always looking for stuff that's worked for other ladies with similar fitting concerns to mine.

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I live in an area with few maternity stores and I wanted to be measured.  The midwife who taught my birthing class suggested to us all that we should check out JC Penney's (really!).  I went and a little elderly associate who clearly knew what she was doing, measured me, brought me some bras to try and told me how to properly get my boobs in it.  Awkward and totally random...?  YES.  But so worth it!  The suggestions she made that I liked cost around $25.  8 months later, they still get the job done.  


I suggest going somewhere and have someone assist you - I never would have thought of going to a department store but am glad I did.

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Has anyone tried a HOTmilk bra?

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Originally Posted by KeanusMomma View Post

i'm not in your DDC but I wanted to throw an idea out there--if you have non-nursing bras you like (or can find some for a good deal), you can always do a little diy and convert to nursing. I haven't done this yet, but I know i've seen online tutorials. I don't remember where, but just google diy nursing bra and I bet you'll find plenty.

Here's a tutorial at Jan Andrea at Home, looks easy enough.  I love my Anita bras, but they usually run $70.  For that reason I'm wearing the wrong size since I bought two after the birth of my daughter and haven't gone in to be resized.  I can't afford to drop another $140 on bras!  I HATED the bras at Target, I kept losing underwires. 


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I just wear a regular bra (no underwire, of course!) and hike it up when needed. Maybe it's because I'm just small chested that this works fine (barely on the B size normally but nursing has increased this a bit ;-).


I bought a few nursing bras initially but quickly found that there is no such thing as one-handed clasping/unclasping. And the coverage was so thin (like single layer, no padding) that there was no way I could wear it as a normal bra without a nursing pad inside to avoid nipple outlines.


Now I just buy regular, inexpensive, soft padded bras from Target. If I'm concerned about being somewhere where I might have to NIP, I may put on a tank underneath from which I have cut slits for nursing, but which will cover the tummy. But I have found that just hiking up the old brassiere is a zillion times faster and easier than fiddling with a nursing bra (if you're small chested and can do it that way, at least.)


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I second Bella Materna! I found one on sale via Zulily.... super comfy and built to last. Love it.

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Target was great with my first DD.  For the first month, I lived in the nursing tank and night time bra I bought there before my daughter was born (until I went to a department store to get sized and bought a few "proper" bras from Motherhood).  However, when I went back (my old nursing bras are stretched and ugly from 2 years of use!), they didn't have the night bra that worked so well for me (plain elastic band with two pull back soft cotton cups), and the tank had these awful holes in the undershirt where my breasts stick through.  I bought the tank anyway and wear it, but the tank doesn't support me completely, so the undershirt sticks above the tank and looks totally obscene with this fabric Y sticking up between my breasts.  greensad.gif


I would really like to splurge on a couple of really comfortable, nice looking nursing bras to take me the distance, but we don't have a lot of extra money right now.  I did get a little cash from my shower, though.  Now I have to decide if I want to spring for a swing to calm baby in the evenings, or the nursing bras.  I can tell you which one would get used more!

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Just thought I'd make a note -I ordered two bravado bras, my bust is about the exact same size as yours, OP, and though I measured carefully and ordered a size up in band width and cup range, when I tried it on it was too tight, the straps dug into my shoulders, and I found it came up awfully high under the arms. Try on first if you can. I will never buy bravado again, i got them ebacuse everyone raves about them. I like "YES" bras and I know continuum family in canada sells them, there were out of stock but they are 20$ and free ship in canada, probably only about 4$ to the states...

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here is a link of all the retailers online or otherwise in canada and the us. Most places ship free and the price is about 24$ USD. It was designed by a vancouver mom to combine what she loved abotu several different bras. http://yesbreastfeeding.com:8080/yesbreastfeeding/retail.jsp 

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