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We have been following traditional foods for some years now. My oldest child in particular had gut issues from day 1 and we finally pulled her off gluten and dairy at 16 months which resulted in quick improvement. We continued to work on gut healing learning about traditional foods when when was 3 or 3.5. It wasn't until we introduced raw dairy at 4 that she finally started to grow and at 5 she was finally on the growth chart.


We continue to work on healing gut issues and have found that grain free seems to help a lot.


Recently we found a dentist who uses palatal expanders like those mentioned in WAP articles on dental health. We are very happy to work on creating the room for the teeth rather than pulling them.


Here is our conundrum. This is a dentist who is providing 'orthopedic' or orthodontic work. 

We would like to continue trying to heal the couple of small cavities that are in her primary teeth. She is a child who as a preschooler was tested as having very high levels of mercury, lead, arsenic and other chemicals and she has never been vaccinated. I would rather fly her to another dentist who does palatal expanding and leave the cavities to us to try to heal. Certainly we can't heal those that have been filled with composite. Composite is still chemicals. He filled one small filling and the next morning she a pencil sized painful white bump on her bum. I wonder if that is composite chemicals moving through the bloodstream. Not to mention she complained of tooth pain for days. She is a very hypersensitive to pain, tactile and I also worry about getting her to go to the dentist at all.


I'm thinking of just telling the dentist that I don't want to do any fillings, but am more than happy to do the orthodontic work (and pay for it) which is a lot of money. 


He once remarked that he had to do the fillings or risk losing his license, but in Canada where we live the Supreme Court ruled that we can avoid potentially harmful substances like vaccines. I'm willing to sign a waiver or whatever. Realistically we have another holistic dentist that I like and TRUST for dental work, however he doesn't do palatal expanding.


Any thoughts?