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We've told our parents and siblings, my doula (who is also my friend), and I've shared the news with a few mamas from the natural moms and kids play group I belong to.  Not to scare anyone, but my friend lost her baby at 40 weeks last summer (a very rare situation) so you just really never know.  For me, the people I have shared the news with so far are also the people I would lean on if something were to happen. 


I don't really have a set time when I will let everyone else know.  I'm sure it will just be a gradual thing as I come into contact with different people.  My nausea has kicked in full force so you can definitely tell something is up, and this tiny little buldge is only going to get bigger, so the word will be out before too long.  Not sure if I'm going to do a FB announcement or not.  If I do, it probably won't be until the holidays. 



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Telling my co-teacher tonight.  :D 

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I haven't told anyone but MDC and my SO. It. Is. Killing. Me.

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Originally Posted by mamathomas View Post

For me, the people I have shared the news with so far are also the people I would lean on if something were to happen. 


I don't really have a set time when I will let everyone else know.  I'm sure it will just be a gradual thing as I come into contact with different people.


Yup. I only got my BFP last night, but I've already told DH, my midwife (who is also a very close friend), two other close friends, my parents, and my Circle. All of these people would be the first to know if I had a MC, and I've asked them to keep it on the DL until we go public in a month or so. We're planning on telling DD this weekend, before we go visit the in laws and tell them. I pretty much always tell everyone everything, and I'd want all of these people to help me through a MC, so I figure why wait? I'm planning on getting DD a 'big sister' shirt and let her make our public announcement on Facebook, in about a month.


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I told my sister yesterday.  She's excited that we're pg together again.  Our babies are due about a month apart.

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I've told two of my close friends that I trust to keep it quiet and my husband has told one friend. My first OB appointment is on 8/2 so I may tell a few people after that. I don't plan on telling the majority of people until 12-13 weeks at least. We'll see if that actually happens though.

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My mom, sisters, and DD know now, as well as a couple close friends. More people will probably find out at DD's birthday party this next weekend, especially since I don't fit in normal clothes already.
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I'm a very private person and if I have another loss I honestly wouldn't want to talk to anyone about it (besides DH). 

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So on Friday mornings,  I go to a young ladies' Bible study.  All of us but one person are young mothers (she's waiting a bit until her DH graduates), w/ kids ranging in age from newborn to 4 years old.  I "told" them today, by having DS wear a shirt that said "big brother" on it.  But the shirt is dark green and the letters are black and nobody noticed, LOL.  So finally at the end, I had B in my lap and said, "I know his shirt is hard to read, but I was thinking that SOMEONE would notice it."  So then people start looking at his shirt for what it said, and it was SO funny to watch the expressions change on their faces as they read it, then understood what it meant, LOL.  

I also sent a msg to one of my Facebook friends and said that I taught B to say something new.  She asked what it was, and I said, "Big brother."  LOL.  (Which is true, he can kind of say it... maybe I'll post a video, lol.)

And, I ALSO texted a pic of one of my tests to another friend of mine and here's how part of our conversation went:

Me:  What do you make of this?

Her:  Lol did you just pee on that?

Me:  No I peed on it a few days ago lol.  

Me:  Actually I peed in a cip and dipped it.  

Her:  B/c I take of that, whoever peed on it, their eggo is preggo.

Me:  It is my preggo eggo.  And I didn't know waffles could be pregnant.  

Her:  Does anyone else know about your waffle?  Were you trying to get it prego?

Her:  Can I tell one person?  I'm so excited!!!!!!!

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I only got my BFP last night (and another this morning at 13DPO) so only DH and I know. I already want to tell everyone but I'm a little afraid of the ripple effect. I know others can't keep my secret, especially my family LOL. We want to tell DH's family in a fun way since this is the first grandchild...any ideas?? We'll have to tell them soon as they know about our TTC efforts and know that I should be finding out the results of our first Clomid cycle any day now...

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This weekend we went to a yearly party/reunion my aunt and uncle throw at a private recreation area that they co-own. My daughter was splashing around in the kiddy pool while I chatted with two of my aunts, grandma, and a cousin's fiance. Out of nowhere, DD gets out of the pool, walks around to us, and shouts "Mommy's pregnant!" Then she takes off to go swimming again, leaving me to explain. I hadn't planned on sharing yet, but oh well. nut.gif
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So, I was dying to tell people, but terribly afraid of the results (SO and I are divorced, but have been working on a reconciliation for about a year.) We are happy and sure of where we are, but have been working this out among ourselves and haven't shared details with anyone, so this will come out of the blue for most of our family and friends.


Fast forward to Saturday. It was a much anticipated meet-up of some women from a birthboard from my older son. I've known these women for nearly five years, but had not met them in person. We had an awesome day exploring Boston and settled on a new restaurant for dinner. Just as the waiter is taking our drink order I suddenly realized I am at a sushi restaurant and they're all ordering wine with dinner. So, I burst into tears.


I have to say that they were awesome. In addition to the support, they set up a very fun teaser thread on our board that ended up with a ton of congratulations, which is exactly what I needed to hear!

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My husband. My mom & dad. 2 local close friends & that's it!! I want to tell but I also want my husband to take the initiative and decide when it's right for him to tell family.
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I have told dh.  And MDC.  I almost accidentally mentioned it to someone I was chatting with a couple of days ago; she has a noob and we were talking about parental leave.  I almost said "After this one is born..."   blush.gif  


I might tell my MIL, since she will likely be the one coming & watching the older kids while I go to appointments, although I won't have very many of those before we'll be telling everyone, anyway.

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So I am 8 weeks now and I've only told 2 people IRL.  My dance teacher--and that's just because I have been too sick to go to class and I don't want to lose all the money that I just paid for the next session (lol).  And I just told a pretty good friend (via email).  Her responses were "eek!", "that's weird", and "what the heck?".  mecry.gifI replied and told her that what she is supposed to say is congratulations eyesroll.gif

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Junebug, I am sorry, that sucks. headscratch.gif Especially since she was one of 2 people you chose to tell. What a bummer. When we shared our news with the extended family with our first baby you'd have thought something horrible had just happened. It still makes me sad to this day when I think about it. We had been together for 8 years and just gotten married 3 months prior, so it wasn't like I was 16 and pregnant either. It has taught me the proper response to any pregnancy announcement is ALWAYS Congratulations.


As for me, I have told a couple of online friends and my best friend. And dh of course. We haven't told the kids yet, I had a m/c a few months ago and they weren't happy. As a matter of fact, my daughter is still telling people "our baby died." Trying to avoid that situation again. I have been so nauseous I have wanted to tell them though. Probably soon.

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Well, after a B-day party last Saturday for my DH and Bug I think the majority of our local friends now know (one friend even asked if she could pretty please tell some of the other ladies in our Sunday School class...even though we haven't attended that church since November and are probably switching churches...so even some people I don't keep up with much locally now know)!! 


I took Bug to a splash day thing at a local church the other day and ran into a couple of moms from my moms group (that I dropped out of after my miscarriage in February) and they know now...and I can't help but bring it up when talking to people I don't even know...like the cashier at the grocery store, a mom whose babywrap I admired, a nurse at Bug's new pediatricians office, etc. I think mostly cause I still have a bit of leftover mummy tummy from Bug and now that I know I'm pregnant I don't feel like always sucking it in and yet I don't want to seem like I just let myself go either!! So much easier to just say "I'm pregnant" and let it all hang out!! I'm only eight pounds heavier starting out with this pregnancy than I was with Bug, so not too bad...but I was still pretty self conscious about my tummy. 


Still haven't decided when to let it be known about the internet yet. I'm on a forum with a bunch of ladies I've known online for five and a half years (though only met a handful in person during that time) and one mummy who is due in March (exact same due date as me) has already posted that she's expecting, but after my miscarriage in February I've been a bit more cautious this time around. I may wait till I get my early dating sono at eight weeks and then tell them...but I will probably wait till 12-16 weeks to post anything about it to Facebook. I kinda wish I could wait till the 16 week mark and be able to post on that forum to the "Belly pics, due date, gender, birth plan" thread and be able to tell all of those as my announcement...but it's been hard enough keeping it mum on there for the last two and a half weeks...I KNOW I won't be able to keep quiet for 10-12 more weeks till we can find out gender!! Plus, while I am glad to be a part of this DDC, I find a great deal of support on that forum because I've known them all so long...so I would love to be able to post and ask questions about all things pregnancy on there soon!!

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Anybody else who is waiting to tell people starting to feel like they are gonna burst if they don't say something? I did end up telling one of my old roommates on Facebook chat yesterday (so it's no longer just family and local friends who know)...but I just had a nice chat with an online friend JUST NOW who is 25 weeks pregnant and it was all I could do to not spill the beans!! I mean, I'd really rather wait to make any online announcements in forums (other than here, of course) till I've had my sono and can see that bebe' is snug where he/she should be and I've heard the heartbeat...but I've not even got the sono set up yet and we are still trying to decide if we are doing a birth center birth, a hospital birth with a nurse midwife, or a hospital birth with an OB...so It could be at least a couple more weeks!! I've kept it quiet online for three weeks already and I feel like I could burst!!

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yeah, feeling the same way here. Especially when I have friends who are saying things like "I had a dream you were pregnant"... lol... still keeping it quiet though. Waiting for DH to tell his family, and I'm not going to pressure him on that. We may very well go the e-mail route.

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DH is very nervous, but I'm telling my girlfriends (four, so far). None of them speak with my parents or is at any risk to tell a bunch of people. My Mom, on the other hand, is vacationing with a huge clutch of extended family right now and she can NEVER keep a secret. Thus, mom won't know until she comes back from vaca. I really wish my il-laws could come down for a visit. I'd love to tell them in person but DH says no more visitors for a while (our house has been very full lately...including when I got my BFP!).

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