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5-htp Dosage?

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I started taking this yesterday along with B100.  However, I am unsure of the correct dosage.  Does anyone else take this?

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I do. I started with 50 mg once a day, progressed to 50 mg twice a day, and now I take 100 mg once a day. 


Start with a low dosage and go up if necessary. Too much 5-HTP can make me angry and irritable and very short-tempered--ironically, I take the stuff to alleviate those issues in the first place! Finding the right dosage is key. Also, I found that while the time-release kind works well for two of my friends who use it, it does not work well for me. I felt like I hadn't taken anything at all. I think I need the initial burst.


Be cautious and watch yourself while you're starting to add this in. I know some people who have complained that it made them angry and aggressive (any size dose) and that it gave them bad nightmares like melatonin can for some people. I've not experienced those things, but just keep an eye out for that.



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