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both kids in school full time

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This year, both of my children will be in full day school. I'm not worried about being bored, as I have about 10 hours working part time, plus volunteering at their school, plus I play the guitar, piano, and flute, and all the household stuff.


What I'm concerned about is the loneliness and getting used to the quiet of the house. Most people are at work or home with small children. Anyone been through this, and care to share their thoughts? I'm thrilled that I still get to stay home, and be involved in the school, vacations, etc.

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Wow that's a busy day! I bet the time will go faster than you think.


I SAHM too, with one in school for a full day and one still at home. I am looking forward to a quiet house for a few hours (to get things done) when they are both in school. What stresses me though is when they grow up and move out . Just yesterday dd said to me, "mommy when we grow up you won't have any more kids!" It was all I could do not to sob right in front of her!



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Your situation sounds very similar to mine.  My kids are a little bit older, but they've all been in school full-time for 2 years.  I work 3 mornings/week during the school year (will be about 13 hours/week this upcoming year). 


I will be honest- I LOVE the quiet.  I relish it, I delight in it.  But that might just be my personality.  I'm a social person- I love throwing parties and getting together with friends, but I also adore having time to myself to recharge.


As for the lonliness, I don't feel it often.  I have two full days off each week.  At least one of those days is my errand day- I drop the kids off at school, spend an hour or two at a coffee shop or Barnes & Noble until the bigger stores open.  In the morning I do fluff/misc shopping, go to the library, whatever I feel like doing.  Then I meet DH for lunch.  After lunch I do my grocery shopping and then head back to pick up the kids from school.  My other full day to myself sometimes I spend at home catching up on household chores, other times I'll meet friends or DH for lunch or coffee.  On the 3 days that I work, I generally get home between noon and 1pm.  By the time I have lunch, I've only got an hour or two before I need to pick up the kids.  I spend my afternoons cleaning up the house, doing laundry, and prepping dinner. If I'm caught up on those tasks I read, play music, surf the internet, watch something on Netflix, or talk/text with friends.  I also try to make sure I'm moving my body on a regular basis.  I've done all sorts of things, from using the treadmill & lifting weights at home to going to formal exercise classes.  My kids are involved in a fair number of after-school activities, so I sometimes don't have time to do those sorts of things in the afternoons or evenings.  


If I am feeling lonely, I make an effort to spend more time with other people.  I love having lunch dates with my DH.  I think it's fun to meet up with friends for coffee, even if they are SAHMs and bring their kids with them.  Sometimes I bring my lunch to work with me and eat lunch with my coworkers who work full-time.  And I also get together with my full-time working friends in the evenings or on the weekends.  I have a circle of friends who get together every Friday night for dinner and drinks (moms, dads & kids included).   

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