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Did your twin toddlers sleep better in their own room?

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I cosleep with my twins who have just turned 2. I am considering moving them into their own room. I have set up 2 matresses together on the floor so it is similar to what they are used to. I am hesitant to move them as I suspect I will just end up sleeping in their room instead or get an even worse night sleep due to repeatedly having to get up.
If you have coslept with your twins and moved them into their own room as toddlers did they wake less as a result? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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I just recently stopped nursing to sleep and just sit with one while she is in her crib in her room and lay with the other in our bed.  It takes just about 5 minutes each (I have dh to help with one most nights).  I would go to bed when the one in her crib would wake up, usually around 10ish and cosleep with them both.  So, to get to your question....Since stopping the nursing TO sleep, I have also left the one in her crib and sleep next to the other one (more needy baby) and Ruby (crib baby) now sleeps until 3 or 4.  Much improvement!  I am working towards getting the other baby in a similar situation and get her into the room with her sister.  I have found that they do sleep better without me and am hoping that they will sleep good in the same room.  I have terrible sleepers and haven't had a bed without a child in it since my oldest was born 5.5 years ago.  while I love cosleeping, it's time for a gentle change.


Maybe have one in your bed and one in the other bed for a start and see how that goes.  Just go back and forth, sleep where you end up kwim?  I know mine would end up on top of each other if in the same bed without me between them.  I have actually woken up and not been able to fine one, only to find her under her sister.....not when they were babies, thank God.



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When they turned two I nightweaned. Then, when they had that concept down, I moved them into their own room a few months later. We put two mattresses on the floor next to each other, just like you did. Once we'd set up their new beds with their new sheets (that they picked out) they were so excited that they were not interested in sleeping in my bed anymore. I nursed them to sleep and when they were asleep in their beds, I snuck out. One woke up once that night and I went in to sleep between them.

They immediately slept better! DS would wake 3+ times per night in my bed even after nightweaning, but now he sleeps soundly. I think it helps him having more space.

6 months later, it's still common for one of them to wake up one time. I usually either go in and fix the problem (one's cold or someone has their feet in the other's face, etc) and then go back to my bed or else I lie down to calm the upset one, and it's just easier on me to go to sleep right there. My sleep is SO MUCH BETTER now, I'm feeling much more human and functional. Waking once every night or two and going to sleep 5 minutes later is not a big deal. It's comparable to having to get up to go to the bathroom once per night. I'm just not up as long. To make it easier on me, I have a spare pillow that I leave in between their pillows, so I don't have to carry one around at night or anything. I don't complain much about sleeping in there (about 4x/wk) because it is nice to get to cuddle with them still in the morning. smile.gif
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Well I moved my little darlings into their own room 2 nights ago. Would you believe he slept through on the 1st night and she did the next! They have NEVER done this before!! joy.gif
If I had tried shifting them into their own room even 2 months ago I don't think it would have been so successful. As they now have a greater comprehension of what is going on.
I have been so focused on how this change would affect them I never considered how it would be for me. It is strange and lonely to sleeping by myself after 2 years of cosleeping. Plus despite having a baby monitor I am on edge in case they wake and I do not hear them. So 2 nights of crappy sleep for me. Hopefully it won't take me too long to adjust. Looking forward to getting my bed set up again and my mattress off the floor. I currently have 2 queen size mattresses on the floor. The idea of having just 1, seems so small now!
The next step will be getting them to sleep without BF. Seems impossible. redface.gif
Thank you for sharing your experiences, which gave me the encouragement to give it a go.
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How did you ladies manage the co-sleeping when they were newborn?  While I did this with dd, I am anxious about having two in the bed until they are a little bigger.....so I am trying to get ideas...

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For the 1st few weeks my twins slept in a portacot (with 2 hight settings) in the lounge room and i slept on the couch next to them. I was feeding so much and the tv helped to keep me awake during night time feeds. Plus i had a queen sized blanket folded over the coffe table in frount of the couch so i could lay them down whilst i got set up to bf. Having them sleep in the lounge during the day also got them used to sleeping around noise.
In the bedroom I had just a bottom sheet on my bed and my twins slept in the middle swaddled. I had a blanket for me and moved from either side to feed them. As they got bigger and needed more room I had a cot pushed up against the side of my bed and one slept in the cot and the other on the bed with me in between. I pushed the cot matress up against my mattress and put a piece of foam on the other side in the cot. I then pulled the cot sheet over the foam. When they were about 3 or 4 months I started using grobags. I didn't feel comfortable about having donnas etc so continued to just have a folded blanket over me.
The next stage was to put 2 queen size mattresses on the floor.
In hind site I wouldn 't buy cots instead I would have invested in a king size mattress.
Hope that helps
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Originally Posted by kungfufugirl View Post

How did you ladies manage the co-sleeping when they were newborn?  While I did this with dd, I am anxious about having two in the bed until they are a little bigger.....so I am trying to get ideas...

When they were very small I used a double co-sleeper:

When they were big enough to roll over, I moved them into my bed and slept in between them. We also side carred the crib to give us more space and to put one down in there. The bigger they got, the more we used that.
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We started out with one in the co-sleeper and one in the Snuggle Nest, but I found it really hard to keep rolling all the way back and forth between the two of them. After a few nights of that not working we got a second Snuggle Nest and the two end to end in the middle of our king size bed. This set-up is working really well for us right now, we'll have to adjust as they get too big for the Snuggle Nests though. We also rotate which place each baby is sleeping in so they don't develop a side preference (on the recommendation of a physical therapist). I would really second having the king size bed however you decide to co-sleep. Here is a pic of our set-up. Good Luck!




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