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I guess I'm joining a bit late....my EDD is July 24th.  We're expecting our first baby!


I just joined this forum yesterday and I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone.

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Welcome!! This is a great forum full of lots of very interesting people and awesome advice! Glad you joined us smile.gif
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You came at the right time!  Babies are coming fast and furious - I know I'm loving the daily baby-arrival updates. ;)


(Oh, and welcome! ;))

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Hi there and welcome!

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Welcome! I'm due the 25th, and have been more of a lurker than a poster here. Trying to change that, though! 

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I do find it encouraging to see the birth announcements starting!  It's finally starting to feel real...I could have a baby any day now!

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welcome. Yes, birth announcements are starting to make it more real... and me more nervous! I'm so not prepared yet! I'm pulling up the rear of the month on 7/30 so it may be quite a bit for me.
Congrats on your first!
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