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IUI Scheduling conflict - any alternatives?

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Hi all - this is my first time to this forum and hoping I can get some advice. My husband and I are on our second cycle of trying IUI. We have been TTC for about a year. My husband just started a new job and he will no longer have a schedule where he can take off work for an hour or two as needed. This is going to be a problem when we get the day in my cycle where he needs to drop off his semen for the insemination. Additionally, my doc has us do it two days in a row. His work hours are currently 6 am to 8 pm, obviously outside the hours of my doc. Anyone here ever had a similar situation? Are there any possible ways for him to produce ahead of time and it still be good?

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I'm not the best person to answer, so I hope someone else jumps in. I know some women have had their husbands freeze sperm... maybe this is an option, if your doctor will do it and there's a time on the weekend or one of your husband's days off when he could do this? Is sperm quality an issue for your husband? (That would make freezing a less-good option.) Does your husband work those hours every single day? (They seem really, really brutal - I hope this is only an every-other-day thing.) If not, you could talk to your doctor about timing your trigger shot to coincide with his schedule. As I understand it, there's a range of days you could actually trigger on. It wouldn't necessarily allow for two days of sperm collection, but it would allow for one.


Hope someone can chime in with more helpful suggestions!

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What time does the clinic open?  The one I go to is open at 7am and they are accommodating if work schedule does not permit, so perhaps yours has similar hours?  I would call them and let them know what your situation is.  When I first went, my husband was not able to deliver in person because of work, so he gave me the goods beforehand and I think I had up to an hour to get it there (I would double-check the time... could be more, could be less).  The key was I had to keep it close to body temperature (so basically, you'd stuff the container in your bra or panties and "wear" it there until you hand it over).  The sperm was then washed, so not used immediately anyway.  I wasn't able to come back until later in the day after I finished work since the wash took an hour or so and I couldn't wait, and that was fine with the clinic. 


Basically, the best place to ask your question is the fertility clinic!  Give 'em a call!

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Thanks for the replies!  Yes, those are his hours everyday :(  He is a medical resident, so that's the deal and he pretty much doesn't get any breaks.  I spoke with my doc yesterday and his suggestion was to go to my husband's work, have him produce there, and then I can drop it off.  I am not so sure how well that is going to work...haha :)  My clinic opens at 7:30.  That might be an option that we try for the morning as the middle of the day will be even harder.  Thanks for the input :)

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There are a lot of doctors that don't think back to back IUIs are beneficial at all so you COULD just figure out one day. That would take away one day's worth or problems. Getting the sample at his work won't be fun but if it works that's great, also since he's a med resident they might have a place for something like that. Good luck. Make sure you keep the sample against your skin so it stays body temperature. 

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Oh, well, that explains the hours!! I am glad my dh decided to be an engineer instead of a doctor. My best friends are doctors, so I've seen how crazy that is!

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