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The Baby Bjorn killed our backs, even when ds was very little. Dh walked around like a big preggo after carrying our 3 month old for only a short while!

Although, they have a new Bjorn out that has a strap that goes around the back for better support. I think I saw it here: www.rightstart.com

We used the OTSBH from 3 months on, and ds would live there if he could. Also check into a kozy carrier. You can front carry but there is full support under the babys legs and bottom, so no spinal stress. There is a wait of about a month to get one though.

You will love babywearin'!!!
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Different babies like different things. My son wanted freedom of movement for his legs and arms, and the Bjorn provided that better than any sling I've ever seen. Also, many grandparents/ friends are more comfortable using the Bjorn because they feel more secure- it would be really difficult for a baby to fall out of one. Not to say they're likely to leap out of a sling, either, but the way they're strapped in feels safer to many people.

Any way you can borrow a variety, and then buy what you and baby like best?
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Originally posted by srain
Different babies like different things.
This is true. If you have a baby with reflux, they won't be comfy curled up in the sling They will need an upright, front carrier.
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Hey Tanya!
Don't forget though that babies can be upright in the sling in the snuggle or tummy to tummy hold. That way their tummy is right against mom's, too, which helps with the reflux and any kind of colic.

The MamaBaby is great for doing this hold with even the tiniest newborn. Any unpadded ring sling should work well for this hold.
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I have to say I LOVE my Bjorn. I have a New Native, Rebozo and Bjorn and have used all three for different reasons. I think the important thing to remember is that every baby is different and every parent/body is different. What is important is not what type of carrier you have, but that you are wearing baby lots which is a great thing! At first I felt really bad for liking the Bjorn as it is portrayed as so *bad* in many babywearing circles, but then I realized that if it was working for us that was the important thing. I have only seen the one article posted earlier on this thread that speaks against it, and that isn't enough data for me.

I didn't start using the Bjorn until ds was about 4 months or so and about 15 or so pounds so I can't say how it is for a newborn. Before that I had relied on tummy to tummy in the Rebozo or cradle in the NN.

Once ds was older for me the Bjorn was so much more comfortable and secure in the tummy to tummy position since it was on two shoulders rather than one (like the rebozo). I have always been able to nurse in it, although that does put a strain on my back sometimes, but nothing extreme.

Now that ds is 10 months and 20 pounds tummy to tummy in the Bjorn is what he prefers to the hip carry in the NN or Rebozo and it is still comfotable for me and dh. As others have said it is very easy to use, easy to adjust, and feels very secure. I would say it is worth the money as I am still getting use out of it and know I will use it with future children. That said I think when ds was tiny I liked having the option of the cradle hold so you might consider one of each if you can afford it.

Good luck whatever you decide.
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Hey mamas, consider writing a review of this product! Use the form and past it in the reviews forum after you've checked out the simple guidelines.
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