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Trans conception

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I know it's a long shot, but I'm looking for other trans men who have ttc.  My partner and I are thinking of adding to our family in the near future, and I'm wondering how much harder it is to conceive after T.  Does it matter how long you've been on T, or is it more individual?  If anyone here has done it, I'd love to hear how long it took and what you had to do to make it happen.  I have an appointment with my endo in a couplke of weeks, and I'll be sure to ask her opinion, but I'm hoping to get some answers from other trans guys too.

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Hey Max, welcome! You should look up FtMPapa, who posts here occasionally, and send him an email. I don't know how often he checks this forum these days, but he TTC'd successfully and now has a lovely daughter to show for it. There is also a yahoo group called GQTGParenting, or something like that, that's helpful. There are several trans guys on it who have gotten pregnant and carried.


The general consensus I've heard though, to be perfectly honest, is that no one really knows. Some people say it happens just fine. Some people say you have a higher risk of autism. Some people say that's baloney. Some people say you're most fertile right after you go off T. Some people say you should go off for at least six months before TTC. I think some of your approach will depend on how you're planning to TTC, ie. whether your partner has sperm, you're buying frozen, etc.


Also, I have a couple friends who were at the Trans Health conference in Philly last month and went to a panel on this very subject. You might google that and see if it brings up any resources. If not, I can ask my friends for the presenter's info.


Most people who post here, with the wonderful exception of FtMPapa, are queer identified women, though some of us (like me) have trans partners. My partner, however, has no interest in carrying, so I am the baby-bearer in our family.

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Here's the link to that workshop-




The presenters might have some resources to share...

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