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My mom told me the same thing, but our expert lactation consultant recommended against it.  It's the stretching of the nipples that causes that initial discomfort anyway, which is something rubbing won't prepare you for.  I agree that breastfeeding gone awry is a totally different story.  I'd highly recommend that any pregnant woman line up a good lactation consultant and/or take a class before the baby comes! 


As for bra sizes, I got softer, stretchier bras that allowed for some expanding (and later shrinking) as I transitioned during pregnancy and nursing.  Then once my breasts settled into a size after nursing was established, I got more fitted nursing bras.  This method worked well for me.  I think I went up a couple cup sizes and a band size total.


Agreeing on everything you said!  Line up a Lactation Consultant before you have a kid.  Even if you think you can handle it.


And yes on the stretchier bras.  If I recall, my main bra post-natal was a nursing sports bra that stretched and shrunk as my boobs allowed.  Not to mention, the fitted nursing bras are harder to fold down and keep from whacking the baby in the face every couple seconds.  Softer sports bras were more comfortable.


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I don't usually wear a bra either, except during pregnancy and early nursing. Typically I use a sports bra for exercizing and that's it. I feel like I need a little support right now, though, and my favorite bra right now is a Barely There Microfiber #103. It has fairly light support that some people complain they don't feel ANY support, but feels very good to me - I think it's a good bra for those of us who usually hate to wear a bra and don't want to be restricted, KWIM? It is called "barely there" after all! I have several, and just ordered some more because I'm finding that I want to wear them regularly. I'm probably about a 36C and I wear XL. According to the first review, though, XL also comfortably fits a woman who wears 24W (and could go much larger), so I think it should stretch for quite a bit of of growth in cup size and chest size.



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i had just gone back down to my normal size (32 dd) before getting pg this time because i'd just quit nursing. now i'm still wearing the same bras, but they're waaay too small. i need to size up. i'm thinking i'm probably a g cup? not really sure. when my milk comes in it's a joke- they're enormous!

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Mine have gotten slightly bigger, but I'm still wearing the same bras. Though they are heavier and even perkier. I'm usually a 75C (um, that would mean a 34C, I think, for most of you here), though pre-ovulation my bras always felt a tad loose.


Last time, they went up not even a cup size during pregnancy (maybe 1/2 a size?). They went up about a cup size once my milk came in, though. Biggest they've ever been. winky.gif My band size never changed. After I stopped breastfeeding, they went down to around my normal size, though maybe very slightly smaller, even. confused.gif I don't care so much how big they are, so long as they look relatively normal on my body. smile.gif


Regarding sensitive nipples, mine are more sensitive around ovulation and especially during pregnancy. Good sensitive. They are bad sensitive while breastfeeding. Showers were not fun, ouch. They were also kind of sore for the first couple of weeks post birth. Here's what I did, which helped me: used lanolin (I think it's called the same in the US?) on the nipples; massaged the breasts gently with oil for a few minutes after breastfeeding, which helped with the general sore feeling; wore pads on the nipples (not breast pads for leaking, which never happened to me, but these smooth pads like the glossy underside of a bandage) to cut out chaffing.

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I'm buying nursing bras in a slightly loose cup size.  My band size never changed last pregnancy.  My boobs grew during pregnancy, but slowly shrank back while I was nursing, so I figure I'll get pregnancy use and then nursing use.

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My breasts have at least double in size and I am still a week off from my second trimester.  This happened with my last pregnancy as well.  I ended up buying sports bra style nursing bras.  That's pretty much what I have been wearing this pregnancy and its soo comfortable, especially with all the soreness/tenderness my breasts have been feeling.  My nipples are crazy sensitive too.


I don't think 'seasoning' really does that much good. As said before, if its hurting when you breastfeed, chances are you are doing it wrong.


I know so many moms that had their child, breastfed for a couple days and then gave up because of the pain/discomfort. I will admit, for the first week there I was sooo ready to throw in the towel, but after some practice and dedication we got things turned around and it was a totally new experience, I can't wait to have that with this new one!!

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Mine are getting quite large. It's all very exciting for me because I was a small/medium chested woman and I think I am going to be a member of the WEAP club by the time I ave the baby. I am avoiding new bra shopping for now because I think they are still growing. Sometimes they itch though. And it's not like I can scratch in public.....

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