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one more question about travelling and vaccines

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Hi Dr. Sears,
I recently asked you about travelling overseas to Lebanon. As I mentioned in the other thread, we've skipped some vaccines for our three year old daughter (we've skipped Hep B, Hep A, MMR, Chickenpox, and I think we are missing one Dtap).
If we go we'll be staying two to three months. I think my 3 year old may get pretty bored there so I'm considering putting her in a preschool part time while we're there. It is a reputable clean preschool, but I'm wondering if it's not a good idea since she hasn't had the MMR?
Also is it ok to send her to preschool when we will have infant twins at home? I'm just concerned about all the possible bugs and viruses she may bring home?
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The twins are likely to catch a lot of colds if she is in preschool.  Since school isn't really necessary at that age, you might want to put that off until the twins are at least several months old.  There's no magical age they should be where it's ok to put the older one in school.  It's up to you.  I'd just suggest waiting several months. As for the MMR in Lebanon, I don't know how much of a risk measles is over there right now.  How is measles doing over there right now?  If it's common, then you'd have to at least consider it.  I generally don't tell people yes or no on this.

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Thanks Dr. Sears.  Even if we don't travel, I'm considering starting her in preschool only because I feel like she's ready and it's going to be tough to keep her entertained at home.  I am concerned about her bringing home colds as you mentioned, however if I'm able to breastfeed the twins won't that help alot? 


As far as measles in Lebanon, there was a UN related program that has worked on getting all youth vaccinated over the past decade, so big improvements were seen.


However, I'm so confused about the MMR even if we don't travel overseas till next year.  Can I be nosey and ask you what did you do for your kids?


Thanks again : ) )

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yes, breastfeeding will help, but it isn't perfect protection.  As for MMR and my kids, I won't answer that.  I only will tell actual patients what I did with my kids in the privacy of my office. You have to decide for yourself.

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Honestly, it didn't even cross my mind to ask you... but while reading the thread about circumcision I noticed that you shared that you chose not to circumcise your kids. So then I thought, hmm I wonder if he got them the MMR, since that's another controversial topic, on this site at least. However, it is understandable that you would want to limit personal information on the internet. I wasn't so confused about it until they stopped offering the separate vaccines...
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