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Who's due next?

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And if so are you having any signs of something happening? I started getting stronger BH's yesterday and had some cervical twinges the night before. I feel like I'm getting ready, am due on the 12th officially but would be happy to birth on the 10th or so.

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Bump. ;)


Also, I think we need a "babies born" thread so we can keep track of who has popped, when, and what the little one's name is!  And maybe a link to the birth story...?


Stalking this forum is *almost* as good as having this baby myself. ROTFLMAO.gif

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I'm due tomorrow :)  I've been in prodromal labor for what feels like weeks.  Appt tomorrow with my m/w :)

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Due today but I don't know what's going on. I imagine nothing. I think I feel pretty bottom-heavy, like pressure pushing more down than before. Definitely have a solid waddle going on so I think baby is pretty low.


Tomorrow I also have an appt with my midwife. However, I expect to be pregtastic for another week or so. I think I just figured out what BHs feel like and I'm getting a few. Last week my midwife said I had "mama-face" but could tell I wasn't ready :) I'm thinking closer to July 15th - full moon!


Oh yeah and editing to say while I'm enjoying being pregnant, this morning I knocked over my entire precious bowl of cereal and milk with my belly. I guess part of me is looking forward to not being so clumsy and awkward! (well no more than usual)

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I'm not til the 18th, but yes Colleen, thinking the Full moon on the 15th could round things out for us, would be nice. I feel grateful for the ripeness I am. Only thing that every makes me ready is sleeping. Along with hips, my ear keeps getting bent and folded down and really sore, that has got to be the oddest pregnancy complaint "no my feet didn't change sizes, but I have a star trek ear now".

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I'm due the 12th, and I HAVE been having prodromal labor for weeks! It's driving me nuts!

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I'm due tomorrow :)  I've been in prodromal labor for what feels like weeks.  Appt tomorrow with my m/w :)


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My EDD is 7/15, I'd rather be earlier though as the weather has been preventing me from naps (it's too hot!!). MW's think it'll be any day now. I cannot imagine being pregnant for much longer, feeling very done.

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I am due July 18 but my last two came at 38+1, so I am almost surprised I am still pg. I have an acupuncture appointment with my gyno this morning, so we shall see what she says....

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My due date was yesterday. I was having great contractions all night, no matter what I did (stand, sit, walk, lean on birth ball) and then I went to lay down in bed for a bit, they were still coming...then stopped, I fell asleep and here I am this morning sobbing because I am frustrated with all the people who will be asking me where this baby is (and I didn't tell them about the contractions, this is just what it has been like for weeks).


I have a midwife appointment today.

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I'm due on the full moon as well  :-)   I like the 15th.  I also like seven eleven eleven.  Plus, that is my parent's 41st anniversary  :-)


2 weeks ago I was effaced 50%.  I have been having tons and tons of braxton hicks.  (having one right now, actually!)  This has been going on for 3-4 weeks.  I have a MW appt tomorrow, so I'm anxious to hear about my progress!  I haven't lost my mucous plug... for some reason I'm super excited about that and analyze my toilet paper every bathroom trip.  Ha!  It's so awesome to know that my sweet little babe might be here next week! 

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I was due on the 1st...


small contractions...thought my water broke last night, but I just peed myself during a contraction~ maybe today:))

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I still have 7 days until my induction.  I have an OB appointment today and I'm going to ask them to strip my membranes.  I had some contractions in the middle of the night last night, but I eventually fell back asleep.  I would be thrilled to have this baby before next Wednesday.  Seriously THRILLED!

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I was due on the 1st...


small contractions...thought my water broke last night, but I just peed myself during a contraction~ maybe today:))

I was due the 1st too! tons of BHs for last few weeks. Now stronger, sometimes for longer periods but always fizzle in the end. I too am examining my toilet paper very carefully... Getting some good mucus from time to time. I'm feeling this weekend, or sometime between the 7th and the 11th. Trying to sink into "peaceful" rather than "anxious." Had some good talking with my little babe yesterday that made me feel better. I suppose she could hold for the full moon but it'd be nice if she came before as that will put me so close to 42 weeks and not sure what my midwives will want me to do after that. Have an appointment on Friday and will need to do a non-stress test. They'll probably want to sweep my membranes - should I say yes?


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I am due tomorrow and have been feeling lots of BH- some more intense than others.  Really tired today but had a lot of energy yesterday.  My first was 8 days late so not sure when "baby sister" is going to be ready to come out.  I finally feel ready house wise though so that is a really good thing!  And it actually feels good to lie down and rest which is always a good thing.  Too bad I am home alone with my 3 year old today or I would be napping a lot.  Although he is really good at amusing himself so I am thankful for that- right now he is reading to himself.


Hang in there Mama's and remember our babies will eventually be born!

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My midwife is coming over today, hopefully she can sweep my membranes. I have super strong contractions today, but they are about 15 min. apart. I can't deliver at home after 42 weeks :( My in-laws are flying in tomorrow, we all thought the baby would be here by now! Hubby and I just decided the more the merrier and his birth will be a party:)

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I'm due the 12th, and I HAVE been having prodromal labor for weeks! It's driving me nuts!


Me too!! Also due the 12th, and this baby has been banging on my cervix for at least 2 weeks now. I've seen some mucus but nothing dramatic; never had anything exciting on that front with the other 2 either. Have been getting a low backache every night for the last 4 nights or so, and felt like some contractions last night as well. Had a MW appt today and she said baby was definitely lower. No cervical checks or anything. I'm liking 7-7-11 for a birthdate smile.gif
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I'm due the 14th and really hoping that the full moon on the 15th produces some results. I don't really know what to expect since this is my first babe, but I'm excited! I've had cramping and some pelvic pressure for a week or two now. I think I'm having occasional braxton hicks but I don't know for sure - it sort of feels like the baby is stretching out in all directions at once and makes me feel a little short of breath.


I have an appointment with my midwife this afternoon so we'll see what she thinks. She doesn't do cervical checks but I'm hoping she has some insight!

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