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So, I stepped on the scale yesterday and I'm down 7 lbs since the doctor's visit. I have been eating fairly frequently, trying to keep the nausea down, so it's not from lack of food! Though there have been a few times where I cook up the meal and then realize that it is making me ill just smelling it. I made omelets and bacon yesterday morning and just ate the bacon and made my husband eat my eggs, lol. I don't mind avoiding food, but it would be nice to notice that it's not going to work before I go through the effort to cook it! oh well. I'm feeling a bit more relaxed about the whole thing now, seeing all the responses here, doing some research on overweight pregnancies and seeing that I am not going to abruptly gain 50 lbs!

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I got hell during my last pregnancy for gaining too much weight. I had such obvious edema that I was itching like crazy, and the doctors never made the connection between the weight gain and swelling. They just kept telling me that gaining 2 lbs a week was way too much. Yeah, thanks. Like I would have put on that much water weight on purpose.

I also lost 20 lbs during the first semester from vomiting. Instead of counting weight gain from the starting weight, they counted it from the weight I got down to. That meant that just by getting rehydrated I was "gaining too much weight". I gained about 40 lbs, or 20 from my starting weight. Two weeks after delivery, I only had about ten lbs to go.

I just stood backwards on the scale last time and concentrated on eating right when I wasn't barfing. I'll be taking that approach again. Eat right, exercise as much as I'm able, and try to enjoy it.
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What did your Dr expect you to do?  Just stop eating, that's unsafe.  What's their magicla formula for not gaining weight that is also safe for the embryo?  Maybe they just like guilting people?  I think its interesting that people assume fat people eat a ton of cupcakes.  They just assume you are stuffing your face if you are overweight sometimes. 


My Dr last time said I would need to gain, even being overweight, for the health of the kid.  She didn't really say anything except eat healthy nutritious foods, etc.  And failing that if I was feeling terrible, eat whatever I could to just survive.  "Do the best you can, and don't worry about the rest" I love my Dr.   I can't wait to see her again.


I made veggie lasagna for lunch meals for the week, where I replace the noodles with vegetables, and keep the meat and sauce.  This one was made with eggplant and mushrooms.  I was going to put in olives, but I forgot to put them in, even though the can was sitting right there.  I also made a chili with a ton of bell peppers and tomatoes, etc.  And bacon, but it burned me and my hubby ate probably half of it last night so I had breakfast today, but odds are not looking good it will still be there for breakfast tomorrow.

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