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Back/neck pain?

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I just started doing baby wearing (as of yesterday) with my newborn. We have a mei tai; she is two weeks old and weighs 9 lbs. Should I be experiencing any pain after wearing the baby? I might have just done it for too long of a period for my first time, but my right shoulder and neck are just awful this morning. We were both super comfortable (minus the heat) while wearing, but this morning my body is just awful. Is it like breast feeding where your body just needs to adapt to what is doing? Also, I had a high risk pregnancy and have not been able to do any lifting/exercising in 3-4 months - would that be part of the problem?

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Hmm, it really shouldn't hurt...that said, you DID just give birth, so your core will be weaker than usual, and babywearing mostly works your core muscles.  If it was general soreness, I'd guess that you just need to strengthen your babywearing muscles a little.  But since it sounds like a more localized pain, I wonder if something else is going on.  You might want to check where your shoulder straps are placed on your shoulders.  I find that when they're too close to my neck, it hurts my neck.  Also make sure the carrier is tied tightly enough that your baby's weight is pressed securely against your torso...if you lean forward, she shouldn't have enough room to fall away from you into the carrier, she should stay in place.  If she's not pressed snugly against your body, her weight will drag down on your shoulders and upper back and can make you ache.  I'd also pay attention to your posture while you're wearing her.  I know that my posture was awful for months and months postpartum, and I really had to focus to not slouch or slump, especially while babywearing.


If you post a picture of yourself wearing her in the mei tai, I can check it to make sure there's nothing obvious that needs tweaking.  smile.gif

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