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Don't "July" TTC in our 30s can be fun with Bajingo Juice - July 2011 Thread

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Conceiving  #in  Our  30's July 2011 banana.gif

est. 2006

Last Month's Thread

  If You Would Like To Join, Welcome! 
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Okay, I fixed the weirdness where I couldn't click on people's profiles.  Knowing a bit of HTML, copy and pasting into a text document, and then "find and replace" is a good thing!

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Thanks for the new thread, Lilac!

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Hey! I see I'm added!  Thanks smile.gif Only correction is I've been ttc since 8/09 (not 9/09).  That's one whole extra month of duh.gif

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ISIS, I will get it changed.  I was trying to count back 22 months in my head and well, I guess my math needs some work (my school year job is math teacher, LOL).

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Thanks for the new thread, Lilac!

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Yep, and I think I have most of it figured out.  Still need to look into some of the ladies that should have have had their babies in May and June and update the "mommy" part but other than that, I think everything is working.

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Lilac - I can tell you that Meander recently had her baby (within the past week), so you can move her over the the "mommy graduates" section.  New thread looks great!

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OMG, meander had her baby!!!! So exciting! Thanks for sharing, Val. :) Thanks so much for what you said in the previous thread. I think specifically of you when I start beating up on myself. I am so happy for you and I would never, ever think anything bad about you that you needed clomid, so why the hell do I feel that way about myself? I'm just going to keep trying to deprogram myself.


Rosie, thanks for your good thoughts. So funny you posted drunk. I am glad you think about us even when intoxicated.  :) We'd love more details of your amazing Martha-skills when you have time. :) I don't weigh myself but I think I lost a bit of weight in the first few weeks by how my clothes fit. I think that has leveled off but i haven't been able to exercise and plan to pick that up again once I'm over this cold. OB said she wanted me to lose 10-15 pounds and I think I"m close to that.


Pitch, thanks for your empathy. These are such toxic thoughts to have about ourselves. Like I said, I really truly would never judge another woman, and would only be happy she is getting the help she needs, so I have got to stop making myself the exception to that. I really like your analysis of your health and health care situation, too. That is all true for me as well and it is about patience a lot of the time.


Thread looks good, Lilac. Rosie and I have both fixed those stupid profile links before! I don't know why they refuse to stay fixed.

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 Lilac- Thanks for including me on the new thread!  I'm actually 32, wouldn't mind staying 31 though shy.gif.  I misunderstood what you wrote before-- so, you have been off birth control for the last 3 months-- we have a lot in common!  I was on mine on and off for years because of my horrible cramps!  And, I forgot how awful they can be and my DH was also shocked!  I just started my chart on FF-- no idea what I'm doing really, but I'll keep reading and learning as I have time.  My cycles have been super weird since I came off the BC, but I think I ovulated last month biggrinbounce.gif Yay!  I'll keep my figers crossed for you this month!


Pitchounette thank you so much for the welcome!  I feel very much the same gratitude as you to be on this journey.  I finally found the love of my life and he's just as excited as I am to have a baby, I waited a long time to find him and I was starting to feel like I never would love.gif


Thank you all so much for the warm welcome!  I am learning so much just by reading your posts.  It's so nice to know I found a place where I can share, vent, and have support!

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Ah! Why must the links break!  An MDC mod fixed the links last month, I thought. Sorry lilac, I know it's annoying. Arg.


Boots - Good job on the weight loss!  I'm sorry you're still weighed down with a cold, ice. We swam tonight for the first time in ages and I feel like I just got a huge cold…total sinus blockage. So odd. It's crazy how we can have very logical knowledge about TTCing but very different emotional reactions. I'm so so sorry you are feeling like your body is letting you down. It's such a helpless feeling…especially since it's so far from our control. :hugs: 


I'm REALLY no martha stewart. I can't decorate to save my life. I wish I could but I can't. Cooking, however I like, and I can be good at at times. Right now I have a family of four as house guests. The adult guests are big cooks so we decided to have a dinner party and cook together. We invaded my mom's house because she has a kitchen big enough for three to cook in. We ended up cooking with five people (and serving ten)! I won't clutter the thread with pictures but here are some links:


Trussing up the duck (after deboning and stuffing): http://a1.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/262106_2269215490074_1239184307_2824254_7566544_n.jpg

Our table: http://a2.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/270660_2269218690154_1239184307_2824273_2372395_n.jpg

Bad picture but here's the dessert: http://a1.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/267407_2269219850183_1239184307_2824282_1168229_n.jpg


Apple fritters (my brother made them) with maple-bourbon homemade ice cream and candied bacon garnish. YUM. I made the gaspacho and the duck, my friend made the ice cream and the potato pave, her husband made the second duck and the carpacchio, brother made the fritters and mom made the salad. It was so much fun!


I'm going to have to get back to work soon. I've been doing way too much cooking instead of working. And working out, but that's another story altogether. I think I want to pick back up on regular exercise beyond the garden again, to boost TTC chances. It know statistically it helps and qualitatively I'll just feel better if I do. 


Happy belated 4th of July everyone! Here's the MDC version of fireworks! dust.gif

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RosieL, I was able to get the links fixed.  I wonder if it is the "copy and paste" of the weblinks that is the issue (although the links to the charts didn't seem to have the problem.  I don't know, anyway it is fixed.  Sometimes knowledge is power!  Love the photos of the meal.  You have a real knack for photography (it looked like it came from a Martha Stewart magazine :))


Jessimaca, I will get your age fixed.  Birthdays always seem to creep up on us but it seems to me that each day gets better and better so I am good with the age.


5 DPO and last night and this morning I was totally nauseous.  Is it my allergies messing with my ears that is making me nauseous or is it pregnancy?  I just don't know  http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/LilacVioletIris


Yesterday I had a blast with a 20 something lady and another 50ish lady and they both knit and crochet and also sell things they make on etsy (like me).  It was a blast for 2 hours yesterday afternoon.  Then I went with the 20 something lady to a crochet/knit prayer group where we talked, worked on our projects, and then discussed prayer requests/praises.  It was such a therapeutic day!  I can't wait to do it again.  The baby sweater I have been working on...um is huge!  Maybe more for a 4 year old, than a newborn.  It looks super cute though, so I am going to add more rows onto it to make it longer and give it to my friend.

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Fertility friend is SILLY. Yesterday it tried to give me crosshairs because my temp was high, but I "discarded" the temp because I assumed ti was high due to...you know...the *fun* I had Tuesday night. But today's was higher too, and FF gave me crosshairs AGAIN! I usually O CD17-20, this time it thinks CD9. Not a chance, methinks. I'm CD13 today and will start OPKs tomorrow. 


RE appointment today. Consultation!

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Hi all, 


Would you mind looking at my chart? I think I am seeing a serious ovulation dip. Fingers crossed!



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Maybe JenMegC, but you have creamy, not wet or eggwhite CM so maybe not.  I would definitely consider the possiblity it could be O.


RosieL, maybe, maybe not for you too.  If you look at your post O temps from last month it seems consistent with what you have now, only the O date is earlier.  Since you don't have early cycle temps from last cycle, I am thinking it is never too early to consider that O has come.  Mine came a couple days ahead of the "stats".



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RE discouraged me from temping, asked for another SA with IUI prep, a bit more bloodwork from me (total test, 17-hydroxyprog., and DHEAS I think), and a few more blood tests unrelated to infertility. They prescribed a round of antibiotics for both me and DH to take to eliminate the possibility of us passing an infection back and forth between each other. The doctor was nice, although a touch less patient with my desire to research than I would like. Her nurse was nice, although a touch less patient with my impatience than I would like. DH noticed the same, but both of us thought the overall visit went well.


I'm super-pleased that the SA with IUI-prep will tell us whether IUI would be worth trying out. They do a wash just like the IUI prep, and then do a SA. If the washed numbers look good then IUI is a good option, if they don't, then it's not. I like these next steps. :)

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I've been asked about The Met, but I can't find the old post in the June thread.  So here's my take.  My doctor and naturopath, separately, said that The Met may take 3-6 months to be effective.  I was taking it for 6 weeks and in those six weeks ovulated twice! Holyshitballs! That's really rare for me.  My doctor called me a week or two ago and wanted to talk about next steps, but he is a surgeon and he markets more aggressive treatments.  I'm so excited about actually ovulating, that I want to give my partner and I a shot before we proceed down a path that may include more aggressive interventions.  My own personal thoughts on the "how long" question would be 12 cycles - not 12 months, but cycles.  I don't cycle on a monthly basis and I figure that the 1 year benchmark typically applies to those that cycle on a regular basis (meaning every 28-35 days). I'm currently on cycle four.  As I begin to cycle regularly while taking Met I'm hoping that my eggs will be happier and I will find a better hormonal balance, all of which will increase my chances of conceiving naturally.  I haven't had the HSG done yet, but I don't have any history that would indicate a problem.  I'm nine DPO. Keeping my fingers crossed!


Chap - Here's to finishing dissertations before, after, or in the midst of pregnancy!


Welcome to the new thread members!


And, for good measure, Go Team!

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Jen, I don't see a post-O temp rise.  Based on your temps, I'd say you haven't ovulated yet.


Rosie, just curious - why did the RE discourage temping?



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krunchy I would assume that when they say 12months of infertility, they mean 12 months. Since the people who don't conceive for that length of time might be dealing with annovulation issues and rarely cycle, I think the "guideline" would be more precise if they didn't really mean 12 calendar months, IMHO. I think choosing when to go start looking for more answers and more invasive stuff is a *really* personal decision both emotionally and financially, though, so that 12 month guideline is just one of the factors to consider. 


I think I've reached some sort of transition in my state of trying to conceive. I just realized, 13 days into my cycle, that I didn't immediately go look at my "next possible due date range" like I have every other cycle. I will probably go do that now, because I'm thinking about it, but my thought process was "Wow, we went to those midwife info sessions in January. Hm, I wonder if they're starting to fill up March. Oh, I had a period since my last due date check, which was March 1. Hm, why didn't I check the next due date???" 


I'm so mixed mixed mixed up with emotions at the moment, but there's a high point. DH and I had a nice BD after our appointment (he knew I needed it to relax) and it was awesome that he went in search of preseed himself, yelled at me for not lying down for 15 minutes, and is 100% supportive of paying $1600 out of pocket if we find out we have good IUI chances. He is SO on board. I makes me really really happy to know that. 

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Caly - She said that there is no need, it's not useful data since it's post-ovulation, and it *usually* adds more stress to a couple's conception woes. She said 1% of her patients benefit from the added regularity in their life that comes from temping, but otherwise she thinks that it has a negative impact on stress than a positive one. She was open to the idea that that is a personal decision, and mentioned that most couples seem relieved when she says this. I'm not pissed at her for telling me not to temp. I was slightly put off but once I heard her explanations it made sense. Also, during a cycle when we're doing something with her, she will actually trigger ovulation and monitor with ultrasounds, so at that point there *really* is no point in temping. I bought the argument, but until I start being monitored, I'll keep temping. Honestly, temping tells me when I can go from baby-making sex to the move fun kinds of sex, so it's a useful took in that sense.

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