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Yeah, Rosie, it seemed odd she would tell you not to.  Since my cycles are usually 30 days or more, I kind of like to know when I probably Oed in order to get a more precise due date rather than one based on my last menstrual period.  Glad you DH is on board.  Makes all the difference in the world to get the support from the other half of the TTC equation.

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Hi guys...

I should have updated before now, but this has been one heck of a week.

Alaric Flynn was born July 3 by emergency c-section, after a day of me not feeling him move. He weighed 7lb4oz at 36 weeks--so a hefty little boy.

We're still not 100% clear on what exactly happened in my womb, but we do know I was incredibly lucky I went in to check him out when I did; he was floppy and blue when they pulled him out, they had to resuscitate him, etc. He didn't cry for 7 1/2 minutes. Scariest bit of my life for sure. We were so unprepared!

He is still in the NICU, but I came home from the hospital last night, so we are visiting him for several hours twice a day for now. He had a few minutes of BF today for the first time, which was an exciting milestone for all of us. I don't think he'll be home under a week, so we are adjusting to a weird life of having a kid, but not having him around, and needing to ask permission to hold him, etc.

A picture: http://www.mrfs.net/baby/IMG_3309.JPG

I have been so humbled by this journey.

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Wow, Meander!  Wow!  He's beautiful.  I am SO glad that both of you are OK.

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OMG! I am so glad that you and the lil man are both ok! He is beyond beautiful! I know its rough now.. but believe me, things will get better! Best of luck to you and your new family! Please keep us posted

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Meander, I am glad to hear that your little one is in the world and getting better every day.  Scary thinking a little one can be ready to be born and then stop moving.


I am so emotional today.  I saw a photo of the gravesite of my Great-grandparents (who were alive until I was 8 (great-grandpa) and 10 (great-grandma).  My aunts and uncle are planning to put better grave markers on the site (right now it just says the last name of the deceased) and add a marker for my grandmother (my great-grandparents only daughter) who passed away in 1999 and my grandfather who is still alive.  I know these people would have loved my DH and would have been so excited about us trying to have kids and even more excited when we finally have them.  It makes me yearn for heaven when I hope to see all of my loved ones again who have died.  I miss them so much.  Big sigh!



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BREAKING NEWS: Everyone is pregnant except us.


Nothing would surprise me at this point. Do you have any fixed male pets? Because they're probably pregnant.






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Meander - Thanks for sharing with us. hug2.gif for the tough start to parenthood and your son's life. He looks beautiful. He looks so pink and healthy under all those wires, I hope you get to take him home really soon!


Boots, you crack me up. Seriously. I love it!  


So, the day we came back from the RE I cried a bit. Apparently my crying affects DH more than I could ever have imagined, because he 1) let me buy a fridge (cheap, used, but still a big purchase) without asking any questions, 2) didn't get mad when the fridge didn't *quite* fit and I had to make adjustments, 3) started putting money away for IUI/IVF instantly with the idea that we would do something as soon as we could instead of waiting for insurance changes, and 4) waited until much later that night to tell me that our friends (the driver of his rally team and wife) are expecting twins. He was scared to upset me more than I already was, I guess? He was completely confused that when he left me after the appointment I was sad, but I was giggly and in a great mood when he came home from work. 


My reaction to hearing they're having twins: one placenta or two? lol DH thought that was a ridiculously odd thing to ask.

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Originally Posted by lilacvioletiris View Post

ISIS, I will get it changed.  I was trying to count back 22 months in my head and well, I guess my math needs some work (my school year job is math teacher, LOL).


I know exactly what you did... you counted from July, although I originally posted in June.  You're a fine math teacher after all!

P.S. - I also miss my grandparents very much.  I have no doubt that I will see them again, though.  It doesn't surprise me that grandparents and great-grandparents would be brought up in a ttc thread because that's a bit what it's all about, isn't it?  Partly, it's about living on in some way, so someone remembers me fondly.  Is that selfish?  Not only do I think about being a mother, I think about being a grandmother (which could very well never, EVER happen). Both my grandmothers were so kind and loving and I want to be just like them one day.  That's really getting ahead of myself twins.gif


Rosie - I stopped charting for the very reason your RE advised against it.  It started stressing me out more as I was becoming too fixated on ttc.  I would never advise against it though, I think all women should try it at some point, even just to get to know their cycles.  One good thing was that once my temp dropped I knew it was all over.  That saved me about 24 hours of false hope.

meander - even though he has all those tubes and whatnot, he looks like a fine, healthy boy.... and big for 36 weeks!  That's a great thing!  You're truly blessed.


boots - ROTFLMAO.gif


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Ugh, I feel nauseous after eating breakfast this morning.  DH is having stomach pains as well.  Our 1st anniversary will be on Monday and he got really sick the night of the wedding so hopefully this won't be a repeat of last year's two week cold/flu/coughing/sick to stomach event for him.  I was fine, never got sick.  I think he wasn't used to the American germs after he got here permanently from Canada.

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Meander, what a beautiful baby boy!!  Congrats and I hope all is well today.  :)


Bootsie, I FEEL THE SAME WAY!!!  My mom keeps calling and telling me who's pregnant and I get upset---it's not her fault, because she doesn't think we're TTC yet.  But still, enough!!  ;) 


Rosie, that's funny about your DH and your tears!  My DH is a softie as well....hmm....maybe I should turn on the tears to get some new patio furniture?? ..... ;)  That's very interesting about not temping or charting.  Those same thoughts have been in my head the past few days and it took your post for me to actually think them through.  I've thought of taking a month or two off and just relaxing about TTC.  Which would be very hard for me to do, but maybe it would be the very thing that helps.  For me, the point of temping is to determine if your body is ovulating, and learning to read your other fertility signs.  It's been wildly educational and beneficial for those reasons.  However, once you "get it" and figure out your own body, I don't know how long to keep doing it...?


Lilac, happy anniversary!!  I hope you're not sick and instead you are pregnant!  :)  Have you tested yet?  I'll have to run over and check your chart.  Any special plans for your anniversary?


Caly and Isis, hello!  :)


AFM, I'm 4 dpo.  FF gave me crosshairs and all is well according to my chart.  I know we timed BD perfectly this month (again), so I've decided if it doesn't work this month, then I'm headed to my doc.  My cycles are textbook and I am ovulating every.single.month with a clear and sustained thermal shift. 


Here's a question for my message board gals:  When observing your cervix after ovulation, how do some women know they are pregnant just by feeling their cervix?  Wouldn't it take several days for it to change back to soft and high (after ovulation and around implantation) and by that time wouldn't you have a BFP?  I can't seem to figure it out. 

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pitchounette ~ I don't think the position of the cervix (as well as CM) is particularly reliable for determining early pregnancy.  For some women, it can take quite awhile for the cervix to get really high and soft, even after the BFP.  I suppose for others, it happens right away.  

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Boots, you just made diet root beer squirt out of my nose.  Remind me not to eat or drink when I'm reading this thread.  At least my sinuses are clear now.


Yeah, Rosie!  Work it, girl!  Maybe try for another appliance after your next appointment.  How about a Roomba?  orngtongue.gif  Seriously though, I think the IUI/IVF fund is a good idea, since you have no way of knowing whether or not insurance will cover it in the future.


Hi Pitch!  I'd agree that cervical position is not a great indicator of early pregnancy.  I check mine once in a while, and it's often not where I think it "should" be given where I am in my cycle.  Last month, it was high and soft the day before AF started.  fingersx.gif for you this cycle!


wave.gif to everyone else!  Today is CD 15 for me, so I should be ovulating soon.  DH and I are trying to take a more relaxed approach to baby-making this month.  We're just BDing every few days and hoping that will suffice.  We've had several months of great timing that resulted in zilch, so...whatever.


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Hey everyone! 

Boots, I totally know what you mean! Feels like every week we find out about another pregnancy in our circles. We met up with a friend couple we haven't seen for a while this week and of course it turns out they are expecting, too, along with literally every other reproductive aged couple I know!  (well, there are a few who have babies now so I count that as well)...   It's definitely a bit annoying but I try not to get too upset by convincing myself that it is a wave which will catch up to us soon.  But I admit it didn't help to hear that our friends got pregnant on the first try, way before they were expecting to! 


I'm trying to have a less ttc obsessive month, I've got enough stress about finishing my dissertation so I don't want to add this to it. But I do find myself perplexed by the total lack of EWCM for the past few months. I'm making efforts to improve it - taking evening primrose oil and drinking tons of water and also taking maca now and then (I used to have some every day but then decided to stop and see what happened, it didn't seem to make any difference in the EWCM department).  We have preseed so I guess I will use it again this month but I don't like the idea of relying on some external thing for something my body should be producing naturally. 

Currently on CD 14 and expecting to ovulate soon, but as I said I'm not too attached to the outcome this month.


Rosie - Glad to hear your DH is being so supportive - and cool that you got a fridge out of the whole ordeal... I agree with your doc that maybe charting obsessively isn't that helpful in terms of reducing stress. I will probably stop once I feel confident I can read my body's signals well enough.


Pitch - I hear you on questioning the benefits of charting. I think I will continue for a couple more months than take a break and see what happens...


Lilac - Hope you're feeling better soon and you and DH can celebrate your anniversary as healthy people this year!  Our 4-year anniversary is this Thursday and I have no idea what we'll do. We already sort of celebrated with a great weekend away a couple of months ago since it's now the middle of winter here and a bit too cold for the kind of trips we like to do.


I have this intuition that I need to 'give birth' to my current baby (my PhD thesis) before I can move on to the next one. We'll probably be heading to the US (California) for a visit later this year and surprisingly the cheapest ticket to get us there is with a stop in Honolulu. So hopefully the timing will be right for a relaxing vacation where we can forget about ttc but still end up conceiving, if you know what I mean.

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So glad i could make some of you laugh, I was giggling when I posted it but now I'm frustrated. This summer has been such a bust for TTC. First I had a crazy 19 day cycle and we missed O if I O'd at all,  then I was away. Finally we will get to really try this month. AF just ended, so I still have a few weeks to wait. Only CD6. Our single friend who just started going out with this guy is pregnant. WTF? Did everyone check your male pets? I can't wait until Zeke has kittens.


Caly, you are ravishing with fluid squirting out of your nostrils, my dear. Like the idea that you guys are taking a relaxed approach. When is your appointment?


Trying really hard to keep my spirits up. Only TWO more weeks until I go back to school, that is crazy. I could use another month, at least.

I just KNOW my coworker who is getting married and then planning on immediately TTC will be talking about it as soon as we get back to school. I mean hell, she's probably pregnant for her wedding, why not? I wish, my dears, that we could NOT get upset, but it does make me feel better to know that I am not the only one who has these feelings.
Honestly, sometimes I just try to tell myself "Betsy is pregnant. Betsy is having a baby. Betsy had her baby." I am SO not one for positive thinking but I just have to believe that we will be saying those things someday.

We are giant nerds and will be watching Harry Potter all week at the movies, 2 movies a night! We are going to be making HP t-shirts this weekend. Has anyone ever done bleach stencil t-shirts? Pretty exciting stuff. I also got earrings that are HP lego men to wear.


Edit: feeling helpless, so I started researching acupuncture. Do you think it's necessary to go to a place that specializes in fertility? There are a few around here, mostly in Scottsdale, though, which means $$$. I can't remember who has tried acupuncture. Does anyone know what the price point would be, ballpark? I'm sure it varies a lot.



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Hi!  I'm 29 and my hubby, who's 32, and I have been TTC since we got married in 3/2010, miscarried in 6/2010, took a few month break to heal, and are now back on our mission.

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chapluqa- I have a lot more vaginal fluids when I take Mucinex 2 X a day, from cycle day 12 until ovulation. I usually ovulate cycle day 16, and I don't like the idea of taking it for more than a week at a time, so that schedule works for me. It makes a really noticeable difference for my lubricativity (? how should that word be conjugated?).

bootsvalentine- I have also researched acupuncture. I read one article where the scientist studied which points the acupuncturists use for different types of infertility treatments, and she found that there is almost no correlation between the type of infertility and the points that different acupuncturists were using. This same scientist also published another paper showing that certain acupuncture treatments have measurable success with certain types of infertility. I have come to the following conclusions for myself- after I am diagnosed with what my fertility problem is, I will talk to acupuncturists who specializes in fertility issues and discuss with them their success rates for my particular diagnosis.

I am very happy because I now have an appointment with a fertility specialist (in two months!). This is our 12th cycle of trying, with perfectly timed intercourse. I'm at high risk for fallopian tube damage because I had chlamydia for many years (diagnosed at my pre-conception exam). My husband and I have been monogamous for 7 years, and we were both asymptomatic, so we must have just been passing it back and forth to each other all those years. Luckily male-related fertility issues from chlamydia heal after some months, so he shouldn't have any long-term consequences. I'm just really looking forward to knowing if there is a problem! Here they first assess the woman's fertility. The logic is that almost all men, regardless of how bad their fertility issues are, are able to provide at least some viable sperm, whereas women's fertility issues are more complicated and require more intervention to deal with. I wish they would test both of us at the same time, just so we know what is going on, but getting the appointment to have me checked out is a great step forward.   

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Pitch, i want to to test tomorrow (July 11, our first anniversary) but I don't really want a BFN since it is likely too early to test at 9DPO.  I will just wait it out I think.  See where my temps go.  If I am pregnant, my temp should rise some more above my normal "highs" right?


I am feeling good today but I woke up without an alarm at 4:50 a.m. and haven't been able to go back to sleep.  Temped at my normal time 5 a.m.  DH peacefully sleeping away.  He was starting to feel better last night.  Whatever stomach thing had passed - we had Mexican flautas with lots of cheese on them for lunch on Friday and he thinks it was the overabundance of cheese that made him sick to his stomach.


Chapluqa, I think your hypothesis of birthing your first baby (PhD thesis) could be valid.  I know for me, now I am totally ready to be pregnant because if I am pregnant now or get pregnant in the next month, my birth will be in the window where I will still get paid maternity benefits and not have to go back to work in the 2011-2012 school year.  In April we BD'd O-2, in May we BD'd O-1 and O+1.  This month we BDd on O so here is to "GOOD" timed baby dancing.


Boots, you start school again in 2 weeks?  Crazy!  I thought starting with teacher inservice stuff on Aug. 8 was too early for me.  Acupuncture?  Sounds interesting and from what Mole said, inconclusive on some points.

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Welcome, ErinBriana!  I added you to the list at the beginning of the post.  Do you chart your temps?  I can include a link to where you post them if you do.

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I had an really "interesting" experience at work the other day that I just need to share with people that will understand.  I was chatting with a co-worker about how I'm starting to take my temps, etc and this woman who sits in the cubicle next to her just started to chime in.  She said "I'm an expert on that, I did it forever."  I tried to just continue on talking to my co-worker (who's been TTC for just under a year I believe) and she was asking me how it worked.  I'm new to all of it, but I'm looking through Taking Charge of Your Fertility, the FF board, and here.  I told her that it's really interesting because my temp dropped the day before and then I got my AF.  Again the women jumped in and started throwing out cycle length numbers and something about if your luteal phase isn't 15 days or something you have a problem.  So, then I had to respond-- I said "I'm going by this book I'm reading and it says if your luteal phase is at least 10 days long it's ok."  She then proceeded to say "oh Jessica, you should really see a specialist."  irked.gif  WTF!!!???  I'm not even friends with this woman!!!  I was so mad, it pretty much ruined my day.  I said "T, I'm 32 years old and I've been trying to have a baby for 4 months.  I am not going to see a specialist!"  And, then I kind of wanted to scream at her to mind her own business and if I wanted her opinion I'd ask for it!  People can be soooooo rude. 


Okay, I feel a letter better now that I got that out shy.gif

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Wow, Jessimaca, how rude!  From what I understand 10 day lutuel phase at a minimum but 12 day lutuel phase is even better.  I haven't read TCOYF but I think you are fine and this woman doesn't know what she is talking about.

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